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111: Jude the Obscure: Summary
... if it were a dramatic performance being acted out on a cramped stage." Arabella decides that she has put Jude through enough misery and goes to Australia with her father. Jude and Arabella never officially divorce. Throughout Jude the Obscure people shove Jude away from their lives and away from their society. Arabella is not the first person to leave Jude when he needs help. Jude decides to move on to ... help Arabella was not a smart move because Jude found out more than he needed to know. While Arabella was away she met a nice young individual whom she marries bigamously. She wants Jude to divorce her to cut the last thread that links them together. Arabella had left Jude and, when she returns, expects him to grant her a divorce so that she can remarry. Arabella could be described as a wicked person. This quotation describes Arabella quite well, "Woe to those who devise wickedness and work evil upon their beds!"(Micah 2:1). ...
112: Hazelwood History Of Censorshi
... of appropriate discipline in the operation of the school” or speech which officials forecast will have such an effect. But in 1983, Hazelwood East, a St. Louis high school, produced an in-depth spread covering divorce, sex and teen pregnancy. Before the newspaper ran, the principal called for prior review and censored the entire section. Leslie Smart and two other students took their school district to court. Smart and the other ... basic educational mission,” (Shea 33). The decision upheld the right of public high school administrators at Hazelwood East High School in subrban St. Luois, Mo., to censor stories concerning teen pregnancy and the effects of divorce on children from a school-sponsored student newspaper. The Court found the censorship of the article justified on the basis of the principal’s judgment that (1) “the [pregnant] students’ anonymity was not adequately protected ... and (2) the judgment that “the article was not sufficiently sensitive to the privacy interests of the students' boyfriends and parents . . . .” (Hazelwood 274). Similarly, the Court finds in the principal’s decision to censor the divorce article a journalistic lesson that the author should have given the father of one student an “opportunity to defend himself” against her charge that (in the Court's words) he “chose ‘playing cards with ...
113: I Know WhyThe Caged Bird Sings
... good looking, intelligent, and mischievous; he loves his mother. - Momma Henderson - Maya’s grandmother, she owns a black general store in Stamps; Maya and Bailey come to live with her when their parents get a divorce; Momma is the only black female entrepreneur in town. She is devoted to her religion. - Vivian "Bibbie" Baxter - Maya and Bailey’s mother; a beautiful, smart, and willful lady; She is a trained nurse, but ... leader of the junkyard community which Maya is a part of after running away 4) Conflict "I" 1 Human vs. Society As a child, Maya had to live with her grandmother because of her parents divorce. After a long period of not hearing from her parents she neglects the fact that they even live. When they come back in her life, she doesn’t get along with them. Because of this ... persecuted and a woman in a time in which they weren’t entirely respected. She was a very young child when she was forced to live with her grandmother and uncle because of her parents’ divorce and the area was filled with prejudice. Then she goes to live with her mother in California where she is raped by her mothers’ boyfriend. When she goes to stay with her father, his ...
114: Jacqueline Kennedy
... two alike. Lee was more partial to vivid, fashionable garments and Jackie preferred more subtle hues even though she has always had a passion for pink. The two sisters were later united emotionally through the divorce of their parents. John Bouvier was supposedly conducting an affair. Even though the parents tried to shield their children from the rumors and scandal, Jackie and Lee’s ears were not deaf to the gossip. Jackie was eleven and Lee was eight years old. After the dust settled from the divorce, Jacqueline grew shy and introverted. She was no longer the energetic, bright little girl who dazzled every adult with her surprisingly inquisitive mind. Her father noticed her dark moods and did a great deal to ... purposes. The decisions that she made early in her life allows young women today to be able to reach for their goals a little more confidently. She, like many young females today, went through the divorce and remarriage of her parents. Despite her own mental conflicts, she rose out of her shell to become one the most publicly viewed women of her time. Her life was often difficult because of ...
115: Rattle Bone
... Brown is involved at the beginning and towards the end of the book. Ms. Brown became an important part of Irene s life, not only by being one of the main reasons for her parents divorce, but also by helping Irene accomplish one of her goals. The time that occurred between these two events in the book connects Rattlebone and is a very good use of foreshadowing. Another example of Clair s use of this writing method is the experience of the divorce between Irene s parents. This long-term process displayed Irene s parents as being unforgiving. At first his wife forgives James Wilson for the affair that he enjoyed with October Brown, but after a period ... nor make up with the other. This example again shows the use of foreshadowing by Clair by evolving the event over several chapters with different narrators. Irene, the narrator in several different stages of the divorce between her parents, speaks her feelings of disgust and always tries to keep her parents relationship together. Another side of the story comes from October Brown s landlord, Mrs. Pemberton. Mrs. Pemberton wants nothing ...
116: Why Do Couples Break Up!!
... go for other girls. My second cousin, Anthony, was married for over seven years, but unfortunately things did not work out between him and his wife. There were several reasons that lead up to their divorce, and behind each reason Anthony was guilty. From his wife s point of view he was a cheater and awful person, because he once started talking with some pretty girl in restaurant where his wife ... house. Again logic suggests that men are the cause for most of the problems between couples. Because they chose to live a life that they like, they get back what they might not expect, a divorce. One more reason that contributes to the causes for break ups is that most of the time man forget important occasions. A special gift or a bouquet of roses is the hope of a girl ... special day. This sole reason makes women mad at their husbands and boyfriends. Their carelessness makes women think that they are unimportant to their men. This little detail in marriage makes a footstep towards a divorce. Not realizing what it means for a woman to get attention, men keep ignoring many aspects of relationship including the special days which mean everything to women. A friend of mine, Tony, had a ...
117: Demographic Trends And Implica
... Poussaint 4). Another reason given for the current trend is an increasing social and economical independence among women (Hollander 23). A third reason for the current trend is the increase in the chance of a divorce for those that are getting married. A married woman in 1990 that was between the age of 20-34 had about a 19.6 percent chance that her marriage would end in divorce. The projection for the same age group is that within 15 years, the percentage among the same age group of women will be around 40 percent (Russell 211). So, the current popular saying of half of marriages end in divorce is slowly becoming true. The demographic trend toward single-parent households is clear and definite. The history and projections show that the trend will not disappear, but will become more evident. Implications: As the ...
118: Confucianism
... of a Muslim's life. The family revolves around this religion. Women in this society are in a second class and have no power. Men dominate like in most strict religious cultures. The husband can divorce his wife only if he supports her after the divorce. The economy is poor. There are not that many rich people because they have to give a lot of money to the poor. The society is united because of their religion. "Warrior Marks" illustrates the ...
119: Jackie Robinson
... would not have palyed. Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia (Hill 1). Jackie's grandfather was a slave and his father a sharecropper (1). His mom and dad got a divorce when Jackie was just a baby (1). He, his mother and four siblings moved after his parents got a divorce (1). His mother took all the children and moved to Pasedena, California (1). Not long after the family moved to Pasedena, Jackie's mother enrolled him into Pasedena Junior College (“Robinson, Jackie”). He went on ...
120: Hurston's "Sweat": Women Overcoming Domestic Violence
... domestic violence the strength and the courage to stand up for themselves and against their husbands. In these times it was hard for African American women to stand up to their abusive husbands. Getting a divorce was not a very common thing to do. Most women endured the pain and troubles of being physically and mentally abused everyday. A number of women were too poor to get a divorce or even runaway from their husbands. Husbands of these times supported the family and were the only ones who had a job in the family. In “Sweat” Delia was the supporter of the family she ...

Search results 111 - 120 of 646 matching essays
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