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51: Confusion in the Japanese Economy: Four Problem Areas
... it strange that Japanese banks have to pay higher interest rates when they borrow money? At the international conferences I have attended over the past few months, whenever the Asian crisis is discussed, four countries--Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, and Japan--are mentioned as the main problem countries. China's new and powerful prime minister, Zhu Rongji, has come to be thought of as the leader of Asia. He has stressed that ...
52: Confucian Values and Japan's Industrialization
... critical in providing the workers that made East Asian Industries successful. Confucian traditions were not the sole cause of industrialization in Japan and the four little dragons. An analysis of other Asian nations such as Thailand, China, Vietnam, Burma, and Laos show that many nations with the same shared history of a Confucian values have not yet industrialized. Confucianism along with other circumstances such as situational factors, timing, domestic industrial policy ...
53: Fishing
... 5 million US tons. Chile, Russia, and the United States follow, in that order. India, with a catch of 4.6 million US tons, is the seventh-largest fishing nation. The Pacific countries of Indonesia, Thailand, and South Korea complete the list of the ten main fishing nations. Britain, once a major fishing country, is now only a minor player, having caught only 895,000 US tons in 1992. OVER-FISHED ...
54: Personal Writing: Jim Thomson's House
... room table that showing Kwangchow town, life and trading. Continuously, she took us to met many Thai painting which were brought to America by Dr. Charler and after that Jim Thomson brought them back to Thailand. Besides, she led us to the garden and told us about the Sansabe canel, the spirit house and Muslim people around here in the past but now they move to live in Nakhonratchaseema. Before she ...
55: An Asian American In America
... they decided to go to America, the land of opportunity. We escaped from Cambodia twice, the first time we got caught and were sent to jail for one day. The second time, we escaped into Thailand and stayed there for about one year. My aunt living in the United States decided to bring my family to the United State, so we made the long and tuff struggle to America. We went ...
56: The Bulgarian and Soviet Virus Factories
... was new and really "successful." Now such viruses are called "fast infectors." This strategy helped the virus to spread world-- wide. There are reports from all European countries, from the USA, the USSR, even from Thailand and Mongolia. On the top of this, the virus was very dangerously destructive. On each 16th run of an infected program, it overwrote a sector on a random place of the disk, thus possibly destroying ...
57: Biology Term Paper - Tigers
... zoos in India. White tigers are simply a color variant of Bengal tigers and are rarely found in the wild. The distribution of the Indochinese (Panthera tigris corbetti) tiger (See diagram D) is centered in Thailand, and it is also found in Myanmar, southern China, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and peninsular Malaysia. An estimated 1,180-1,790 Indochinese tigers are left in the wild, and about 60 live in zoos in ...
58: Migration Towards The Brave Ne
... public and private planning (p.43).” Like the video Turbulence, companies sees exportation as a good thing and importation as a disadvantage. It is a “Faceless Structure”, the company didn’t see the workers in Thailand as human,they saw them as robots where there are no human rights. There was horrible working and living conditions and huge social problems. Capitalism has caused a wider wealth gap since the rich get ...
59: Child Labor
... called the Foulball campaign that “ensures that ‘children would not longer kick around the balls made by impoverished children half a world away.”(Berry 3) This has lowered the amount of soccer balls purchased from Thailand. Reebok and Nike have guaranteed that children did not make their soccer balls. Another company that puts a dent in the economy of rug based markets, is the Rugmark Corporation. This also puts a guarantee ...
60: Allen Sapp
... proud of his Indian heritage and began to dress the part. By 1974 he even had a book written about him. In 1977 Sapp’s son, David, died. In 1985 Dr. Gonor died while visiting Thailand In December 1985 Sapp was elected to the Royal Canadian Acadamy of Arts (R.C.A.A.). He also became one of the first eight receipants of the Saskatchewan Award of Merit. In 1986 he ...

Search results 51 - 60 of 87 matching essays
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