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The Plague In 1347

.... eventually turned to death. Many occurring symptoms of this plague began from bloody noses as a fatal prognostic. Then certain tumors in the groin or under the armpits would form, some as big as a small apple, others as an egg. Afterwards purple spots in most parts of the body; in some cases large and but few in number, in others smaller and more numerous both sorts the usual messengers of death. The cure of this plague, neither medical knowledge nor the power of drugs was of any effect; whether becaus .....

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Kroeger's "AIDS And The Girl Next Door"

.... the latter. Fatigue was not suspicious, similarly the rush didn’t seem to present a serious danger. Therefore, the “news” struck her and threw into a state of a shock: “My hands and feet went ice cold. I thought I would lose control of my bowels. I stood up and started pacing like an animal in a cage, looking out the window.” Immediately other thoughts entered her mind, it can’t be happening. It must be some careless mistake made by irresponsible lab-staff. Disbelief in the reality and denial of what .....

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Cystic Fibrosis

.... to lungs and infections in lungs. By the 1940’s scientists discovered that thick secretions, which blocked digestive enzymes from the pancreas, were clogging the ductile systems and passageways. Which caused the ineffectiveness of the digestive track. The mucus is what trapped the infectious bacteria in the lungs.1946 scientists discovered that CF was a recessive trait caused by a mutation of a single gene. They also found out that about 5% of Americans are asymptotic carriers. Meaning they don’t show t .....

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DNA: An Invasion Of Privacy?

.... has committed the crime, (2) a clear indication that relevant material evidence will be found and (3) the method used to secure it is safe and reliable. (347)” These laws were put into place also to protect U.S. citizens. At the same time they exist so the court systems time is not wasted on a case that has no evidence to go on. There are all types of reasons DNA tests should be done. Whether they are ethical or not is hard to say. Should someone who is suspected of a rape have to give a sampl .....

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.... and peer pressure. There are many ways to help reduce stress. For lots of people, just being able to talk about what is bothering them helps a lot. Others need to see a doctor for medication and help. Some things, which can reduce stress, are: take care of your physical health, make time for yourself, rub your feet and hands, help someone else, take a walk, take a nap, listen to music, tell a joke, do yoga, drink lots of water, be nice to someone every day, unplug the phone, read a book, and learn .....

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RU-486 The New Abortion Pill: How Safe Is It?

.... pregnancy before the progesterone levels had reached a critical threshold. The drug’s first large testing has only been under way in France and England. The massive field trail has involved dating more than 100,000 women. The creator of RU-486 is Dr. Etienne-Emile Baulieu. He made this for the French pharmaceutical company named Rossel-Uclaf. RU-486 is the first of a generation of birth control drugs called “antiprogestins” considered to be a breakthrough in birth control drugs. RU-486 works by bindi .....

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.... been exposed to enough information by this time when it comes to cigarettes and addiction. Nicotine information is but a click away. Tobacco companies should no longer have the obligation to warn their customers, except if a new ingredient is added, in which case they should be notified. No one is saying get rid of the Surgeon General warnings, but enough is enough! If a person wants to smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day, then that is their choice; tobacco companies should not be held responsible. Let us ex .....

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Shellfish Poisoning

.... of contaminated shellfish consumed. In the case of PSP, the effects are predominantly neurological and include tingling, burning, numbness, drowsiness, incoherent speech, and respiratory paralysis. Less wellcharacterized are the symptoms associated with DSP, NSP, and ASP. DSP is primarily observed as a generally mild gastrointestinal disorder, i.e., nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain accompanied by chills, headache, and fever. Both gastrointestinal and neurological symptoms characterize NSP, .....

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Tourett’s Syndrome

.... repeated, and purposeless involuntary movements of various muscle groups (motor tics) and by grunts, barks, and sniffling sounds (vocal tics) (“Encyclopedia” 375). The definition of tic is rapid, repetitive movements of individual muscle groups (“Encyclopedia” 374). Tics are also seemingly random. In order to be diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, a child must exhibit multiple motor tics and one or more vocal tics several times a day for a period of at least a year (Neifert 126). The swearing is ofte .....

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Alcohol Use Among Teens And Young Adults

.... of eighteen students attending a liberal arts college near her home. Of the group of eighteen, five of them had previously been hospitalized for alcohol overdoses, and two had been treated by paramedics on campus for overdoses as well. The author commented that the mind-set of the students was not to “get drunk and silly” but instead to drink for the sole purpose of passing out. The students also reported that there is a “beer-friendly” attitude on the campus and that it is easy for anyone, even unde .....

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Down Syndrome

.... of autosomal cells which results in three major types of Down's syndrome. Trisomy 21, involves the presence of extra genetic material on the twenty first pair resulting from an anomaly in cell division during the development of egg or sperm during fertilization. About 95% of Down's syndrome births are Type Trisomy 21. Roughly 4% are caused by Translocation, "where the extra chromosome twenty one is broken off and becomes attached to another chromosome pair. The last 1% have Mosaicism, where only some c .....

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Psychology: Stress Paper

.... the non-productive stress, I have used smoking and alcohol because there is no advantage from doing either, but they still appear in my life and cause stressful situations that involve things like peer pressure. The demerit card and the cars running into each other are things that have gotten me into trouble caused stress in my life. The fights that I have been in, both verbally and physically, have left me in stress because I have spent so much of my time explaining and worrying about them. The hurric .....

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The Best Way To Support Health Care

.... increase in taxes wouldn’t solve the problem because people would still buy these products and get a serious elnes like cancer. For example an increase in tases won’t stop people from buying and abusing alcohol. As a consecuense of buying alcohol, inocent people could get killed by irresponsible drunk drivers. Finally, It would be unfair to raise taxes on just one suspected product. Since researchers haven’t found the real cause of cancer, it’s unfair to raise taxes just on tabacco. There are more produc .....

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Learning CPR

.... awards. These awards are given to emergency personnel who successfully revive patients who have suffered cardiac arrest, outside of the hospital setting. In each of the thirty-nine instances, healthcare professionals, bystanders or family members initiated CPR immediately. Early CPR is one of the most vital links in what is referred to as the cardiac chain of life. The cardiac chain of life is broken down into four vital components. The first is notification of the 911 or emergency medical system. .....

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The Skeletal System

.... which attach them to the rest of the body), and axial skeleton (skull, backbone or "vertebrae," ribs and breast bone, or "sternum"). Axial Skeleton The skull is made up of number of bones fused together. The backbone is composed of 33 separate different size and shaped vertebrae, and each of them are composed of centrum (base portion), and neural arch (surrounds and protects spinal cord.) 12 pairs of flat bones make up the rib basket. Its function is to support the chest wall, and prevents it from co .....

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