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.... in the name of Jesus, we honor the Godhead. "For in him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily" (Colossians 2:9). Luke 24:45-47 records that just before His ascension, Jesus opened the disciples' understanding. It was necessary that their understanding be opened, and many today need this same operation in order to understand the Scriptures. Then Jesus said to them, "Thus it is written, and thus it behoved Christ to suffer, and to rise from the dead the third day." The disciples had their .....

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The Roman Catholic Church

.... many people are changing to other religions, there are also many people leaving their churches and converting to Roman Catholicism. It has been growing rapidly in the last few years. “Today we are seeing more than a hundred and fifty thousand converts enter the Roman Catholic Church each year in the United States” (Catholic Answers). From what I can see the Roman Catholic Religion will continue to grow and prosper. It is a well-established religion that has been around for many years. It can be .....

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The Protestant Reformation

.... German state governments. And, with the rise of nationalism at the time helped to protect him in spreading his ideas. The Protestant League gave them a form of political power against the rest of Europe also. Until the Protestant Reformation, Catholicism was a uniting force in Europe. Since all people there, other than Jews, were members of the Church, there was a sense of solidarity, which would never exist again in Europe after the Reformation. The power of the Church, then, was both religious an .....

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Hinduism And Buddhism

.... learning more about themselves and the unity around them. Because the Atman keeps no record of personality of other traits, the reincarnation cycle continues through a person’s karma- which is the actions or deeds that one committed during their past life. By building good karma, one can draw closer to ending the cycle and release his Atman. Buddhism also believes in this Hindu concept but has several differences as well. Buddhists believe that everyone is suffering. Nothing in the world is permane .....

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Priests Of Ancient Israel

.... fair hearing of his grievance according to the Canon Law. The churches were "places of refuge" where a fugitive could be safe until a proper Canon Law Court could hear his case. Priests were a class apart. They did not marry; they took vows of chastity and obedience to the bishop and Pope. Many even took vows of poverty. Most important, priests were not allowed to accept positions of temporal leadership. No matter how "high born", priests were not authorized to serve as a king, duke or baron. They might as .....

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Prayer In Public Schools

.... say that prayer in public schools is unconstitutional, therefore, it is not unconstitutional. One may argue that school prayer is unfair, divisive, or just plain dumb, but it is not unconstitutional, and apparently it will take an amendment to make that clear. Finally, there is the issue of church and state. Some people feel that religious beliefs have flourished in this country, not in spite of, but because of the constitutional separation of church and state. The first amendment does not separate G .....

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Hinduism And Buddhism

.... attachments and soon set out to find peace and enlightenment trying to steer away from the cycles of rebirths. He started practicing Yoga and “adopted a life of radical asceticism.” He soon gave up this way of thinking and focused on “a middle path between the life of indulgence and that of self-denial.” After a time of great inner struggle, he began to wander to different places and preach and organized a monastic community know as the sangha. The Buddha started the movement for all different peopl .....

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Islamic Religion

.... in one God ‘Allah’ in Arabic, and that Mohammed was His last prophet. Islam began in Arabia when the Prophet Mohammed heard the word of God. Mohammed was born in Mecca in 570AD. When he was forty he was called to become God’s messenger. The Angel Gabriel came to Mohammed and taught him the verses of the Holy Quaran, which is the Holy Book of Islam. At that time the Arabs had many beliefs and gods, but Mohammed taught that there was only one god. In Islam they are not allowed to make pictures of God, b .....

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Tactics Of A Revolution: The Protestant Reformation

.... his crusades, numerous groups in Germany were discontented with the changes they saw taking place around them. Peasants desired the right to hunt and fish as they had been able to in the past, and disapproved of the rising taxes being imposed on them by their landlords. The common people were also unhappy with the church, feeling that the clergy were greedy and more interested in acquiring wealth than being the spiritual leaders they were appointed to be. Landlords were forced to sit idly by as the pric .....

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Crucifixion And Jesus

.... was placed on the victim's neck and balanced along both shoulders. Usually, the outstretched arms then were tied to the crossbar. The procession to the site of crucifixion was led by a complete Roman military guard, headed by a centurion. One of the soldiers carried a sign, titulus, on which the condemned man's name and crime were displayed. Later, the titulus would be attached to the top of the cross. At the site of execution, by law, the victim was given a bitter drink of wine mixed with myrrh, gall, .....

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.... When he was 29 years of age, he left his family to find religious enlightenment. After six years of wandering, Siddharta Gautama. experienced enlightenment. (To himself), he discovered the way to escape this unhappy existence called life. After enlightenment, people called him the Buddha, which means, “enlightened one.” Various Buddhist schools have developed after the founding of Buddhism. The two most common schools are the Mahayana and the Theravada. They have much in common. But also they differ i .....

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Religions' Views On Life After Death

.... choose among alternative ideologies (Eerdmans' Handbook 31). Buddhism was founded about 500 B.C. or shortly afterwards. The teacher who founded it was Buddha. The tradition is that he was shocked into seeking the meaning of life by the sight of a leper, an old man and a corpse (Eerdmans' Handbook 43). He practiced austerities for many years until he achieved the illumination he was seeking. Buddha was said to be an atheist, or at least have abandoned the usual worships of gods (Eerdmans' Handbook 44). .....

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11th Century Scotland And Witchcraft

.... put spirits and evil demons into one’s head. The movie "The Exorcist" was a fictional horror movie based on a young girl being possessed by the devil, coincides with the 11th century practice of Voodoo. As in the movie, when Voodoo was performed the victim would go into convolutions and lose control of movement. They would start to sway, stagger, tremble, pant, sweat, and act wildly. After the spirit would leave the body, they would have no memory of the demon, as did the child in "The Exorcist". A f .....

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The Authors Of Mark, Luke, Matthew, And John's Gospel

.... known that he had marks writing's at his disposal. And with this knowledge it is suggested that the date for the writing of Luke's Gospel is sometime after 70 C.E. and more than liking the unsettled date of 85 C.E. Luke's primary audience was a man named Theophilius who he addressed at the beginning of his writing, however, Luke's Gospel addressed the group of people who ere already Christians. This was to help them in better understanding their faith and its roots. Thus Luke's audience is comprised o .....

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Who Is Jesus Christ

.... and the supernatural, and to build a religion within the limits of reason alone. But it was with the German Enlightenment that the seeds of the biblical revolution were being sown. Under the influence of Deism, radical criticism of the fundamental beliefs of Christianity as enshrined in the gospel story of Jesus formed. Many theories arose pertaining to the belief of Jesus. Apparently, the first scholar to question whether Jesus actually existed was C. F. Dupuis in 1791. The origin of Jesus in .....

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