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101: Poem: I Guess It Was Not In Jane's Mind
Poem: I Guess It Was Not In Jane's Mind I guess it was not in Jane's mind, To cover her rosy behind. When I came in that day, Her lover ran away. He saw I had an axe to grind. I guess it was not in Jane's mind, To return my favors in kind. When I gave her my ring, She said “Oh, you sweet thing!” All that for just one crummy line!! I guess it was not in Jane' ...
102: An Interview With Jane Austin
An Interview With Jane Austin Introduction (Host): Today, we’re very lucky to have two very prominent authors of Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights, respectively join us. We’ll be discussing their works as well as some questions many of us today may have about them. Everyone please give a round of applause for Jane Austin and Emily Bronte. Applause Host: Hello ladies welcome to the show and thank you for joining us today. Well, there are many questions that I’d like to address mainly concerning your more popular ... first like to start off asking each of you; did any of your ideas portrayed in your works have any kind of relation to your personal lives and how did you come up with it? Jane Austin: I think there may have been some talk before, but yes, many of my ideas in Pride and Prejudice come from my life, which not necessarily was personal. Many think the character “Jane” ...
103: Jane Addams
... for their time period. Despite her family’s honorable place in society, one woman rose above the gap between the classes in order to help individuals, who were less fortunate than she. Her name was Jane Addams and this paper will focus on her life-long contributions to help the poor. Jane Addams was born on September 6, 1860, in Illinois. Her mother died when she was only three years old leaving her with only a father and 8 siblings. Her father became her backbone of her ... of European immigrants who had fled their native countries hoping to find a better life in America” (Kittredge 17). After Addams picked out her house, Starr and herself renovated and decorated it with great excitement. “Jane Addams had dreamed of serving humanity” (Kittredge 15). She got this opportunity with the opening of her Hull House on September 18, 1889. This settlement house became a place of opportunities for many of ...
104: GI Jane Military Surplus
GI Jane Military Surplus 12IPT Aim By creating this database, I aim to make a database, which is user proof and capable of being quickly and easily searched and maintained. In the finished database, there will be a complete list of stock and employees details. The system must have a graphical user interface and be simple to use with minimal training for the employees of GI Jane Military Surplus Background GI Jane Military Surplus stores sell a large range of military equipment for the use of cadet forces, full time, and part-time services. It is also available to campers for all purposes. The information system ...
105: An Analysis of The Mayor of Casterbridge
... retaliates by leaving with a sailor who makes the highest bid. Henchard regrets his decision the next day, but he is unable to find his family. Exactly eighteen years pass. Susan and her daughter Elizabeth-Jane come back to the fair, seeking news about Henchard. The sailor has been lost at sea, and Susan is returning to her "rightful" husband. At the infamous furmity tent, they learn Henchard has moved to ... right his old wrong. He devises a plan for courting and marrying Susan again, and for adopting her daughter. A young Scotsman named Donald Farfrae enters Casterbridge on the same day as Susan and Elizabeth-Jane. Henchard takes an instant liking to the total stranger and convinces Farfrae to stay on in Casterbridge as his right-hand man. Henchard even tells Farfrae the two greatest secrets of his life: the sale ... had with a Jersey woman, Lucetta. Henchard is confused as to how to make good on his bad acts. Henchard remarries Susan, who dies soon afterward, leaving behind a letter to be opened on Elizabeth-Jane's wedding day. Henchard reads the letter and learns that his real daughter died in infancy and that the present Elizabeth-Jane is actually Susan and the sailor's daughter. Henchard also grows jealous ...
106: Jane Addams
Jane Addams Jane Addams was a United States social worker, reformer, and peace advocate. During her active career of 46 years she made Hull House in Chicago world famous as a social settlement. An outspoken pacifist, Miss Addams shared the 1931 Nobel Peace Prize with President Nicholas Murray Butler of Columbia University. Jane Addams was born in Cedarville, Illinois, and graduated from Rockford College. She began the Study of medicine but her health broke down, and for two years she was an invalid. During several years of ...
107: Pride And Prejudice
"Different ideas of the woman's role in society, especially marriage" ("Pride and Prejudice", chapter 6) 1. Summary (and "Einordnung" in the context of the novel) Jane Austen's novel 'Pride and Prejudice' deals with the English upper-class society in the early 19th century. The main characters are the five daughters in the Bennet family, who have to marry into a ... and rich young men, move into the district, there is an opportunity for the daughters to get married. A few days later there is a ball in the neighbourhood during which Mr. Bingley greatly admires Jane, the eldest of the Bennet daughters. Mr. Bingley is a very friendly young man and so everybody likes him, but his friend Mr. Darcy is very proud and arrogant. He only dances and talks with people from his party and as Mr. Bingley asks him to dance with Elizabeth Bennet, who is almost as beautiful as her elder sister Jane, but he declines because he doesn't find her beautiful enough. Within the next days Mr. Bingley and his party visit the Bennets who soon return the visit. Mr. Bingley still admires Jane and ...
108: How Do Elizabeth Bennet’s Relationships Show Her Process Of Moral Growth?
... Elizabeth’s relations with several characters illustrate these various stages of her moral development. From her detachment from this world in her associations with Mr. Wickham and Charlotte Lucas; to her dependence on her sister Jane to teach her indirectly about her mistakes; and finally to Mr. Darcy’s help in gaining self-knowledge one can see how Elizabeth grows as an individual by learning about herself and the world in ... from significant choices actually confines, that objectivity can be blind and that isolation only keeps one from truth and joy. Disappointed by Charlotte’s marriage of convenience, Elizabeth turns in the direction of her sister Jane. It is Jane who comforts Elizabeth when she turns to cynicism because she recognizes that viewing the world unemotionally serves only as an example of irresponsibility and cowardliness. Jane is the hero of positive thinking and allows ...
109: Existentialists: I Am Me, and You Are You
... view mankind as individuals whose unique past experiences establish personal characteristics that set all of us apart. This idea can be best expressed in an intuitive statement by a celebrated individualist, Tarzan. “Me Tarzan, you Jane” is at the nucleus of the beliefs of the existential atom. This seemingly simplistic statement relates to existentialism by leading us to the idea of man's individualism, guiding us to belief of existence before ... These three beliefs can then be related to the characters in the existential writer Jean-Paul Sartre's “No Exit.” At first reading of this statement, one notices Tarzan's word choice. “ Me Tarzan, you Jane” implies that Tarzan and Jane are not one and the same. Instead, they are two different people who lead very different lives. Tarzan, the Ape Man, is by nature different than his newfound lady friend. Existentialists would further this ...
110: Pride And Prejudice: 5 Married Couples
Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice presents five married couples. No two are alike. From the pure love which was experienced through Elizabeth and Darcy. To the love and attraction shared by Jane and Bingley. The convenience of marriage was portrayed through Charlotte and Mr Collins while Lydia and Wickham’s marriage was based on their desire, attractions and financial status. Mr and Mrs Bennet’s marriage was ... their necessity. Austen reveals many messages through her characters on her major theme, being marriage. Elizabeth and Darcy share common interests that help reflect their love and marriage. During Elizabeth’s stay in Pemberly while Jane is ill, Austen reveals to the readers, that Elizabeth and Darcy share a common interest. For example, Miss Bingley states that ‘Miss Eliza Bennet… is a great reader…’ p34. While in a conversation between ...

Search results 101 - 110 of 591 matching essays
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