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91: The Blues
... more open to a wider audience. White musicians like the Paul Butterfield Band discovered the Chicago Blues feeling and achieved great success. Also in the sixties the Blues found a more mainstream audience through the Beatles’ recording of “Roll Over Beethoven” written by Chuck Berry and the Rolling Stones wrote and sang “Confessing the Blues” inspired by B.B. King. This British appreciation for the Blues dated back to the thirties ...
92: The Emergence of Heavy Metal
... There was no revolution created by their music, and in a way, their image and style alienated many older music fans that had come of age listening to the musical stylings on Dylan and the Beatles. For many, their music was just all out noise, and the critical reviews of their music at the time illustrate that. But, no matter what the critics reported, Zeppelin had the power of a fan ...
93: Phish
... relationship that continues to this day. Now that they had a band, they needed a name. They used Phish as a play on Jon’s nickname, with a nod to the shoddy spelling of the Beatles as well. Their first gig turned out to be a flop because the audience wanted to here the popular music of the time and they had prepared classics from the ‘60's and ‘70's ...
94: Louis Armstrong
... audiences beyond jazz that has never stopped growing. "Armstrong is the oldest performer ever to chart a No. 1 hit record, an accomplishment achieved in 1964 when his record of 'Hello Dolly ' unexpectedly displaced the Beatles from the top position". (Guiness Book of World Records) And 17 years after his death, "Armstrong's record of "It's a Wonderful World" generated a new young audience when it was featured in the ...
95: The Volkswagen Beetle and Advertising
... s band Trio in their 1997 Golf commercial (Morris, 3). It is a new trend; traditionally American advertising sticks to older music for their advertisements. Actually, Volkswagen originally attempted to get the rights to certain Beatles songs, but the remaining members of the 60's rock band would not give their approval. Some of the catchy taglines that the Volkswagen ads have to accompany the music and imagery are; "Less Flower ...
96: The Comparisons of Charles Manson to Transcendental Philosophy
... listen to Charles preach. Usually the sermon would last for an hour or two and include stories and prophecies about the “revolution” that Manson felt was coming. Manson called this revolution helter skelter, after a Beatles song, which he felt told about the future of our society. Manson believed that the African- American members of our society were troublesome and would over-through the white race. Therefore, Manson began to prepare ...
97: Insanity
... everyday Joe,” cracking jokes and making intelligent comments. In reality, Eminem is not insane, only when he gets a pen in his hand. John Lennon, the “lead-singer” of one the greatest bands ever, the Beatles, began to act in such a way that can only be described as insane. Early in his career, John appeared to be as normal as you or me. After years and years of making hit ...
98: The Problem of Suicide
... at least try to figure out why they are dead instead for looking to point the finger at someone. Problems like these have been around since the ‘80's. They started at the death of Beatles star John Lennon. After the singer's death numerous fans formed suicide pacts and many teenagers died. were at a loss for what to do. Eventually the problem died out. Parents who point the finger ...
99: Creative Story: Everything Ends
... Jennifer loved her father, and wished that she hadn't run away. But she loved singing and making music even more. After all, she was the new rock sensation; often compared in popularity as the Beatles of her generation. Nobody could get enough of her, especially the old brown Chevrolet. Everywhere she went, a brown Chevrolet followed her. When she went on tour, a brown Chevrolet followed her bus. When she ...
100: The Internal Combustion Engine
... V6's are usually used in newer cars (V8, V10 and V12 are also used in newer cars, but they are meant for more power and for speed). Flat fours are found mostly in Volkswagen Beatles. Flat sixes are found mostly in Porsches and Corvairs. Chrysler out of many engines, had invented a new engine in the early sixties, it was the slant six. It is the same as the inline ...

Search results 91 - 100 of 106 matching essays
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