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Things Fall Apart: Roles, Responsibilities, And Treatment Of Women

.... various events that take place in the village of Umuofia. Throughout the book the Ibo's social view on males and females becomes very easily observed. They Ibo believe that men are strong and determined while women are weak in all aspects of life mind and body. They brand crimes and deaths as either masculine or feminine. Murder and beating are considered masculine and accidental crimes, stealing, or other misdemeanor crimes are named feminine. Ikemefuna was brought into the forest to be killed by Okonk .....

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A Rose For Emily: Symbolism

.... from a beautiful representative of quality to an ugly holdover from another era. Similarly, Miss Emily has become an “eyesore” for instance; she is described as a “fallen monument”(Faulkner 204) symbolizing her former beauty and later ugliness. Like the house, she has fallen from grace. Once she had been “a slender figure in white”(Faulkner 207) later she is obese and “bloated, like a body long submerged in motionless water with eyes lost in the fatty ridges of her face”(Faulkner 205). Both the house .....

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The House Of Seven Gables

.... built the house of seven gables, and in turn it is also the reason for the house’s ruin. Clifford and Hepzibah hardly live a full and satisfying life. Hepzibah cannot get “the house” out of her mind. Everywhere she goes the house haunts her. Clifford lives in a world of illusions. Their hearts have become dungeons and each one of them is his/her own jailer. They have been “locked up” in that house for so long that they can longer “live” with the rest of society. This is made evident when Clifford and H .....

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Who Has Seen The Wind: Brian O' Connals' Understanding Of Birth And Death

.... is laying the egg. When the baby pigeon grows as much as it needs to grow, it hatches out of the egg. This explanation leaves Brian quite confused and uninformed of natures way to reproduce. At this stage Brian seems to understand that humans and animals reproduce babies the same way. Brian's second encounter with birth is again with Forbsie as the two experiences the birth of rabbits. Brian's knowledge of birth is further developed in this section of the novel as he is maturing and ageing. Brian is .....

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The Heart Of Darkness: Two Revolving Desires

.... he finally does find Kurtz he completes his mission. Kurtz is the man who can swindle his way into obtaining all the ivory. People envy Kurtz for his ivory as well as hate him for it. Kurtz is the man who fascinates Marlow. Kurtz can be one with the natives. Kurtz has every grounds for being the main character. Everyone in the novel is in one way or another affected by Kurtz and his concepts. The fact that Marlow's story revolves around Kurtz is basis for Kurtz being the main character. Both M .....

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The Young Goodman Brown: Resistance, Acceptance, And Embracing Of Evil

.... down the wooded path, but he comes upon the figure of a man. This is Hawthorn’s opening stage for Goodman Brown’s disillusionment, which turns out to be the beginning of the end for Young Goodman. The man along the path is clearly seen as evil because of the detailed description of his devilish appearance and the nature of this late-night rendezvous. The devilish man says to Goodman Brown “I have been well acquainted with your family as with ever a one among the Puritans (Nathaniel Hawthorn, 198)”. T .....

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Huckleberry Finn: Lack Of Education

.... I couldn’t stand it no longer. It was all over welts. He got to going away so much too, and locking me in. Once he locked me in and was gone three days (p.35).” Pap has no idea that he does anything wrong, even though he is such a horrible father to his son. By showing how uneducated Pap is, and what suffering it causes Huck, Twain argues his point. A speech that Pap gives early in the novel is one of the most affective parts of this story. Pap talks about the efforts that some citizens make in the .....

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Evaluation Of Plato’s Allegory Of The Cave

.... try to keep them in the dark as well. This process happens all the time to anyone who publicly tries to change what society is accustomed to. This applies to the peace movement of the 1960’s. What began with wholesome idealism and great expectations ended in alienation and rejection. I think this also applies to the situation in Tibet. A peaceful and independent country taken over by China who thought that the Tibetan ways needed to be changed, and they were going to help them. They did so by tortur .....

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A Summary Of Martin Luther, Lectures On Galatians

.... conscience is the righteousness of faith. (p. 5) Luther delineates a series of dichotomies: morality/faith, works/grace, secular society/religion (p. 7), conscience/joy, works/faith, earthly/heavenly, Adam/Jesus, sin/righteousness, death/eternal life, flesh/spirit, Law/Christ (p. 9), Law/grace, Moses the lawgiver/Christ the savior (p. 10). These follow the dualism which Paul describes: "What the flesh desires is opposed to the Spirit, and what the Spirit desires is opposed to the flesh; for these are .....

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The Evolution Of Ellen Foster

.... is a major trait she learns from her parents. She also gains the role of caregiver while taking care of herself and of her mother. She protects her mother from her father. She becomes an adult over night after her mother’s death, shopping for herself and practically being her own parent. Fear and loneliness are emotions felt by Ellen after her mother dies. No child should be afraid in its own home, yet Ellen always takes this in stride. Her matter-of-fact way of recounting the events leads .....

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Comparison Essay Of A Tale Of Two Cities And Tess Of The D'Urbervilles

.... she moves in a world where insensitivity, coarseness and greed make it impossible for her to live as she should" (Great Writers). During this time, the family name is important. The insensitivity and greed that is directed toward Tess, comes from her mother, Joan. Joan only wants Tess to marry a man with an aristocratic name so that he family can become wealthy. Tess's feelings are not considered. Therefore her life is also planned out for her, like those of the novel A Tale of Two Cities. Within .....

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The Miseducation Of Victorian Women

.... this time that spoke out against the “miseducation” of women were Frances Power Cobbe who wrote Life of Frances Power Cobbe as Told by Herself, and Harriet Martineau who wrote What Women Are Educated For. Their views support what Barrett Browning communicates in Aurora Leigh with additional insights into the reality of the Victorian education of women. The main focus of the instruction of young women in the Victorian era, which they referred to as an education, was on making these women into “Ornaments o .....

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"The Idea Of A University": Education As Moral Training

.... so there is no point for "Majors." In our society today, majors are very important to our course of studies and our future because we can get pay doing what we enjoy. The problems that emerge when it comes to Newman's points of views, is that; people don't get to learn what they want, there are not enough opportunities for jobs if everyone learned the same subjects, and the fact that we have to learn all the subjects that we might not even use in life. There should be specific people doing and stu .....

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The Moral Life And Leviathan: Ideas Of Hobbes And Pojman

.... I am actually taking delight in demonstrating my power. Hobbes believes that any account of human action, including morality, must be consistent with the fact that we are all self-serving. His theory notes that humans are essentially equal, both mentally and physically, so that even the weakest person has the strength to kill the strongest (p.44). Given our equal standing, Hobbes believes that there are three natural causes of quarrel among people: competition for limited supplies of material possess .....

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Bless Me, Ultima: Antonio

.... would be able to return to him what he's given to society. On the other hand, in the eyes of his father, he beleives restricting Antonio in such ways keeps his spirit confined, unlike the free energy of his ancestors. He wants his son to sieze the day, sharing in the same expieriences he had during his earlier years. "We lived two different lives, your mother and I. I came from a people who held the wind as brother, because he is free, and the horse as companion because he is the living .....

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