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Essay Galaxy - Why Y2K? Why Y2K?

In the year 2000, people will be dancing, singing, partying, kissing each other...and computers around the world will shut down, electricity plants will fail, and financial institutions will go belly up. Such is the Y2K crisis. Basically, the bug is this: Many of the computers used have a set clock that runs the years as two didgits...like 1970 would be just 70. When the year 2000 hits, the clocks will only register 00, but the computers, not programmed to understand 2000, will think its 1900! This means that millions of computers will become confused, spew corrupted data, or shut down completely. And with the concept that everything now is computerized, from desktop computers, sattelite communications, medical equipment, ATM machines, and even many modern vehicles. Although many companies have gotten off their thumbs and done something about ....

Number Of Pages: 6 Number Of Words: 1396

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