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Analysis Of Niccolò Machiavelli's The Prince

.... past by and in 1498, Machiavelli became Chief Secretary of the Florentine Republic, and then later that year, he succeeded Adriani as head of the Second Chancery. While in this position as Chief Secretary, he went on many diplomatic missions and observed many foreign governments in action. From these experiences, Machiavelli would later draw the conclusions, he writes about in The Prince. He was entrusted with numerous missions to France, ally of the Florentine republic, to meet with King Louis XII in t .....

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Cry The Beloved Country: The Power Of Love

.... can spend their entire lives searching for more power. The thing that they must realize is that no amount of power will mean anything to God when it comes time for judgment. People base their lives too much on what material things they have, rather than what they have spiritually. They search for happiness in things like money and fame, but they are never fulfilled. It is impossible to find happiness in things like money and fame. No one can obtain happiness in a place where happiness cannot .....

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To Kill A Mockingbird: Scout

.... to show off his talent. Another misperception that Scout has is about Mrs. Dubose. She always thought of her as a mean old lady who had nothing better to do than to yell at children. But, they soon found out that she was in withdrawal for a very serious addiction which was why she was so angry all the time. "Mrs. Dubose was a morphine addict. She took it as a painkiller for years"(Lee 111). After she dies Scout starts to grasp the fact that Mrs. Dubose had a very hard time being happy. Alike many .....

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Escape From El-Ashaq

.... promotes further analyses of the text. Aside from Job, Ruth is the only book in the Biblical canon named after a non-Israelite, as well as the only other book, aside from Esther, with a titular female character . The rare similarities encourage the comparison to Job, a non-Israelite, finding favor in God, and the parallel with Esther marrying a Gentile husband, suggesting Gentiles were to only be blessed through Abraham’s seed. However, the extent to which God actually provided for Ruth is questionabl .....

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An American Tragedy

.... a little, which has taught to be forbidden in his family. Clyde gets to know girls, which ends up being his major problem in the end. Soon Clyde falls in love with Hortense Briggs. She is a beautiful, yet conniving woman. She plays with Clyde’s heart and mind, which I believe really confused him about women and how to go about treating one. This is the first girl that he ever thought he loved, and she took him for all that he had. Clyde became a social butterfly, going to dinner, drinking, and dancing .....

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Of Mice And Men: George And Lennie's Lonesomeness

.... Before this dream can happen, Lennie kills the wife of the boss's son. As the novel concludes, George has to kill Lennie for his benefit. Later he goes into town and abandons his dream by spending his money. The main cause of George and Lennie's lonesomeness and that of all the people at the ranch was a lack of a home. The only thing that kept the two men going was their friendship with each other and the hope to soon get a place of their own. In the novel George and Lennie mention what their dream pla .....

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Summary Of The Grapes Of Wrath

.... rest area to sleep, and after the car is fixed, Al, Tom, and Casy join them. During this time, a man who’s already been to California and is on his way back explains that there are thousands of starving people but no work. Pa and Tom dismiss what he says and decide to continue. When the family finally reaches California, they stop near a stream before going across the desert. The Joad men go in to bathe and are soon joined by two other men. One man says they are leaving California because there aren’t eno .....

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The Canterbury Tales Handout

.... a crooked business man. He uses his position in the church to get money. He spread the word that he had the power to forgive sins more than a priest. The Friar should have been very poor, perhaps worse off than the people he helped, however he was eating healthy and living large. He spends much time at bars and inns, rather than living with and aiding the destitute. This man of God, hero of the poor and mediator between God and men, turns out to be as fraudulent as his claims of giving penance. He .....

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The Call Of The Wild: Determinism And Darwinism

.... used ideas of Darwinism as well as determinism when he wrote The Call of the Wild. This report will give brief meanings to the words determinism and Darwinism. Then, how Jack London uses determinism and Darwinism in the novel. Finally, a little background information on Jack London and some of the works he wrote that are similar to The Call of the Wild. Determinism, by definition, is the doctrine that the will is not free, but is inevitably and invincibly determined by motives. Which means our future .....

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Jane Eyre

.... I have no feelings, and that I can do without one bit of love or kindness, but I cannot live so and you have no pity” (Bronte 68). Here I make my first declaration of independence, contending that I will no longer be a secondary member. The love that gives desire and power which sustains life, is obvious by the fact that my “fear” of the consequences of a fully developed emotional response leads to its own destruction (Blom 91). Because I am “too passionate” – that is angry, rebellious, and prone to re .....

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The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

.... "like a dead person" sums up the work of the other three i.e. kill by sword, famine and plaque, and by the wild beast of the earth. Hades follows close behind this rider because he always follows death. I believe that one day this will happen. It seems like its happening already since there are a lot of wars, a lot of poor countries that don't have the luxury like the richer counties and there are a lot of men slaying one another. If this was to happen right now there would be nothing for me to do. I wou .....

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One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest And Fahrenheit 451: Changing The System

.... Kesey believes that even if you change a small aspect of the system it was well worth the fight. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, the main character, Randle Patrick McMurphy, fights to change the system in a mental hospital. McMurphy is outgoing, a leader and a rebel. There was a constant power struggle in the novel between the patient's new found savior McMurphy, and the evil Nurse Ratched who rules their wing of the hospital with an iron fist. McMurphy fights to change the system to try to win back the p .....

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"Hoops" Vs. "He Got Game"

.... to "take it to their limit". Cal is the character who helped Lonnie by coaching him and Jesus relied on memories of his fathers inspiration. I feel it is important that an athlete have someone to inspire them, so they don't quit when they get frustrated. Lonnie, from "Hoops," was a very good basketball player, and Jesus from "He Got Game," was streetwise and a good player also. They each caught an opportunity to rise above the rest in their games, and were recognized by colleges as prospects. They .....

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Life In A Medieval Village

.... clutter, smells, disrepair, and dust, or in much of the year mud. It was far from silent! Every village had a lord, but only rarely was he in residence. A resident lord was usually a petty knight. The old feudal theory of lordship as a link in the legal chain of authority running from serf to monarch had lost much of it's substance. However, as far as the village was concerned such legal complications hardly mattered, anymore than whether the lord was great or small. A village with two or mo .....

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The Color Of Water: When Tragedy Strikes

.... Rachel, which in Yiddish is Ruckla, which is what my parents called me--but I used the name Ruth around white folk, because it didn’t sound so Jewish ”(80). Ruth’s attempt at acceptance is in vein, however; it never stops the children from teasing her. When Ruth leaves Suffolk and moves in with her black, soon- to- be husband Dennis, intolerance follows her like a hungry dog following the scent of a steak. Dennis and she live in a predominantly black neighborhood in which Ruth is less than welcome. .....

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