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121: "Indians" By Jane Tompkins: How Bias Affect Ones Concept of History
"Indians" By Jane Tompkins: How Bias Affect Ones Concept of History Whenever you are in any educational situation, you are subject to perspectives and bias of the instructors. In an essay entitled "Indians," by Jane Tompkins, it discusses how different biases may reflect upon one's concept of history. It is imperative to realize that when learning, which generally involves someone's concept of history, we are consequently subject to ...
122: The Ice Storm
... quietly despairing mate and mother of Paul (Tobey Maguire) and Wendy (Christina Ricci). Jim Carver (Jamey Sheridan) is an enterprising man, who is seldom home long enough to attend to the needs of his wife Jane (Sigourney Weaver) and their two sons Mike (Elijah Wood) and Sandy (Adam Hann-Byrd). These families are linked by relationships, superficially neighborly, but in fact more visceral than they are prepared to admit to even ... present studies of martial discontent decisively show that non-working married women are much more prone to anxiety, depression, and mental breakdowns than married men, married working women, or single women. ii. Elena Hood and Jane Carver are stereotypical suburban wives. Jane is portrayed as a sexual person, her first three appearances show her cleaning spilt wine from Ben Hood s crotch, the next two in bed. She dresses provocatively, in fur, boots, and bangles, her ...
123: Emma Jane Austen
... in the 20th century struggle with these issues or are they unique to the period in which the novel is written? 'Emma' is described as a classic and unique novel, from the highly acclaimed novelist Jane Austen. The novel is centered around the main character 'Emma', who is an attractive, rich and bright young upper class woman. The character is described as being conceited and a snob. The main theme of ... she is destined to be with. The main themes of the novel 'Emma' can be transferred to modern society as seen in the movie 'Clueless', with both stories being developed from the original novel by Jane Austen. 'Clueless' is adapted or 'spiced up' for modern viewing by being set in the rich American suburb of Beverly Hills. The character similar to Emma in 'Clueless' is called Cher. The characters in both ...
124: An Analysis of Jane Smiley's A Thousand Acres
An Analysis of Jane Smiley's A Thousand Acres Jane Smiley's A Thousand Acres tells a dark tale of a corrupt patriarchal society which operates through concealment. It is a story in which the characters attempt to manipulate one another through the secrets they ...
125: Mary Jane: The Devil Weed
Mary Jane: The Devil Weed ABSTRACT: This paper, entitled "Mary Jane: The Devil Weed?" attempts to examine what we know about marijuana and what problems are associated with its use. The paper examines briefly the history of marijuana legislation, marijuana's known effects, and conclusions about ...
126: Emma By Jane Austen
The story, Emma, by Jane Austen, is a riveting tale about a heroine who through her determined will to assist others, realizes and attains her own dreams and desires. The story begins with 21 year old, Emma Woodhouse struggling with ...
127: GI Jane
GI Jane In today's society, with affirmative action full out in most industries and businesses, and the equal rights movement having made great progress; there is finally a snag in the nylons of woman activists. The ...
128: GI JANE
The film G.I. Jane takes place in the 1990’s and shows discrimination of a women in the United States Navy. Lieutenant Jordan O’ Neal played by Demi Moore, is a naval intelligence officer who has ambitions of moving ...
129: Pride And Prejudice - Pride
Pride and Prejudice is one of the most popular novels written by Jane Austen. This romantic novel, the story of which revolves around relationships and the difficulties of being in love, was not much of a success in Austen's own time. However, it has grown in its ... are hard to conceive by people of our generation. Nevertheless, the descriptions of the goings-on in that society are so lively and sparkling with irony that most people cannot help but like the novel. Jane Austen applies irony on different levels in her novel Pride and Prejudice. She uses various means of making her opinion on 18th century society known to the reader through her vivid and ironic descriptions used ... the book's characters. The novel is introduced by an omniscient narrator, unknown to the reader, who describes and comments on the given situations throughout the novel. The narrator serves to represent and speak for Jane Austen, enabling her to aim her criticism not only through the characters, but also in a more direct fashion. She uses this unspecified person, who is outside of all the novel's action and ...
130: Pride And Prejudice - Point Of View
Marry For Love The point of view of a novel usually decides which characters we sympathize with. In the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Elizabeth Bennett is the focal character, which causes the reader to feel closest to her. The reader can relate more easily to her feelings and actions, and given that all of Elizabeth’s opinions ... using Elizabeth’s voice as her own to approve of some characters decisions about marriage. Elizabeth’s approval of certain characters shows Austen’s approval, and in this case, Elizabeth approves of the marriage between Jane and Bingley. Jane and Bingley show throughout the novel their genuine affection for one another, and Elizabeth observes about Bingley’s affection for Jane, "I never saw a more promising inclination. He was growing quite inattentive to ...

Search results 121 - 130 of 591 matching essays
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