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.... Spherical usually link together to form long chains of cells. Another serious case of bacteria causing diseases is tooth decay and ulcers. Tooth decay leads to cavities, which means is arises the film on our teeth. People with diets high in sugar have a higher chance of getting tooth decay or cavities. The sugar us turned into lactic acid, the acid leads to a lost of calcium and if followed by the breaking down of the tooth. Scientists have found that most stomach ulcers are the result of bacterial infe .....

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.... of 200 to 400 new sexual contacts per year. This figure was much higher than common practice among heterosexual men or women. In addition, it turned out that rectal sex was a particularly effective way to transmit the disease, and rectal sex is a common practice among gay males. For these reasons, the disease spread in the gay male population of this country immensely more quickly than in other populations. It became to be thought of as a "gay disease". Because the disease is spread primarily by expos .....

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Teenage Smoking

.... says: “ One in four regular smokers will die from this product. I don’t know of any other product, including guns, that has that death rate.” Each year more than 1 million American children under 18 become regular smokers, according to the Federal Office on Smoking and Health. That means they replace at least two thirds of the adult smoker who either quit or die.” Congress banned advertising on television and radio in 1971. Cigarette manufacturers barely skipped a beat, putting their money into promotio .....

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.... called neurotransmitters (Mental Health). Depression seems to run in families and can be brought on by stress or physical illness. Having a family history of depression increases your risk of developing the condition. Researchers have identified several genes involved in bipolar depression. But not everybody with a family history of depression will develop the disorder. Your genes may have predisposed you to be at a certain point on the happiness-depression scale, just as other genes may have .....

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Brain Function

.... the body, even the eye what you see from the right eye goes to left brain. But this function is reversed for left-handed people. Left brain mostly focus on the logical analytical, judgment and verbal. The right side of the brain control the left side of the body, this brain focus more on creative, intuitive, it is concerned more with the visual and emotional side of the life. When reading left brain is sensibly making connection and analyzing the meaning of the world, the syntax and other complex relati .....

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Memory Systems

.... access to new information), retroactive interference (newly acquired information interferes with access to old information), and lack of an adequate retrieval cue. A study plan that I would use to improve my ability to remember class and textbook materials would be to become organized, physical, clear, and smart. Being organized would be to learn from general to specific, getting on overview as a framework on which to hang specific details. Being physical is to learn it once actively and to visualize .....

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To The Victims Of ADHD

.... provides a signal, such as a light or tone. This "feedback" is supposed to teach the child to increase certain kinds of brain-wave activity and decrease other types. Training usually involves 40-80 sessions, each lasting 40 minutes or more. This "treatment" costs $3,000 to $6,000. The studies which suggest impressive results for EEG Biofeedback are seriously flawed. Sample sizes were small and appropriate control groups were not used to determine if any results are due to maturation or an "expectan .....

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The Black Death

.... The rats tended to live in areas that are unclean. Unfortunately medieval society in general was unclean. It was even considered unhealthy to take baths. The results of the plague were devastating. Heavily populated areas such as major cities were the hardest hit. By 1350 a third of Europe’s entire population, about 25 million people, was dead. People tried numerous methods to stop the spread of the plague. They used leeches, coals, herbs, fire, and . Many people believed the world was about to en .....

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The Risks Of Smoking

.... restrictions have increased. Tobacco companies have relied more heavily on effort sponsorships. But the smoking industry disagrees saying sponsorship raises millions of dollars and many sports rely on that money to stage events. There are many companies against smoking these companies aim to educate people about the dangers of smoking and also force governments to restrict the tobacco industry in areas such as advertising. The United States government has recently become more involved in trying t .....

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.... http://www.albinism.org./report.html There are many symptoms to the genetic disorder known as Albinism. One symptom is a lighter skin color. If an African person has the disease they might appear to be white. Another symptom is pinkness to the eyes. This pinkness can cause poor vision and even blindness. White hair is also a sign of Albinism. Due to the non-pigmentation of the skin, hair, and eyes Albino’s are very sensitive to light and the sun. There are many ways to help an albino .....

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Are Cosmetic Surgeries Worth It?

.... However, cosmetic surgeries are about pressure to look better. Many people believe that it is up to each individual to decide what they want to do with their body. Yet, does it really help to have your skin pulled up to your cheeks so you can’t smile? Cosmetic surgeries carry a high degree of risk, sometimes can cost one’s life. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, five patients did not survive undergoing liposuctions. Although the doctors could not say for sure that liposuctions caus .....

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From The Menstral Cycle To Birth

.... egg is fertilized the level of estrogen and progesterone must remain high so the endometrium is not shed. The outer layer of the egg mass(blastocyct) produces a hormone(HCG) to maintain the corpus luteum for the first 3 months of pregnancy so it can provide high levels of estrogen and progesterone. After the third month the placenta provides enough estrogen and progesterone to maintain the endometrium and also to inhibit further ovulation. Conception is when the egg and the sperm meet in the oviduct to fo .....

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The Black Plague

.... the table, the family tree had no chance of maturing.2 Birth and death rates were hideously altered. Labor, taxes and industrial shrinkage soon saw the effects of plague. England's cloth trade suffered, yet never diminished. Industrial shrinkage was a great cause in the fall of the economy. With the unfortunate dying by the dozens, some were left wandering if this was a sign of the end of the world. Many prophecies were made that describe the Black Plague. A certain great astrologer named Michael de .....

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Genetics And Heredity

.... up to your potential. Traits such as what you look like are inherited from your parents. Your potential is also inherited from your parents. Chromosomes contain the information of a person's potential height, potential strength against disease, and other physical characteristics. A human being has 23 pairs of chromosomes in every cell in his or her body (except reproductive cells). If, during a stage of growth, a fetus somehow loses one of these chromosomes, the baby may die, or have a birth defect. .....

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Assisted Suicide

.... should have to experience. Money is a big issue to everyone whether they admit or not. Should a person and their family be forced to spend thousands of dollars a day on medical expenses just so the patient can continue living a life he doesn't even want to keep? This medical treatment, in some instances, can only extend a life by mere weeks. In theory, this treatment is just adding on more weeks of pain and suffering. Not only does the patient have to suffer, but the family members have to suffer .....

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