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71: Auschwitz-concentration Camp
... camp sites a few miles away from the main complex. At these sites, slave labor was used to kill the people. The working conditions were so poor that death was a sure result (Gilbert “The Holocaust”) . In March 26, 1942, Auschwitz took women prisoners, but after August 16, 1942 the women were housed in Birkenau. When the Jews arrived at Auschwitz, they were met with threats and promises. If they didn ... other torturous conditions in Auschwitz, most people died after a few months of their arrival. The few people who managed to stay alive for longer were the ones who were assigned better jobs (Gilbert “The Holocaust”). The prisoners slept on three shelves of wooden slabs with six of these units to each tier. They had to stand for hours in the wet and mud during role call, which was twice a ... Lykon B. It was hydrogen cyanide which was poured through the ceiling of the gas chambers and turned into gas. The S.S. commanders of Auschwitz preferred Lykon B. because it worked fast (Gilbert “The Holocaust”) . At first, there were five gas chambers in Auschwitz, the procedure for gassing was as follows: About 900 people were gassed at a time. First they undressed in a nearby room. Then, they were ...
72: Briar Rose
Jane Yolsen produces a powerful and moving novel that deftly blends the legend of Sleeping Beauty with the historical tragedy of the Holocaust. To Rebecca, Sylvia and Shana, "Briar Rose" was simply a bed time story but in all reality the story they grew up with was an actual event in Gemma's life. Although Gemma always identified ... started falling into the novel. I became so emotionally involved with the characters and the story that I had to finish it. It made me recall everything I had learned in history class about the Holocaust. At that time it did not seem to "click". Now that I read this story and all of its frightful horrors it all comes rushing back. Now that I think about it, this is actually a great book for young adults to read. It teaches them a little about the holocaust and the terrible tragedies that had occurred. It even teaches them a bit about homosexuality. Though the gays were not treated very well in Yolen's novel. I loved the detail that Yolen put ...
73: Night, By Elie Wiesel
... him for water. Ashamed forever, this is what concentration camp life had done to Elie. I believe that Elie Wiesel wrote this book as a living testament, being one of the few survivors of the Holocaust. He felt it was his duty to justify how so many of his people could be allowed to die while the world remained silent. He and his people did not create the Holocaust, but rather the Holocaust created them. As a survivor, Elie has no choice but to tell all who will listen what the silenced victims would tell if they could speak for themselves today. Having lost his entire family ...
74: Schindler’s List
... persecuted. With so few Jews left over, Oscar was one of the very few that helped save a small percentage of the race. Several years after Schindlers death, the Jews that he saved from the Holocaust placed stones on his tombstone out of respect for such a courageous job that he did. Personally, I own this film and this is the third time that I have watched it. Every time I ... that anyone could be this cruel to a human race. The sad thing about this movie is that it just touched on the horrid torture that took place. The movie was a reminder of the Holocaust, and to inform people of all the good that Oscar Schindler put forth. If you thought that the movie was bad, can you imagine what seeing the total massacre that took place against the Jews. Hearing about the Holocaust is one thing, but viewing a visual picture of what is actually like is totally different. The movie is very graphic, yet it relays a lot of useful information to the viewers about the ...
75: Albert Camus: People's Inability to Act and Schindler's List
... be concluded that in the beginning of the movie Schindler does not fully grasp the tragedy at hand, and consequently does nothing attempt to aid the Jews. Shindler's realizations of the horrors of the holocaust begin in one scene near the middle of the film. During this infamous turning point of the movie, Schindler, on top of a barren hill, traces the path of a young and helpless Jewish girl ... Through this example, I believe that Camus is right in his beliefs. I think that it is sad that Camus is correct in saying that people actually pay no attention to tragedies such as the holocaust. Anyone that reads this quote and thinks of the holocaust would most likely ask themselves whether or not they would recognize the holocaust if they were alive during that time. I believe that it is hard to think in these terms and that, generally, ...
76: Christianity And Judaism
... blaming the Jews for Christ's death. Often such hate resulted in bloody conflict. In an attempt to discourage anti-Semitism amongst Roman Catholics, Pope Pius XII stated, "Spiritually, we are all Semites." Since the holocaust, Catholic-Jewish relations seemed to improve as more and more leaders in the church claimed for "Roman Catholic Christianity a rightful share in the spiritual patrimony of Abraham." This spirit of ecumenism undoubtedly stemmed from ... of the Jews. In fact, Martin Luther was a proponent of anti-Semitism, and "turned to a vile attack on the Jews in his embittered last years." A black mark on the 20th century, the Holocaust is known for the brutal murder of six-million Jews by the Nazi's. The Holocaust symbolized a height of religious intolerance bred by the ignorance of men like Adolph Hitler. The Crusades and the Holocaust seem to point to one thing: Religious hatred, bred by lack of knowledge and ...
77: Harry Elmer Barnes
... conflict. However, those and other topics are more forbidden than ever with the greatest taboo surrounding analysis of the fate of Europe's Jews and others in what has come to be known as the Holocaust. In 1950, three years prior to Barnes' article concerning "1984" trends another author, Ray Bradbury, set out a foreboding vision of the future in a short story titled, "The Fireman." Later, Bradbury's story would ... On July 4, 1984, "firemen" paid a call on the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) in California. IHR publishes revisionist histories of the Second World War and has dared to question elements of the orthodox "Holocaust" story. The "firemen" chose to attack IHR's warehouse and burn tens of thousands of books that they feared people would read. Among the books burned was Barnes', Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace. (8) On ... means for the production of this published work be confiscated, including any plates, forms, templates, negatives, or matrices." Zielinger charged that various passages from Porter's revisionist analysis denied or minimized the tales of the "Holocaust."(18) Striking the Match One of the most moving scenes in Bradbury's novel is the raid on an old woman's home when neighbors tip off the authorities that she has built an ...
78: Night by Elie Wiesel
... stood by as this extermination happened. I especially could not believe how Elie Wiesel survived to tell this tragic story. I suppose I would have had to be a Jew during the time of the holocaust to know what actually went on. From what I have read, I can say that I am glad to have not even been alive during this time. It seemed horrible and unbearable. The fact that ... all this terror is beyond my imagination. While reading the book I felt great pity on the Jews. I almost could not bear to finish reading the it. It told of a side to the holocaust that I never even knew existed. All the detailed descriptions of the beatings and circumstances they went through was unbelievable. This book was very informative. The way Wiesel remembered all the dates and other important events amazed me. He captured the true horror of the holocaust. Every page gave deeper and more horrifying details of this extermination of the Jews. In my opinion, it could not have been written any better. What was my reaction to this book ? Disbelief. I ...
79: Film Review: Shindler's List
... their death by the Nazi’s. The setting was in the midst of World War III and the Germans had invaded Poland. The Polish people were forced from their homes and into the Ghetto. The Holocaust was a vast evil engine set whirling by racism and madness. Schindler outsmarted it, in his own little corner of the war, but he seems to have had no plan, to have improvised out of ... aloud could result in death. Also Schindler starts out being full blown Nazi and he knows that it is not “legal” for him to assosiate with Jews on a friendly basis. We also see the Holocaust in a vivid and terrible way. A Nazi prison camp commandant named Goeth who is a study in the stupidity of evil. From the veran da of his "villa," overlooking the prison yard, he shoots ... to be that Schindler did more than a whole nation to spare its Jews. That would be too simple. The film's message is that one man did something, while in the face of the Holocaust others were paralyzed. Perhaps it took a Schindler, enigmatic and reckless, without a plan, heedless of risk, a con man, to do what he did. No rational man with a sensible plan would have ...
80: Concentration Camps
... towards them. Countries that kept political camps are Germany, Russian and the Serbians of Bosnia. The German concentration camps are probably the most well known example of camps. They are well known because of the Holocaust, the Holocaust was a genocide. The Nazis under Hitler’s control and propaganda tried to wipe out the Jews of Europe. Camps began in 1935 and progressed until the end of the war when the Germans began ... hundreds of years taking away human rights and human life. They serve a dark yet logical purpose in the betterment of a nation in war. From there modern beginnings with the English to the infamous holocaust camps of the Nazis, from the scare tactics of demoralization to the detention and imprisonment of the politically unreliable, concentration camps have been an embarrassment to the human race.

Search results 71 - 80 of 359 matching essays
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