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1: Solvent Abuse
Solvent Abuse I begin by referring back to the teaching 'package' on Solvent Abuse. As I stated then the package was developed after some concern was expressed by newly appointed Nursing Assistants (Student Group). Individuals felt that their was a deficit in their personal knowledge on illicit substance misuse as a whole which included solvent abuse. This was an initial reason for developing the package, a learning need had been identified. This brings me on to discussing defining what teaching actually is, the principles of teaching and what approach I could adopt. So, what is teaching ? There have been many, many definitions throughout the years including Peters(1977) teaching, 'includes a host of activities that have in common the structuring ...
2: Teaching Creationism In School
The issue of teaching creationism in the public schools has long been debated. Over the years many different arguments have been made. First creationists tried to have the teaching of evolution outlawed. This issue went to the Supreme Court in 1968, where in _Epperson v. Arkansas_ the high court ruled against banning the teaching of evolution. Soon after this decision creationists began to call for 'equal time', or the equal treatment of creation theory and evolution theory. When this attempt also failed creationists turned to 'creation science' (Grunes ...
3: Teaching Ethical And Moral Values
Teaching Ethical And Moral Values Ethical and moral values are terms that many use interchangeably: They are a set of socially shared conceptions of what is good and bad, right and wrong, desirable and undesirable. Our values influence our orientations, actions, reactions, and interpretations. According to most American High School Institutions, educating students on these values is one of their essential goals, but yet the teaching of these values is not evident. The school system seems to focus on fundamental aspects and fails to notice the impact that morals and ethics have on individual students. In order for students to become complete individuals in our society, the educational system should revolutionize their focus and put a higher emphasis on teaching ethical and moral values. To a certain degree morality is taught in secondary education, but not enough to establish a moral foundation for students. The problem is not that the educational system does not ...
4: Teaching Diverse Students
Thesis Statement The purpose of this research paper is to discuss the increasing need for multi-cultural education incorporation into the classroom. And to investigate the teaching techniques of elementary school teachers and adaptations that can and should be made in order to increase the knowledge level of diversity among the students in the classroom. Definitions There are many definitions of multi ... about their own cultures and it is imperative to their futures that they are educated about the other students around them. Children need to grow up in a world without having any prejudice towards others. Teaching which disregards diversity places students at a disadvantage by reducing their capacity to learn. An inclusive curriculum which acknowledges, respects and responds appropriately to student diversity, can contribute to: enhanced learning outcomes for a greater ... but they also have to adapt their own views. Teachers can t be bias to their own or other cultures. Teachers must treat every student equally. And most importantly, teachers may have to adapt their teaching styles and methods to adhere to the diversity among their students in the classroom. To adequately attend to cultural diversity in the classroom, teachers must look first at their own cultural background and understand ...
5: Homosexual Education
By: jason Teaching sex education in public schools alone has become a very controversial subject with some parents and other community members. So one can only imagine the reaction to teaching about homosexual lifestyles as part of the sex education program. There are basically two different views on the subject of homosexuality. Some people are perfectly okay with it, while others cringe at the thought. Many ... today. Ms. Conner said we are supposed to accept them no matter what their sexual behavior. Why did you and daddy tell me it was bad? Ms. Conner said it was okay." The issue of teaching homosexuality in the sex education curriculum is important because it affects all of our children. Some of us may not have our own children, but most of us have children in our life which ...
6: Personal Writing: Teacher on Trial for Teaching Religion in School
Personal Writing: Teacher on Trial for Teaching Religion in School Dear members of the jury, I am here today to undo the wrong on behalf of this man. He was charged because he was thought to have taught religion in his grade ... about it, but a more direct way, so he got the Book of Genesis. All he was doing was reading some of the stories here and there. If you consider reading stories a violation of teaching religion then you might as well throw away all those fairy tale books. What he read from the Book of Genesis and Fairy Tale books have no difference because the are just stories. He was not teaching religion! If he was teaching religion, then he would've not just read the stories from the book of Genesis. The stories that he read were not religious scriptures, but just plain old common ...
7: Teaching Kids
Teaching Kids The issue of morals and values being taught to our children is one of the most pressing problems in our society today. The responsibility of raising children with a strong moral base has been ... children's lives. If parents make time to teach their children right from wrong, then there is no better way to raise a child with a strong set of values. The most effective way of teaching kids about values and morals is by example. Children will simply learn by observing and following their parents. This means that when parents participate in volunteer programs and donate time and money to charity, then they are teaching their children the importance of serving those in need. When parents respect their children's privacy and opinions, children develop a mutual respect for their parents and for others. Parents that take their children ...
8: Bilingual Teaching
... some teachers are dishonest and have fraudulent credentials in order to get the paid premium and the job. For instance, the Houston Independent School District once unknowingly recruited teachers that had falsified college degrees and teaching certificates, cheated on competency tests, violated their visas and continued to work in the United States, and spoke no English. Such problems like those that Houston's school district face, make finding qualified bilingual education ... does not give students the opportunity to actively take part in practicing English. In addition to being a highly qualified bilingual education teacher, a second thing that must be acquired before they become successful, is teaching students the skills they need to become proficient in English is the awareness of the theories underlying many of the techniques they are encouraged to use with their students. However, many of the current bilingual ... than he spoke his native tongue. In order to observe the benefits of bilingual education programs, he was invited to the second grade classroom. Upon observing how the class worked, he was outraged by the teaching methods used. He noted that the native speakers were taught in one half of the room as a translator translates the lessons into Spanish for the remaining half of the class. He then refused ...
9: Technological Literacy
... is the information revolution? How do the new technologies impact on our lives now and what might these changes mean for the future? What might all this mean for education, for teachers and students, for teaching and learning? What I aim to accomplish in this booklet is to give adult literacy practioners a guided tour of some key issues currently being raised about new information technologies and technological literacy. What is ... words, the designers of software can easily become the literacy and pedagogy experts of tomorrow. This is not to say that many educational products on the market today are not pedagogically sound or lack innovative teaching-learning methods. But it is to suggest that educators need to become familiar with the many issues at stake in the `information revolution' so that we know how and where we must intervene with positive and critical strategies for multi-literacy teaching, and how to make the best and judicious use of the many multi-media resources available. We begin in this next section with a brief introduction to some key issues associated with the notion ...
10: The Teaching Of Women’s Studies
The Teaching Of Women’s Studies The teaching of Women’s studies is a specific class that the masses are now becoming more familiar with. This has not always been the case though. As Higginbotham writes in her article Designing an Inclusive Curriculum ... up is that of the structural difficulties that impede the learning of information about different types of women. There is a lack of workshops, seminars, and classes, which in turn lead to a lack of teaching resources. Without the availability of these resources teachers are faced with barriers that are not so easily overturned. It seems to me that she is upset with the lack of commitment to such an ...

Search results 1 - 10 of 1584 matching essays
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