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Suicide -- Causes And Effects

.... teenagers, and even children being pushed around to their best. It brings out the best in some people but not everyone. Those who are pushed to their limits and cannot cope with it feel let down by themselves. They feel as if they are not wanted anymore by the society. This creates a low self-esteem. There are a lot of misconceptions about suicide. It is believed that people who talk about suicide won¡¯t attempt it. It is also believed that people who commit suicide are insane and nothing can stop the .....

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Teens And Suicide

.... matters,” “it’s no use,” To prevent a teen from committing suicide, encourage him or her to talk to friends, to a family member, or to someone they feel they can trust. Listen to their feelings let them know that someone is here for them. Do not give advice or feel obligated to find simple solutions. Just try to imagine being in their place, dealing with the feelings and emotions they are feeling. When talking with your child, don’t’ let their actions or words scare you. If you feel you know wha .....

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Issues Of Assisted Suicide

.... need help with their problems, not the help to die. They do not know the reason why they want to commit suicide they just find reasons to get the easy way out. Assisted Suicide should not be legalized because it is religiously wrong, because it is unethical and because it is MURDER. Assisted suicide is wrong in the eyes of God because suicide is a sin. Thomas Aquinas documented the Christian beliefs on suicide as “ It violates one’s natural desire to live, it harms other people and life is the gift .....

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Euthanasia: When Life Is To Be Feared More Than Death

.... to death persons suffering from incurable conditions or diseases. The word “euthanasia” is generally also applied to cases in which the doctor withdraws the machines or drugs, which are keeping the patient alive, and thus allows the patient to die naturally. Euthanasia ends pain mercifully and easily. It is used when the pain of degradation of life or the pain of a terminal disease is greater than the pain of death. In these cases death is not the nightmare experienced in war, but rather an alternativ .....

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Abortion And Euthanasia: A Significant Difference

.... With all aspects considered, it is definitely very possible for one to sanction active euthanasia, and at the same time remain conservative in regards to abortion. It is possible that the dilemmas of birth control and birth selection can extend to the problems of death selection and death control whether by the individual or society. However, the theories of ‘birth’ and ‘death’ are by far two very separate concepts. It is true that birth must occur for death to happen, yet the rationalizing behind .....

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Teenage Abortion

.... the law by requesting a hearing before a Superior Court Judge. In implementing this act New Jersey has become the 40’Th State in the county to enforce laws requiring minors to either notify their parents or receive consent from them before having an abortion. The United States Supreme Court first declared these types of laws constitutional in 1979. Legally, The Parental Notification Act, is constitution and is reasonable, however there are many arguments as to the downside of this new law. If minor .....

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Pros And Cons Of Abortion

.... is a very controversial subject that has been continually argued over for the past few years and probably many years to come. The main controversy is should abortion be legalized? First before we get into the many sides of abortion we must first define abortion. Abortion is the destruction of the fetus or unborn child while the child is still in the mothers womb. This can be done by almost anyone from the mother herself to back alley abortions and even to abortions by clinics set up esp .....

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Abortion Is Murder

.... feel pain. Thus, they believe that a fetus can feel pain part way through the first trimester, whn most abortions are performed. Why would you want to take the chance of putting your un-born child through this agonizing pain. In truth abortion is the wrongful murder of a helpless and innocent human life. The right to abortion sends a message to people that says you can do away with things you do not want to deal with and not suffer any consequences- in this case even a human life. It's odd that the .....

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The Two Sides Dealing With Abortion

.... their reason. They believe it is the woman's body and she has the right to choose what happens to it. Some people may even be in between both of the sides. This is a very emotional topic and a lot of factors are involved in what people believe. Some factors that might influence whether a person are Pro-Life or Pro-Choice is the individuals up-bringing, personal experiences and religion. I am one of the people who agree, to a certain extent, with both sides. I am mainly on the Pro-Choice point of vi .....

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Spontaneous And Induced Abortions

.... of the family unit). By some definitions, abortions that are performed to preserve the well-being of the female or in cases of rape or incest are therapeutic, or justifiable, abortions. Numerous medical techniques exist for performing abortions. During the first trimester (up to about 12 weeks after conception), endometrial aspiration, suction, or curettage may be used to remove the contents of the uterus. In endometrial aspiration, a thin, flexible tube is inserted up the cervical canal (the neck o .....

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.... in children of alcoholic parents include hyperactivity, school problems, antisocial behavior, and drug use. Studies indicate that children of alcoholics have an increased risk of alcoholism even when they have no exposure to drinking parents. Next, the effects of alcohol on the human body depend on the amount of alcohol in the blood. The higher the alcohol content of the beverage, the more alcohol will enter the bloodstream. The amount and type of food in the stomach also affect the absorption rate; dri .....

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Sexual Abuse And Repressed Memories

.... different experiences in the right and left halves of their brain. The left stores sequential, logical, language-oriented experience; the right stores perceptual, spatial experiences. When people try to retrieve right-brain information through left-brain techniques, they sometimes hit a blank (Bass 71). Psychologists also state that forgetting is one of the most common and effective ways children deal with sexual abuse. Many children are able to forget about the abuse, even as it is happening (Bass 4 .....

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Emergency Visits On The Rise

.... use the emergency room. The psyche patient and homeless patients choose the emergency room over going to a walk-in clinic or doctor’s office because it’s more convenient for them, they rather not put up in the waiting room for hours, and for the homeless patients, the know that their chances of getting a real bed is higher if they come in the emergency room. Eighty-nine percent of all emergency patient thought they need to be seen immediately, but less than forty three percent of these patients requires c .....

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The Uses Of Marijuana

.... large majority of Americans agree the drug should be available to these patients. Hemp, which is known as the stalk of the plant can be used for fuel. It can be burned as is or processed into charcoal, methanol, methane, or gasoline. Fuels made from this plant are known as biomass fuels. These fuels are virtually free from metals and sulfur, so they don't cause nearly as much pollution as fossil fuels. It may one day replace gasoline. With wanting to conserve the forests, hemp is an alternative to pa .....

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.... memories of girlfriends and special events, or they can be negative, such as suppressed memories. Sexual abuse of children and Memory adolescents is known to cause severe psychological and emotional damage. Adults who were sexually abused in childhood are at a higher risk for developing a variety of psychiatric disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and mood disorders. To understand the essential issues about traumatic memory, the human mind’s response to a traumatic event must first be und .....

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