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101: Early Chinese Immigrant
Surprisingly, Asian Americans have been in America for over 150 years. They are as diverse as the immigrants from Europe, ranging from China, Japan, Cambodia, Korea, Philippines, India, Vietnam, and Laos are. When many people think of ... If Chinese labor could be used to develop the industries of California, it would be the height of folly to forbid its entrance to the Golden Gate." (From Internet) There was a constant demand for Asian labor all across the Pacific Coast, because they were cheaper, and generally harder working. Factory owners, bankers, investors, and other leaders of American industry used the Chinese workers to keep wages down. Chinese workers would ... escape. Although the town claimed to be outraged, those arrested were useless. They found not guilty. Examples like this show the inequalities of the legal system at that time period. What has all this accomplished? Asian Americans belong to the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States. Kept out by immigration laws in the 19th and early 20th centuries, Asians have recently been coming again. In the early 1990' ...
102: Business And The Economy
... government backed mega-projects like, the Commonwealth Games, which promised to be the biggest in its 68-year history. Financial Costs Currency crises and slumps on the stock markets in several countries showed that the "Asian Tigers", some of the world’s fastest-growing economies, are no longer roaring. The skyscrapers in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, symbols of the regions wealth, were barely visible and the Petronas Twin Towers, the ... UBS, said, "But the economic fundamentals in these countries remain extremely poor in any case" Intemperate remarks by the Malaysian foreign minister, Adbuliah Ahmad Badwi, did not help the currencies. He said the regional economic crisis "was precipitated by currency speculators…..driven by sheer greed". The only positive aspect in the region was the Thai baht remained steady at 35.50 to the dollar after the Bangkok parliament approved reforms to ... estate agent was selling off his wine cellar. Bottles of Chateau Lafite 1981, one of the best vintages of the century, were going for 30 pounds each. These luxuries are the casualties of an economic crisis which has seen the baht devalued by 50 per cent. Factories close, tens of thousands of people lose their jobs and the International Monetary Fund spends more than 10 million pounds on an aid ...
103: Was Khruschev's Foreign Policy Successful?
... aligned nations in Asia an area Stalin had rejected. The Soviet Union seemed to provide a glittering example of rapid economic progress and was even able to offer some military assistance to any prospective new Asian and African friends. Subsequent Soviet efforts bore fruits especially in India and Egypt who became the largest recipients of the Soviet Union along with Burma, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Iraq. In Foreign affairs the results were ... refused to help China develop the atomic bomb. Border incidents began as early as 1960 and in 1968 the Chinese made their first public call for revision of the sino-soviet borders. The Cuban missile crisis was a disaster for Khruschev as soviet construction sites were spotted by Americans before the missiles could be installed. President Kennedy ordered a naval blockade around Cuba and demanded the missiles be removed. For several ... reached later that year: the direct telephone “hot line” between the White House and Kremlin and the partial nuclear test ban treaty banning all above ground tests. These agreements reflected the chastening effect of a crisis that brought the world to a brink of a nuclear war. The Cuban missile crisis had exposed Khrushchev as a reckless bluffer and added the Soviet military to the growing list of powerful elements ...
104: Affirmative Action
... the long run will compromise the quality of the university. Implicating affirmative action to solve the problem of diversity on today's campuses has lead to the creation of problems. The discrimination against Caucasian and Asian American students a long with the toleration of lower quality work produced by African American students and other minority students is an example of the problems caused by Affirmative Action. Although affirmative action intends to ... amount of top quality schools which they can attend and still achieve their dreams. Students admitted under the affirmative action plan are accepted with SAT scores 200 to 300 points lower than that of their Asian American and Caucasian competitors. The undergraduate admission process at the university of California at Los Angles is based on two standards. These standards are academic rating which are test scores and grades second are the ... group students with a low academic and high supplemental rating could till be acceptor. Of the 6,801 students accepted on their academic criteria lone, only 77 or about 1 percent were African American. Of Asian American and Caucasian students 81 percent had an academic rankings of one or two. For the African American and Mexican applicants less than 13 percent of those admitted had an academic rankings of 1 ...
105: Racism
... Asians in the U.S. do not support the proposition 187 although it has not yet been implemented, "which woul limit lor halt access of illegal immigrants to education, health care and other services." Many Asian American hold important political office in cities and states where their numbers are significant. Their income (median household imcome) are higher because of several income carriers within one household. Asians have the highest median school ... entire U.S. population. This represents the striving and the effort made by this group in what concerns educational achievement. Asians have also been victims of television media discrimination. In KTVU, you said it, an asian boy, under the name of Max, expressed his feelings towards the discrimination in what concerned a broadcast about the widespread decrease in enrollment in UC campuses on Blacks and Latinos. He asked the KTVU director why had he left out the Asians? " Everyone assumes the rest are whites. This is very unfair and a complete discriminatory practice to exclude, Asians, and Asian-Americans in your studies and surveys. This is everyday and each time you guys show a comparison it is always between Blacks and Latinos. What´s wrong with you people? " In conclusion, one is ...
106: Chinese Americans
... from the elder generation of their origin cultures. It is true and inappropriate that the newer the generation, the more they refuse their own cultures. However, from what it took the elder generations of Chinese/Asian Americans for the younger generation to be able to live under the aegis of liberty, freedom, stable society, and satiating living; I think that the younger generations should be proud of, and respect the elder ... Chinese Americans who inflexibly and unfalteringly advocate complete assimilation. They feel that the two cultures are incompatible and mutually exclusive, and that growing up in a western exclusively counteracts a person's attempt to be Asian. Many people expressed this nostalgic feeling, because they speak English as their primary language, and they grew up in the United States. However, it seemed that most of the Chinese Americans, just as other Asian or ethnic groups might face, are unwilling to consent the facts about their own origin: "The struggle for identity is particularly acute for some children because their home life is steeped in Confucian values— ...
107: A Financial Evaluation of General Electric Corporation
... net income tripled to more than $1.5 billion, with growth accelerating as European recovery progresses. Mexico in the mid-1990’s was similar to Europe with dislocation, uncertainty and turbulence. Reacting to the peso crisis of 1995 and its aftermath, GE moved by acquiring ten companies and investing more than $1 billion in new and existing operation. This resulted in revenue growth of 60% and doubling of earnings in two years following the crisis. With the Asian crisis at hand, GE is prepared to continue to follow this philosophy. It has already acquired Toho Mutual Life and renamed it to GE Edison Life in Japan and has acquired Japan’s Lake ...
108: To What Extent was Britain on the Verge of a Civil War in 1914?
... was Britain on the Verge of a Civil War in 1914? The years approaching 1914 were particularly difficult for the Liberal government. Not only had there been controversy over the 1909 budget and the constitutional crisis, but the government were also under pressure from trade union militancy, the women’s movement and the problems with Ireland. There was certainly a great deal of unrest in both England and Ireland at this ... workers. Lloyd George had recognised the need for industrial peace for the sake of governmental diplomacy, and appealed to strikers to remember that Britains international situation was delicate. Lloyd George obviously sensed that a British crisis was impending, and this could weaken her ability in the event of a world war. 1912 was perhaps the crisis year in relations between the government and the trade unions. In this year the greatest number of days were lost through striking than ever before. There was a massive coal strike, during which the ...
109: Political Economy Of The Ancient India
... Kuh and looked toward Khorasan, while Muhammad of Ghur was established in Ghazna and began to try his luck in India for expansion. The Ghurid invasions of North India were thus part of a Central Asian struggle. Almost all of North India was, however, already in contact with Ghur through an extensive trade, particularly in horses. The Ghurids were well known as horse breeders. Ghur also had a reputation for supplying ... great prosperity. Goa acquired the title of Golden, and it became one of the world's wonder cities. Trade with Europe was a royal monopoly, and, in addition, a system of licenses for all inter-Asian trade enriched the royal exchequer. Inter-Asian trade was free to individual Portuguese; and it was the profits of this, combined with trimmings from the royal monopoly, that gave them their affluence. The three marks of the Portuguese empire continued to ...
110: Thomas Paine: Propaganda and Persuasion
... the “Godfather of America” was an eighteenth century writer who used propaganda and persuasion techniques to motivate Americans in the fight for freedom from Britain. In one of several editions of his pamphlets titled The Crisis, Paine used several propaganda and persuasion techniques including over generalization, either/or fallacy, bandwagon appeal, parallelism, analogy, repetition, anecdote, and loaded language. During the winter of 1776, American soldiers fighting in the Revolutionary War under the command of George Washington had little food, insufficient shelter, and many were deserting. The reading of The Crisis to these troops had a profound effect upon their morale which lead to a victory at Trenton. George Washington's famous crossing of the Delaware River ultimately became a turning point in the war. As ... Political Life, “Tom Paine strikes our times like a trumpet blast from a distant world.” Thomas Paine used propaganda methods to induce a desire for freedom in the reader in one of his works, The Crisis. One type of propaganda used was over generalization. His use of broad generalities was demonstrated when he concluded, “Not a man lives on the continent, but fully believes that a separation must sometime or ...

Search results 101 - 110 of 1519 matching essays
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