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11: Bangkok's Thammasat University Uprising
Bangkok's Thammasat University Uprising Nudged by a newly-freed media and an increasingly prosperous Chinese minority, the government of Thailand is being asked to come clean on the nation's history, including bits that have been swept under the carpet -- like the bloody suppression of a students uprising in 1976. Emerging from the shadow of decades of military rule, Thailand is today seen as well on its way to establishing a stable parliamentary democracy. But greater social and media freedom in recent years has also thrown up disturbing questions about the country's authoritarian past ... history still coy about these events, numerous Thai citizens are demanding an honest depiction of the past. This, in turn, has thrown up debate on issues relating to the way history has been written in Thailand. Activist leader's general opinion was that it was about time that Thailand as a society, introspect. They insisted Thailand needed to stop being fearful about their past and must come to terms with ...
12: Education In Developing Countr
... unquestionably the most important form of human resource development, economists have agreed to the idea that education has an important role on economic growth. In many developing countries, there has been increasing concern on education. Thailand is a country that has experienced great economic growth in the past few years fueled by cheap labor industries. With the Asian crisis, that growth has slowed down quite dramatically, and some say it is ... on more important things like education, rather than the military. South-East Asia In the article "South-East Asia's learning difficulties" published by The Economist on August 16, 1997. It defined the problem facing Thailand at that time. Thailand has been successful during the 1990's with economic growth provided by its cheap labor. These labor-intensive industries are responsible for producing clothes, shoes and other goods for exporting to the West. As ...
13: BECOA Report on Investing Currencies in the Far East
... key to making money through currency exchange. In this report my selections for currency exchange will justified by using the above areas as well as currency trends and volatilities, that prove Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan were all good strategic investments. Japan The first country that I chose to buy currency in was Japan. Japan, as many people know is a country that has proven itself as having one ... of investment dollars can be seen in (Fig. 6, pg: 9). This added value to the Singaporean market provides other investors with a basis which to compare potential currency exchange within Singapore's growing market. Thailand and Taiwan Thailand and Taiwan are two countries that have great strategic importance to my Far East Currency Investment Plan. These two countries were are used in the same main reasons as all the others, but for ...
14: Business And The Economy
... pea-souper", a dense, acid fog has blanketed not just whole cities , as happened in London in the 1950’s, but a huge swathe of south-East Asia. From the fleshpot beaches of Phuket in Thailand to the southern Philippines, the islands surrounding the Java Sea and even Papua New Guinea, the poisonous smog envelops an area home to more than 70 million people. The tourist guides describe the Rainforests of ... shaken in recent weeks, the smog has been interpreted in the region as another symbol of disaster. The long term impact on the health of the countries in the grip of the haze- Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Papua New Guinea and Thailand - is impossible to gauge. City-dwellers in South-East Asia have long been used to breathing a noxious cocktail of car-exhaust fumes and industrial pollutants. Those with existing respiratory illnesses, eye and skin ...
15: Macro Signals Declining Effici
... rapid growth was accompanied by environmental degradation, resource depletion, and an increasingly unequal distribution of income and wealth. However, on balance a remarkable record of development. During this period of rapid growth and economic transformation, Thailand became increasingly integrated into the world economy through trade and investment flows, and production linkages. As the economy expanded rapidly and became more complex in structure, it posed more and new types of strains and ... the macro (i.e. public policy) and micro (enterprise) levels. As the relative role of the private sector increased in the economy, the importance of enterprise management and performance correspondingly increased. Looking more deeply at Thailand’s performance, manufactured exports grew by about 23% per year between 1980 and 1995, almost doubling during 1992-1995. However, in 1996 export growth fell practically to 0 per cent, with labor-intensive exports usually ... exchange rate of the baht is estimated to have appreciated by about 15% during 1995-97, primarily because of the linkage to the US$, which appreciated against the yen. While the above factors suggest that Thailand was losing its edge in low cost, labor intensive exports, these are at best partial explanations for the overall decline in export performance. The impact of rising wages should not have come this suddenly ...
16: East Asian Crisis In The Econo
... to drop. The crisis was brought on by currency devaluations, bad banking practices, high foreign debt, loose government regulation, and corruption. Due to East Asia’s large impact on the world economy, the panic in Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, and other Asian countries has prompted other countries to worry about the affect on their own economies and offer aid to the financially troubled nations (Sanger 1). The East Asian crisis has affected almost all of the Asian ations, but the three hardest hit countries are Thailand, Indonesia, and South Korea. The panic began in Thailand in May of 1997 when speculators, worried about Thailand’s slowing economy, excessive debt, and political instability devalued the baht as they fled for market-driven currencies like the American dollar. Indonesia’s economy ...
17: Southeast Asia
... far superior to that of Bangladesh, its neighbor to the west, and to other countries in its own region.” Colonization created an ethnic melting pot in which political unrest emerged and natural resources were plundered. Thailand provides evidence that colonization in Southeast Asia obstructed economic development within the states. As Peter Muller states, “Of the five countries of Southeast Asia’s mainland region, the leading one in almost every respect is the only one that was never colonized. While Thailand lost territory and subjects to the colonists on all sides, the core of the kingdom persisted and forged its own brand of modernization in political as well as economic spheres.” Thailand’ capital, Bangkok, has emerged as one of the world’s most prominate primate cities. This country’ s economy has grown rapidly during the Pacific Rim boom in the early 1990’s. Only recently has ...
18: Technological Literacy
... card or proof of enrolment to get into the best libraries in the world at any time of day. Imagine that we are conducting a group project on, for instance, a hypothetical class trip to Thailand. Our Thai students will probably be able to provide a lot of local information on their home communities, but we also would want the class to visit the best libraries in the world to get more detailed and general information. In addition, we would recommend that a group of students find their way to the Thailand Tourist Office website for information on roads, weather, shopping, and vaccination requirements. Another group should visit some airline websites to get flight schedule and air fare information, and those who want to backpack should probably consult the website of Harvard Let's Go guide on backpacking hints. As a problem-based learning project, our hypothetical class trip to Thailand, requires that students work in collaboration, that they organise and delegate various information gathering tasks among themselves, that they use a range of internet resources and download materials, and finally prepare a group presentation: ...
19: The Causes of the Asian Crisis
... it to create a better economy for themselves. I found out that the following countries due to their reoccurrence during my research experienced the bloom. The countries are as listed: South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan. These countries experienced a lot of growth, growth that even doubled the growth in the rest of East Asia, and almost tripled the growth in Latin America. The economic miracle started in South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore then Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. These countries achieved very remarkable rates of growth and development. They built high quality manufacturing industries from clothes to computers. (What went wrong? Hoover Digest 1998 No.3 William McGurn) In ... and depleting stock markets. The Asian countries at first borrowed a lot of money from the IMF and the World Bank and used it to invest in certain unprofitable ordeals. " The problem was bad in Thailand, where a succession of weak governments had allowed money to flood into unwanted skyscrapers rather than investing in roads and telecommunications, and education." (Directly from the article) "The unwise spending was the worst in ...
20: Southeast Asia
... there. Southeast Asia is a modern, geographical term used to define the approximate location of territories to the south and the east of India and China. Those countries are North and South Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Portuguese Timor, and the Philippines. Though all of these countries have a very mixed cultural base, it is mostly an "Indianized" area. Their religious beliefs were primarily Buddist and Hindu faiths, which were influenced by religion and beliefs of India. The Buddist faith most strongly affected the areas of Burma, Thailand, Sumatra, and Central Java. While the Hindu faith was mostly found in the Cambodian region of Southeastern Asia. The governments vary but are mostly based on Deva Raja. The idea behind that is their ruler ... and had the blessings of the gods in his earthly rule. Southeast Asia's works of art range anywhere from massive architectural complexes to tiny bronzes. Every country has their own individual style. For instance, Thailand's work is either cast-bronze figures of gods and goddesses, heavenly beings, or mythological animals. Their art always expresses religious beliefs made primarily of curved lines and slick features. The art of Indonesia ...

Search results 11 - 20 of 87 matching essays
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