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51: The Gospel Of Luke
... He ate nothing during those days, and at the end of them he was hungry. The devil tested him in many ways but Jesus did not waiver. As you continue through Luke, you see Jesus teaching and preaching, At one time he was rejected by the people of Nazareth where he had been brought up. Jesus drove out evil spirits from a man possessed by demons. He healed a women suffering ... to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness, and laying his hand on each one, he healed them. It was at this time Jesus called his first disciples-Peter (Simon), James, and John. Jesus' teaching and healing continued. He was questioned about his behavior on the Sabbath, concerning fasting and healing. The Pharisees and the teachers of the law were looking for a reason to accuse Jesus, so they watched ... and chose twelve-Peter (Simon), Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James son of Alphaeus, Simon who was called the Zealot, Judas son of James, and Judas Iscariot, who became a traitor. Jesus kept teaching with the disciples at his side. He taught that blessed are the poor for the kingdom of God is yours. He taught that if your hungry your hunger will be satisfied. If you weep, ...
52: Church and State
... that substantial numbers of people are taking creationism seriously. Many evolutionists view this trend as a serious threat to the advancement of science and have vowed to do everything in their power to stop the teaching of creation in the public school system. Most evolutionists now view creationism as nothing more than a particular version of fundamentalist Christianity with no valid scientific content. One hundred-fifty years ago such a theory ... sustainer of life. The Bible also states human beings were created in the image of God, and were elevated above all other forms of life. Because of this view by the majority of people, the teaching of evolution in the public schools in the United States occurred through a gradual process over many years. The first major confrontation regarding the teaching of evolution in public schools occurred at the famous Scopes trial which took place in Tennessee in 1925. The effect of the trial on education was felt for many years, as most schools avoided ...
53: Philosophy of Education
Philosophy of Education A philosophy of education is very important in a teaching profession. My own personal philosophy of education contains many different aspects. For instance, the younger the teacher the more current the knowledge. The older the teacher, the better the wisdom. Determining your own philosophy is ... a room like this creates conversation, gives students a sense of freedom, and helps you gain their respect. The way I would like to teach would be like my room, unique. My main emphasis in teaching would be to grasp the student’s interests. If you interest a student in their assignments their knowledge will expand. The material that I will cover will become entertaining. If I can teach the children ... their lives. I believe the best way to teach a child is to become their friend. I will try to befriend every student I have. But, I will try to never become too soft. In teaching, you must always keep a level head and make rational decisions. I will always follow school guidelines for discipline, and help the students understand why this must be done. The main goal in my ...
54: Baptism
... means more. B. What saves us? IV. IS BAPTISM A WORK? A. Baptism is a condition B. Salvation cannot be earned V. JESUS’ EXAMPLE A. Jesus was baptized B. Jesus never baptized anyone C. Jesus’ teaching concerning baptism VI. BAPTISM IN WHAT NAME? A. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit B. In the name of Jesus C. How did the early church interpret Christ's command in ... had heard that Jesus made and baptized more disciples than John (though He Himself did not baptize, but His disciples)...” Baptism was apparently important enough for Jesus to instruct His followers to do it. Jesus’ teaching concerning baptism When Nicodemus came to Jesus one night asking Him about salvation, Jesus answered in John 3:5 “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.” Most Bible scholars agree that Jesus is referring to baptism here. If so, then Jesus is teaching of the necessity of baptism for salvation. It is important to remember that Jesus lived under the Old Testament laws, but He was teaching His apostles concerning the New Law to come.5 In ...
55: The Town of El Dorado Springs
... be willing to help out with my interviews. We talked for a while about the information I already had and she offered me an incident that happened at the high school when she was substitute teaching. "As I was entering the class room, I heard a group of kids making racial slurs at each other." I interrupted, "Were any of these kids other than white?" "No, but I didn't like ... a slower paced life than I had in California, but a lot of the time that's a blessing. Now that I've taken over the job here at the Chamber of Commerce plus substitute teaching, I keep very busy . . . It's my time at the high school where I learn some of the changes that are taking place with the students and their attitudes. Often, some of the girls will ... meet an old friend, that warm, cozy, familiar feeling that old acquaintances give you. As we toured the town, we talked about how my day had gone. First I told her Loraine's story about teaching the ethnic class. Susanna said, "She could get away with teaching it because she isn't there everyday .... Back when I was teaching in the town, some parents had come to me and told ...
56: I-search
... What I Did Not Know From this research project I wanted to learn more about the I-Search paper, what resources (if any) existed on the internet, and what successes or failures teachers encountered when teaching the I-Search. I had some familiarity with the term "I-Search," but since I do not read professional journals as much as I should read them I did not know what it was and ... what extent teachers were using this type of writing. I knew I could find some information on the World Wide Web, but my primarily interest was locating examples of I-Search papers and models for teaching it. I did locate a site, a type of bulletin board, where teachers posted their comments regarding their experiences. Unfortunately, I did not record that site's location and I have since been unable to find it again. I am glad I researched this topic. I have learned much about the benefits of teaching the I-Search. Also, researching the internet for as much information possible on this topic gave me additional practice in utilizing the World Wide Web more efficiently. Although I do not believe all teachers ...
57: OBE: The Restructuring Of American Society.
... the new generation of workers do not possess the basic skills to perform the job. It would appear that American students are not learning as much as their parents did. And yet, teachers are still teaching, taxes are still being paid, and more funds than ever are being appropriated for public education. What's going on in America's classrooms? Up until the 1980's most schools used a standards based curriculum. In the traditional classroom setting, educators focused on the input side of education, teaching a specific body of knowledge. Students were graded against predefined standards and passed or failed based on their ability to meet those standards. This method of teaching produced a graduate with a well rounded education, and prepared him for further development of career skills. With the exception of those who did not apply themselves, the system worked. Today America's educators ...
58: Article Review
... that challenging nor as ridiculous as parents are making it. She states that by buying books and playing Mozart to children would be going overboard. This argument could offend people who believe that reading and teaching kids early is a better way to develop their minds or people that spend their time following the latest trends. The author acknowledges the fact that parents are trying to do the right thing. By ... trying to get across is that these articles are not reasons for society to change their parental habits. The author is saying that the news articles can not prove one way or the other that teaching your child early in life gives them the advantage. Just because an article says that in some cases child development is effective, it doesn’t mean that it is true or appropriate to change the way you are teaching your two-year old. Parker’s technique is to debunk the idea of these sources, and to get the reader to believe in her side.To further her persuasive article, the author wanted to ...
59: Confucius
... greatest philosopher in Chinese history and his influence toward the future and the past 2000 years of Chinese civilization has made his thought the essence of the Chinese culture. He always said the importance of teaching could change the future of the civilization. And he also encouraged his students to explore the various things to learn, but be very selective and careful. The purpose of Confucius' teaching was practical and designed to help each person improve his character and conduct, and perhaps become prepared for an official position in the court. According to one passage in the Analects, Confucius taught four things ... finding pleasure in feasting, these are injurious.22 Ritual, was an important subject of study. It has been illustrate by the poetry and music from the study of Confucius. It is also the Way of teaching people to the Gentleman level. "If a man is not humane, what has he to do with ritual? If a man is not humane, what has he to do with music?"23 Confucius had ...
60: Stud Terkel’s Play “Working”
... support, and lives on a limited income. So, he really enjoys the opportunity of driving the customers’ lavish vehicles. Another character that really stood out in the play was the public schoolteacher. She had started teaching in 1937, and she was very dedicated to her work. She begins her tales by describing her first years as a public schoolteacher. She explains how her class was in perfect order. She had all her supplies stocked in neatly stacks. Her students were properly seated in alphabetical order, and they possess the best of manners. But as the times had changed, her teaching methods had changed as well. As the schoolteacher became more experienced in teaching she has learned that every child will not benefit from her teaching methods, but a few children will. The characters in the play “Working” gave the play life. The catchy tune that was sung ...

Search results 51 - 60 of 1584 matching essays
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