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Latin America

.... its distinctive life. However, for three centuries, eighteen of them lived under the complete political, social, and religious dominance of Spain, while Brazil was under Portugal. Spain and Portugal were much alike and from 1580-1640 were united. Influence of Geography on Life The location of each country helps to explain its psychology and national interest and polices. Mexico, next door to the United States, is influenced by the wealth and customs of its northern neighbor. Argentina, peopled largely .....

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Traveling To Moscow

.... 11 people and you donít need a ticket to ride. You can find these at shopping stores, Metro stations, and other important places, if you see one driving along you can wave it down and it will stop if it has a free seat, there is also a fixed fee of .600-$1.00. There are also regular taxies. These taxies can usually be found just about anywhere in the city. If your good at it try to settle a price with the driver it costs $30 to get from one end of the city to other. Lastly you could rent a car. When .....

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.... Atlantean numerals. Mexico has a culture very similar to that of the people of Atlantis. Atlantis is closely related to a multitude of islands, peninsulas, and even continents. Plato believed that Thira, Crete, and the Canary Islands all used to be parts of Atlantis. Scientists even believe that the island of Thera might possibly be Atlantis. It was also said that Atlantis was closely linked to the Americas and the Scandinavian Peninsula. Because of itís size, Atlantis was said to be a land bridge betwe .....

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.... with a mixed free-market economy. Their economy is generally strong and stable. The country is self-sufficient relying little on agriculture. Resources include iron ore, timber, tungsten, and coal. Their exports include of machinery, lumber, textiles, iron, steel, chemicals, and paper products. Tourism is an important industry. The cultural institution and scenic beauty attract millions of people every year. Many of their Tourists come from Italy, Germany, Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Switzerland. .....

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.... mountain, other people are already climbing and others walking through the path other villagers had made long ago. Once off the boat, the first steps to the path are few feet away from the shoreline. The steps they take are considered sacred and the people are supposed to go on them bear footed. These steps are made up of little rocks, some of them smoother than others. The first few steps up the mountain are relatively simple to climb. Nevertheless, as one goes higher, the steepness of the mountain .....

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.... major areas, the arid north, which is sparsely populated, and the southern area, which is more agricultural and fertile with heavier population. On the western side of Mexico is Baja California, which is nearly 800 miles long and only about 100 miles wide. The central core is occupied by sky scraping mountains such as the San Pedro Matir and Sierra de Juarez mountain range. The coastal ranges include picturesque views and beaches, with famous and popular tourist sites such as Manzanillo, Ixtapa-Zihuat .....

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.... the first operational lighthouse on the West Coast of the United States. By the late 1850's, the first military prisoners were being housed on the island. While the defensive necessity of Alcatraz diminished over time (the island never fired its guns in battle), its role as a prison would continue for more than 100 years. In 1909, the Army tore down the Citadel, leaving its basement level to serve as the foundation for a new military prison. From 1909 through 1911, the military prisoners on Alcatraz buil .....

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The Civilization Of Ancient Egypt

.... writing have made Egypt a subject of general public interest. The image of Egyptian history moves continually closer to reality as new facts are discovered and new kinds of research--anthropological and other--supplement more traditional archaeological techniques. Egypt's well preserved pyramids and cemeteries on the dry desert, and sturdy stone-built temples, have been studied by archaeologists since the early 19th century, but river-plain town mounds and all sites in densely settled northern Egypt no .....

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What Was It Like To Live In Rome?

.... still more" (Beatty, p. 222). He is implying that vice is rewarded as a result of social outrages while the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. According to Juvenal, "men do not easily rise whose poverty hinders their merit" (Beatty, p. 225). Juvenal goes on to depict the physical dangers that exist in the city. According to him, people are always afraid of dangers such as fires, collapses of buildings, noisy and overcrowded streets, and nighttime attacks on the street. He describes the dangers a .....

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.... geography the Mesopotamian people began to domesticate animals and rely on agriculture.1 In only a short time a mixed farming-herding economy had developed in this area.2 Although the land was fertile, irrigation was essential. Because the Mesopotamian climate didnít have rain for almost eight months of the year and the flood stage was so late in the season, it was essential to prepare dikes and levees to protect the fields.3 Irrigation is the artificial watering of land to sustain plant growth by dive .....

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.... Period droughts, frequent earthquakes, flash floods, landslides, and volcanic activity are just some of these natural hazards. Egypt has a population of almost 67,274,000 people. Most of Egyptís population is made up of the age group from 15 years of age to 64 years of age. In this age group, about 20,604,000 are males and 20,211,000 are females. This age group makes up 61% of the total population of Egypt. Egyptís population rises slightly with a 1.82% population growth rate. Its birth rate is 26.8 b .....

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.... of Pakistan and India are becoming so major that they have become a world concern. To some people, the name Kashmir could evoke tears and hatred. The British never owned Kashmir. So, when Pakistan and India got their independence technically neither got Kashmir. A Hindu prince had ruled Kashmir, but Muslims mostly lived there. So, they spilt up Kashmir, but neither country was happy about it. Pakistan has asked for a plebiscite, but India has opposed the vote. Pakistan should probably have Kashmir si .....

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The Country Of Thailand

.... not have the same last name. Because of this, last names in Thailand are now quite long. There are many historic events that made Thailand the nation that it is today. The history of Thailand has many capitals. The first capital of Thailand was Sukhothai. Sukhothai is located in northern Thailand. But from early on Thailand had many problems. One problem they faced was that they were in constant war with their neighboring country of Burma. This led to a re-location of the capital. The Thai ca .....

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Lake Erie Islands

.... my boat is my most prized possession. There are many people that we associate with at our place on the bay. My fatherís best friends have the camper right next to us and they come up every weekend too. They also own a boat, except it is no ordinary boat. It is a thirty-four foot Scarab III powerboat. It has two rebuilt 454 big block motors with 550 horsepower per motor. Thatís 1100 horsepower in a boat, which is very extraordinary. The boat has great sound because it doesnít have mufflers, and i .....

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.... should avoid too much denial or too much indulgence. He also taught that there is a continuing cycle of death and rebirth and your happiness in rebirth is based on your behavior in your past life. The best goal is called ďnirvanaĒ which is total peace and happiness. The houses in Thailand are different from the houses in the United States. Most of Thailandís houses are made of wood. These houses are built up on stilts because Thailand is a very rainy and wet country and it has a lot of floods. The hous .....

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