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The Theme Of Nature In Tess Of The D'Urbervilles

.... "every girl carried in her left (hand) a bunch of white flowers. . . their hair reflected in the sunshine every tone of gold. . . each had a private little sun for her soul," (24) Hardy is able to immediately present Tess as a naive, and untouched girl, even though he does not specifically mention her in this quotation. The image of white flowers provides a feeling of cleanliness and purity, which corresponds to the way Hardy has chosen to initially depict Tess. The sunshine and golden colors, indire .....

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Materialism And The Great Gatsby

.... led to believe they need to have all the things that businesses are trying to sell and it is this desire for material possessions that drives our economy. While this type of economy has given us great opportunities to further our own personal wealth, it has also put many people on the path to making ours a selfish and unhappy society that is never content with it already has. The market society of our country feeds on economic growth, but excess consumption does not really satisfy people in the end. I .....

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To Kill A Mockingbird

.... example set by Miss Caroline seems to demonstrate the inadequate training that she had received for her occupation. Miss Caroline seems to have been instructed upon a strict standard on how her students are expected to behave, but when she encounters something different, such as Scout's advanced ability to read, she advises Scout to stop being advanced, whereas a modern-day schoolteacher would capitalize on Scout's ability to read and encourage her to read more. "You won't learn to write until you're in th .....

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The Miller And The Reeve In The Canterbury Tales

.... not fool him and do not dare to try. The two characters have another shared characteristic. Both are involved with grain. The Miller’s job is selling grain. He cheats his customers by pressing his thumb on the scale when weighing the grain. The Reeve also deals with grain but in a different way. He does not use his involvement with grain against anyone else. He is able to estimate the production of grain and keeps an exact record of it at all times. He is also has a keen knowledge of how to keep a g .....

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Theme And Setting In Coming Of Age

.... school. She talks so much of school and her teachers throughout her childhood. She often speaks of competition with Darlene over their grades, how she became homecoming queen, and how she started a trend with her tight jeans. She had many antidotes from her school life. She spoke of her embarrassment at lunch when she had such a poor lunch. She talked about how Adline and Junior would follow her around at school and how it embarrassed her. Mostly though she talked about her grades and what a good student s .....

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Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass

.... anti-slavery enterprise, the campaign would get to its goal much faster. It is remarkable that the advocates of the slaves is a fugitive slave, in the “person of Frederick Douglass” and that despite numerous oppressions in slavery, they have a human spirit so strong and steadfast that no power could crush it. It is also to be understand that it was slavery that darkened the mind, crippled the intellects, debase their moral nature and “obliterate all traces of their relationship to mankind” and not because .....

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Catcher In The Rye: Alcohol, Sex, And Violence

.... Parent and Teenager, it states the substance abuse is the number one cause of death amongst teenagers. Studies show that among high school students age 14 - 17, 60% of the students use alcohol once a week, 75% use it at least once a month, and 85% have used it once in the year. In the novel, Holden Caulfield has very easy access to alcoholic beverages. Throughout the novel, it seems that every time Holden gets depressed, he turns towards alcohol. in Chapter 12, Holden is at Ernie's night club an .....

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Symbolism In Huckleberry Finn

.... his enjoyment of the uncivilized life, Hucks states, “Jim, this is nice, I wouldn’t want to be nowhere else but here.” They no longer need to have the thrill of mischief to keep them going. Merely being surrounded by the Earth’s beautiful resources now give them satisfaction they need. Although some days are filled with complete peacefulness, there are days when our loyalty can be tested. On what started out as a peaceful day, there became a great fog. Huck and Jim were traveling closely by one anothe .....

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Maus: The Holocaust

.... food, but because of the hunger experiences it seemed uncalled for for him not to. Vladek is also depicted as very tight with his money. No doubt this is because of the poverty he lived with for so long. In the book, he was said to have reused tea bags, kept his burner on all day to save matches, make sure to put his storm windows on in early september tp save on the cost of heating his home, and refusing to buy his wife's personal supplies because they were her expenses. It never clearly says, bu .....

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Lives Of Dystopia Can Be Changed

.... watched while she sleeps, and even though she is constantly being watched, her face cannot be seen. She wears white wings on her face so that no one can see her and the only way she can see out is by sneaking short peeks at the outside world. In both of these books, 1984 and The Handmaid’s Tale, the main characters know that the controlled lifestyle that they are living is wrong. At the beginning, they think that this is the way they have to live, and accept things the way they are. As we read furthe .....

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The Scarlet Letter: Admitted, Hidden & No Guilt

.... self-ordained a Sister of Mercy.” The letter “A” comes to stand as meaning able, instead of adultery as before. She willingly comes back to the town and lives there with the scarlet “A” on her chest, after she had left for so many years. Hidden guilt preys on a conscience and brings about hypocrisy. Dimmesdale does not confess his sin, which troubles his conscience as well as his “red stigma,” the unhealed wound on his breast. He becomes paranoid and begins to see his sin everywhere. In the meteo .....

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Jane Eyre: Changing Seasons And Weather

.... of Jane’s situation in reality and it contrasts Jane’s previous summer stillness adequately. Jane is soon rescued by the Rivers of Moor house, in the town of Morton. After recovering from exhaustion in the care of Mary, Diana, and St. John the summer seems to brighten. She forges new friendships with the Rivers girls and the servants. Together they explore the wild pastures and purple moors, which coinsedently are at the peak of their beauty, colorful with fresh bracken and summer flowers. A month p .....

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Euclid: The Elements

.... before the mathematician Euclid of Alexandria. It is not quite the coincidence that it might seem that there were two learned men called Euclid. In fact Euclid was a very common name around this period and this is one further difficulty that makes it hard to find information concerning Euclid of Alexandria since there are references to numerous men called Euclid in the history of this period. There is nothing consistent in the dating given about when Euclid did all of his work but a person by the name o .....

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Black Boy Essay

.... and he would never trust a white person enough to let his guard down. Racial prejudice had indefinitely effected Richard’s early life. Racial prejudice often leads to physical violence. Richard’s life was invariably surrounded by racial tension and had often seen as well as experienced the hate violence. When Richard had once worked at a cheap clothing store in Jackson, he had seen the boss and his son drag a poor black women into the back alley and had beat and whipped her. "The floor was bloody, s .....

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The House On Mango Street: The American Dream

.... around it, with real stairs and a real hallway, and at least three washrooms. The house they dreamed of is everyone’s dream. The house was nothing like this dream. The house was small and red with tight steps in front and small windows. It was old and broken down. It was not the most secure or safest place to live and it was not what Esperanza wanted. Throughout the entire book, Esperanza and many others were trying to escape Mango Street in order to look for a better place to live. Finally, Esperanza d .....

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