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41: Drug Smuggling
... were in 1988 alone. Some of the thing that the government are trying to do to help stop this horrible thing are sending the army out in the streets to help seize some of the drugs on the streets, and the government is also putting more money into protect the boarders from all immigrants bringing illegal drugs into the United States of America. There is also a lot of money put into a huge wall/fence going across most of the whole southern boarder line. Along the coast of the east side and the west side are hundreds of check in places to help stop from letting in illegal drugs. Here is a case about 21 sailors that were arrested for smuggling cocaine and heroin to Italy. They have been doing those on a regular basis because most navy trips can go through boarders ...
42: Drugs: A Major Problem In Canadian Society
Drugs: A Major Problem In Canadian Society A major problem that exists within Canadian society is the abuse of mind- altering substances. Such narcotics cause not only health problems, but also violent and potentially criminal acts. A mind-altering narcotic can be defined as both the legal and illegal type. The four main categories of drugs are: narcotics, CNS depressants, CNS stimulants, and hallucinogens. Most of these drugs are highly addictive and are usually obtained by prescription or are considered a banned substance and must be purchased illegally. Users of many of the "harder" drugs being abused today also face the possibility ...
43: All Drugs Should Be Legal, Or How To End The Drug War
All Drugs Should Be Legal, Or How To End The Drug War We Americans feel so lucky because we have not had a war fought on our own soil for so long, and the last time we really did suffer due to a war was the Viet Nam war. Or was it? What about the war on drugs? Can you believe that this war has been going on for 80 years now (Lewis A15)? Wouldn’t we like to see it end? I am sure that the answer to that question is yes ... Wren A13)." But how can we expect different results when we have been using the same tactics year after year to overcome the drug war? "Overwhelming reliance on law enforcement causes the prices of the drugs to rise, which in turn, causes a rise in crime and violence in order to obtain these drugs." "and [it also] devotes much time to drug law enforcement at a cost of tens of ...
44: AIDS
... HIV is also spread by any sharing of needles or syringes that results in direct exposure to the blood of an infected individual. This method of exposure occurs most commonly among people abusing intravenous (IV) drugs (drugs injected into the veins).HIV transmission through blood transfusions or use of blood-clotting factors is now extremely rare because of extensive screening of the blood supply; it is estimated that undetected HIV is present ... the homosexual community—where widespread transmission occurred because of high-risk sexual behavior—and in people with hemophilia and other individuals receiving blood products. HIV infection then became established among people who abuse intravenous (IV) drugs and was spread by heterosexual contact (sexual relations between partners of the opposite sex) into all groups of society, especially through prostitution and other forms of high- risk sexual practices. Currently, homosexual interactions (sexual ...
45: Drugs And The Internet
Drugs and the Internet Since the beginning of the twentieth century, ever generation has had its own personality; its own new fad to inspire a whole new group of children and young adults, and to drive ... three all links to pro-marijuana use sites. One such site, High Times, has a magazine in publication as well. The content of these top three sites all tend to discuss the same issues: why drugs are good, why drugs should be legal, why we as a society should enjoy the benefits of using drugs, how to use drugs better, and how to maintain your health as you use drugs. Some websites actually sell ...
46: Methamphetamine: Built for Speed?
Methamphetamine: Built for Speed? Methamphetamine has reclaimed a place in the lexicon of "party" drugs. Hailed by nocturnal adventurers, condemned by raver idealists, is speed a sleepless dream or an addictive nightmare? Here at the end of the millennium, the pace of modern life seems fleeting -- a whirl of minutes ... For our generation, this appeal was heightened by raising the stakes in the '80s on what it meant to have fun. Late night clubs, high speed music and 24-hour lifestyles brought the specter of drugs to the fold as a necessity for being able to attain more. Leaps away from the psychedelics of the '60s, in the '80s these stimulant drugs became tools -- utilitarian devices to gain wealth, intelligence and prestige. Sleep became a barrier for success. Dreams were the frivolous luxuries of childhood. Raves, founded equally in the post-conservative underground late-'80s and ...
47: The Drug War in America
... public not to use drug such, a teaching grade school children to “just say no” and the D. A.R.E. program, to intervention and treatment for drug users. Protecting United States borders from incoming drugs and trying to keep other countries from growing the raw products such as coca leaves which is the raw product that become cocaine. The war also involves law enforcement, the judicial system and the prison ... it illegal for a physician to prescribe narcotics to addicts. This caused the addicts to flock to hospitals and sanatoriums. There was and increases in crime as addicts were forced to desperate efforts to obtain drugs and illicit drug trafficking became a profitable venture. Rather then “free humanity from the scourge of addition” this law took it out of the physician’s hand and put it in the hand of the ... get you the same sentence. Whites more often use powder cocaine. A small amount of marijuana or five grams of crack is just as likely to be for ones own personal use and even thought drugs are a bad choice a person should not go to jail for just doing drugs. (Gov. Johnson) The black prison population has increased from 16.3% in 1970 to 58.9% in 1998 and ...
48: The Godfather: Did The
... such a book in which Puzo portrays Mafia life and business starting at the late 40’s. The Corleone crime Family in this novel is shown having troubles with the other organized crime syndicates concerning drugs. Many of the other families are pushing the idea of joining the narcotics market, however the Corleones do not want to intervene in such a disagreeable business. Much tension forms as mobster wars starts within the syndicates and most favor drugs. My purpose of this paper will be to analyze whether Mario Puzo the author of The Godfather , represents an accurate portrayal of narcotics as a major part of Mafia business. As the demand for illegal ... expertise were solidly established. Hence, the first drug laboratories were established in Medellin, supposedly with Mafia money (Eddy and Hugo, 45). The New York Mafia as well as other American crime families, would buy the drugs from Colombian drug lords. One of the major Colombian syndicates- commonly referred to as the "Medellin Cartel". As opposed to actuality, in the Godfather, poppies, mainly used to make heroin would be harvested from ...
49: Performance Enhancing Drugs
Performance Enhancing Drugs There are many powerful forces in the world, but few are as powerful in sports as this. It is so powerful that 50% of athletes would keep using this knowing it would kill them. This force is so powerful that 40% of professional athletes use them (Bohan 21). This force is performance enhancing drugs. There are many reasons for taking performance enhancing drugs. The first is and most obvious facto is the improved performance. Another is pressure for results. That factor is the leading reason for taking drugs. Another factor is money. Since the main users of ...
50: Drugs And Raves
The Association Between Raves and Drugs Generally people associate raves(Underground Techno parties) with designer drugs like Ecstasy(MDMA), Speed(amphetamine) and other acids like LSD. These drugs are called the Techno Drugs for that reason and most of the time have uplifting and sensatory effects. To understand more clearly the relationship between the raves and these drugs, we first have to ...

Search results 41 - 50 of 1839 matching essays
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