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Disaster Spills Across Bhopal

.... and very lethal to humans (Leonard, 3). Around 11:00 p.m., a worker noted that heat and pressure were building in a tank and called for assistance, but by then it was too late. At 12:56 a.m., the morning of December 3rd, a faulty valve ruptured, allowing the deadly gas to escape into the atmosphere and cause a huge vapor puff to fall onto silent, sleeping Bhopal (Cush, 30). Before the release of 40 tons of MIC, Bhopal was a prospering city. The population was growing to about 700,000 people. I .....

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Stop Pollution

.... heat as the entire atmosphere. This warmth is continuously redistributed by surface and convection currents. Without the ocean there would be no life on land. Most of Earth's living space, is ocean, about 97%. And also 97% of Earth's water is ocean. There is a greater variety of living creatures in the ocean than anywhere on land. Scientists say that (including microscopic creatures) there may be 10 to 100 million unnamed species on the ocean bed alone. And that it could take up to 5000 years to clas .....

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What Is Physics?

.... and as the practice that makes and transmits it. The growth of physics has brought not only fundamental changes in ideas about the material world, but also, through technology based on laboratory discoveries, a transformation of society.” Uncertainty in Measurements Because the number of digits that are valid for any measurement is limited, the precision of all measuring devices is also limited. Every measurement is subject to uncertainty. Causes of uncertainty: 1. temperature 2. magnetic fields 3. .....

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Earth's Climate And Seasons: ‘How Do They Relate?’

.... 40%N latitude because the rays sort of fan out from the equator. While the earth is revolving around the sun, it is also rotating on it’s own axis. One full rotation equals one day or twenty- four hours. At the middle of the day, noon, the sun is as direct as it can be, and this is also the hottest time of the day. But, when Earth makes one half turn, it changes to night when all of the air cools off, because the sun is on the opposite side of the earth. Without night, Earth would become unbearably h .....

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Effects Of Acid Rain On Water

.... shows that not all fish, shellfish, or their food insects can tolerate the same amount of acid: Generally, the young of most species are more sensitive than adults. Frogs may tolerate relatively high levels of acidity, but if they eat insects like the mayfly, they may be affected because part of their food supply may disappear. As lakes and streams become more acidic, the numbers and types of fish and other aquatic plants and animals that live in these waters decrease. Some types of plants and animals ar .....

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.... transform into the metal the alchemists wanted. Many alchemists would spend there whole lives searching for the substance that would start the transmutation that would make them rich, also many alchemists were hired by lords and noblemen who wanted to know the secret so they could become wealthier then they already were. Basically they saw easy money and would waste their lives and money to find out how to get it. There was another side to alchemy them just changing lead into gold, people not only want .....

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.... in a purselike ephippium that rests in the sediment at the bottom of the lake or pond until spring at which time the eggs hatch. 1. Daphnia magna. Take a small culture dish to the instructor to receive a few living D. magna. This is a very large species, as cladocerans go, and one that is easily cultured in the laboratory. Return to your bench and observe the animals using the dissecting microscope. Note the characteristic jerky swimming motion. The uneven appearance of this motion is a result of there b .....

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Venomous Creatures Of The West Pacific

.... phylum Echinodrmata, having external skeletons of calcareous plates just under the skin, no head, and a water vascular-system with tube feet. Echinoderms are radially symmetrical, lack specialized ecretory organs, and reproduce sexually. Echinoderms have the ability to regenerate lost or injured body parts. Starfish: Starfishes are free-living echinoderms that have a flat, star-shaped or pentagonal body, usually with a continuous disc that has five or more ray-like extensions called arms. Tube feet ar .....

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Theory Of Evolution

.... blocks" of life.  At some point these proteins happened to get connected in just the right way, and a threshold was crossed:  the proteins started reproducing themselves, and simple life was "born". During uncounted eons, this simple life gradually became more and more complex as chance modifications of the original proteins combined with external conditions of moisture, temperature, food supply, etc., to eventually produce all the varied and complex life forms inhabiting first the oceans, then the land .....

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The Age Of The Earth

.... a pound of the metal Uranium is left to decay, it would take approximately 4.5 billion years for it to turn into half a pound of Lead ( Howter, 1996, Radiometric Dating: An Exercise in Faith). As it turns out, this is what scientists believe the age of the earth to be. The assumption that the earth is 4.5 billion years old has raised doubts in the minds of some skeptics who question the accuracy of the data used in radiometric dating! They claim that without knowing the exact amount of Uranium in the be .....

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The Planet Venus

.... is named crater Mead. Almost all of Venus has volcano rock on the surface. There is over 100,000 volcano’s and they dot the surface. One flow out of a volcano is over 4,300 miles long. Venus was the first planet to be reached by a space probe. The space probe Mariner 2 flew close to Venus that sent information to Earth. The Mariner 2 was from the United States. A space probe from the Soviet was called the Venera 7. It was the first probe to land on Venus. When it landed it stopped working becau .....

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Bang, The Life Cycle Begins

.... reach it. Even the universe itself maybe trying to break free of its cycle of rebirth, but until that time it will continue to produce the millions of stars and planets where souls may exist. Joining the forever turning Wheel of Samsara. .....

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Could Air Pollution Have A Negative Impact On Water Quality?

.... significant risks to human and environment where they live, learn and work. It tries to reduce environmental risk nationally. Its federal laws are enforced fairly and effectively to protect human and environment. Environmental policy is based upon the concern for natural resources, human health, economic growth, energy, transportation, agriculture, industry, and international trade. All parts of the society are involved. The EPA is responsible in making our communities and ecosystems diverse, sustainab .....

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Quantum Theory?

.... building blocks of everything according to the quantum theory (The New Merriam-Webster Dictionary). The spaces between these quanta are called quantum foam; it is through these spaces that entities are destroyed and simultaneously reconstructed by teleportation, thus “moving” the entities to different places in our universe and helping them travel to other universes. In the novel, scientists discover that the quantum theory proves the existence of multiple universes. The realization that these other .....

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.... the origin of the universe. I mean, in my mind, something had to be there to cause this super mass. Was the universe contracting until it formed this huge mass? I believe that we may never know how the universe came about, rather have some idea as to what came directly before it’s current state as well as before that and so on. We could come up with ideas until we die, and someone would just continue in our footsteps. I do have one idea as to how this super mass which is the being behind the big bang theor .....

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