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Essay Galaxy - Solvent Abuse Solvent Abuse

I begin by referring back to the teaching 'package' on Solvent Abuse. As I stated then the package was developed after some concern was expressed by newly appointed Nursing Assistants (Student Group). Individuals felt that their was a deficit in their personal knowledge on illicit substance misuse as a whole which included solvent abuse. This was an initial reason for developing the package, a learning need had been identified. This brings me on to discussing defining what teaching actually is, the principles of teaching and what approach I could adopt. So, what is teaching ? There have been many, many definitions throughout the years including Peters(1977) teaching, 'includes a host of activities that have in common the structuring of a situation in such a way that something can be learned'. Also, 'the primary aim of t....

Number Of Pages: 7 Number Of Words: 1812

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