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91: Asian American Literature
The need for America to value the Native Speakers of Languages other than English. The recently arrived immigrants face a language barrier which is only the part of the many difficulties they endure in US. Many of them ...
92: Fuji Xerox
... joint venture between Fuji Photo Film (FPF) and Rank Xerox (RX). Initially, FPF was responsible for manufacturing the copiers with the technology transferred from Xerox, while FX marketed the products in Japan and some other Asian countries. As FX evolved, however, it took on the responsibility of manufacturing. Xerox became more involved with FX as both FPF and RX became passive partners. FX also took on more and more research and ... Xerox, and approximately 150 from Xerox had done the same. WHY FUJI AND XEROX ESTABLISHED THE IJV Entry Effect In 1958, RX executives spotted Japan as the appropriate market for the first step of their Asian market expansion. After WWII, Japan’s industrial and GDP/GNP growth was extremely fast. According to the International Historical Statistics, Japan’s industrial production grew by 211% from 1950 to 1957. (Please see Appendix 4). Its GDP/GNP growth was 180% from 1950 to 1957, as shown in Appendix 5. In addition, Japan had the highest technological level among all the Asian countries in the 1950s. Thus, Japan was an excellent place as the base for their Asian strategy. Furthermore, there were few competitors in the photo copier industry in Japan. At that time, only Richo, ...
93: Capitalism & Free Trade
... treatment of its workers comes into question. In Asia, the demand for work is so high that workers are willing to accept more harsh work environment for less pay than U.S workers might be. Asian women and children make up the bulk of the factories work force, so they are the ones being mistreated the most. They are also the ones that live in a culture that holds men as ... exceptions, foreign women working on the global assembly line are seriously underrepresented politically. In the U.S. women are also not as well represented as much as men in politics. Historically, both U.S and Asian women, especially working women have lacked the political support needed to balance the playing fields with their male counter parts. Women in the U.S. are substantially better represented in politics than Asian women, yet there are still similarities between the two groups. Even with a large female investment in personal human capital, U.S. women still suffer in poor work environments as do Asian women. Another ...
94: Kosovo Crisis 2
Kosovo has encountered some hard times. Ethnic Albanians claim themselves to be the descendents of the ancient llyrians, Kosovo’s first inhabitants. The Serbs believe that Kosovo is the cradle of their history and culture. Both have different ...
95: Year 10 Asian History Origami
Since about the first century AD, the time when it is believed that paper was first invented in China, people have been folding paper into various shapes. The Chinese developed some simple forms, some of which survive down ...
96: Nike Company Profile
... 3 of the 4 regions were down in revenues with Europe the only exception. If we are to believe P. Knight, there are 3 main explanations: - Revenues in Japan fell by one third due to Asian crisis (particularly in Japan). - M. Jordan retired. - The NBA was forced to truncate its season due to a prolonged labor dispute. Two important decisions were taken in 1999. Nike actually cut the operating expense by almost ... soccer business As I put it in the first section, Nike is suffering stagnation in its revenue. The overriding problem remains how to increase the revenues because of a slowdown in the US market and Asian crisis. As the traditional American market is saturated, Nike has no choice but to diversify. The only solution is soccer and it is definitely Nike's major trade objectives for the next few years. ...
97: The Year 2000 Bug
... problem by updating their software and networks to avoid failure at Y2K. With most of these problems resolved in the US, it is other countries that we are then concerned with. In many of the Asian countries progress on solving the Y2K bug is far behind that of the US and many speculate that they will not be ready by the end of the year. This could have a great deal ... do not have the recourses to deal with the Y2K bug and some are projecting that a large percentage of these companies will fail when they are hit with everything from manufacturing problems to accounting crisis for the Y2K bug. With the loss of smaller companies comes the loss of jobs and could bring the economy further down. No one can deny that there will be economic disruption as a result ... a very unstable global economy. For a number of years the US has been experiencing a bull market and a great deal of economic growth. As we have recently seen with the markets of many Asian countries, the market is volatile in times of crisis. With already slumping profits from Y2K repair, a company that loses half its investors due to a millennium panic and production is slowed or halted ...
98: The Australian Dollar
... the fundamentals must be taken into account in the longer term. The fundamentals currently being overlooked (which we feel will come to matter) are (1) the outlook for commodity prices; (2) the extent of the Asian recession, (3) the path of the current account deficit deterioration and (4) the prospects for interest rates. Despite some success in diversifying the export base away from near complete reliance on primary commodities, Australia remains ... and industrial production growth. A general commodity price recovery may be held over into 2000, and would arise from a better outlook for global demand and activity. Some commentators are beginning to enthuse that the Asian crisis will be over within a year. We feel this is far too sanguine. There has been better news from Thailand and Korea, but Indonesia's recovery is clearly a long way off, some of ...
99: Farm Crises In The US
Crisis Among Us The farm crisis in America has struck millions of families. The devastation of low crop prices and the declining livestock prices has driven many families to poverty, or worse. Many Americans do not realize the affect of low ... affects area farmers. Governor Janklow had put a stop to the low priced meat from entering the state. This stop only helped the farmers a little bit. Low grain prices are the talk of the crisis. Prices of grain are lower than what they were in the 1930's, during the Great Depression (Williams 8). Soybeans have hit their lowest price since 1972, about four dollars a bushel. This is ...
100: Why Y2K?
... the year 2000, people will be dancing, singing, partying, kissing each other...and computers around the world will shut down, electricity plants will fail, and financial institutions will go belly up. Such is the Y2K crisis. Basically, the bug is this: Many of the computers used have a set clock that runs the years as two didgits...like 1970 would be just 70. When the year 2000 hits, the clocks will ... the year 2000. What I want to know is...if these Knee-jerk compu-nerds knew this was going to happen...why didnt they try and fix it sooner!? Were looking at a world wide crisis, involving lives, billions of money, and Society itself and these pocket-protecting dimbulbs just sat there on there big, fat wallets and probably plan to fiddle while "Rome" burns. Ok, so we cant fix it ... a pina colada, while lounging in his heated jacuzzi with the playmates from last year's Playboy magazine, imagining the money he will make when he gets people to buy brand new computers AFTER the crisis. (little $$ signs in his eyes) Do what my brother suggests: Stuff all your money in a mayonaise jar, hike out into the woods and sit there with your gun waiting for the gunfire to ...

Search results 91 - 100 of 1519 matching essays
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