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41: Pablo Friere
... patiently receive, memorize, and repeat."(67), and he refers to this as the "banking system" where the student goes "only as far as receiving, filing, and storing the deposits."(68). This "banking system" method of teaching, really is not teaching the student(oppressed), but rather they are given facts/information by the teacher(oppressor) that they do not fully understand, and so there really is no learning. Also the "banking concept" holds the student down ... to the freedom of the students. (j) the teacher is the Subject of the learning process, while the pupils are mere objects."(68-69). Freire suggest that the educational system use an alternative method of teaching. He calls this "problem posing" education. Freire goes on to say "Those truly committed to the banking concept in its entirety, adopting instead a concept of women and men as conscious beings, and consciousness ...
42: Clinical Supervision In Todays
... and that they are working to the best of their ability. Once teachers have been selected and hired, they must know that the supervisor is there to support them and help them to improve their teaching skills. In an article in Educational Digest, Thomas Harvey and Larry Frase put it this way: "Coaching is not an option for school leaders but a basic function, along with counseling, mentoring, tutoring, confronting, and ... increase the commitment to quality and productivity." This simply means that supervisors must engage the teachers (as well as themselves) in a never-ending process of improvement. That means keeping up with current changes in teaching styles and curriculum. Supervisors must be willing to set an example for teachers by showing that they are also willing to make changes in the way that they do things. Now that we are in a new millenium in education we see the education system in a state of constant change. Everything we do changes regularly. Teaching styles, the equipment that we use in schools, and even the schools themselves continuously go through new stages of development. It is no longer acceptable to simply achieve and maintain a status quo. Supervisors ...
43: Excellence In Education
... student achievement. Ebel in praising the school s role in moral education, calls teachers models of excellence and humanity (4). Ebel discusses moral education as another of education s special missions, second only to the teaching of useful knowledge. The author defines moral education as the inculcation in the young of the accumulated moral wisdom of the race (4). Ebel feels that moral education is being neglected and should have more ... environment (Ebel, 6). Some of these qualities seem fairly obvious, for example, capable, enthusiastic teachers and a class of willing learners. Another quality listed by Ebel, reveals the author s belief in traditional methods of teaching as well as learning. By advocating formal recognition and reward of achievement, the article mentions traditions including tests and grades, reports and honors, diplomas and degrees (6). Ebel denotes that these instruments for rewarding excellence ... by choosing among a carefully designed mix of required and elective courses (Ravitch, 57). Another way in which Edward R. Murrow High School differs from most other public schools is in its use of a teaching method known as the developmental lesson or the socialized recitation . Principal Saul Bruckner demands that all of the teachers at Murrow use this method in teaching their classes. On her first visit to Murrow, ...
44: Ebonics
... An excerpt of the revised declaration is enclosed in appendix 1. In a formal statement, the Oakland School Board recognises Ebonics as the primary language of many of its students and announces their intention of teaching their students in this primary language, in order to help the student to master standard English. The statement included this controversial sentence "…African Language Systems are genetically based and not a dialect of English", a ... least in the washington post, i'm reading it via the net) but it seems like it [the idea] already is worn out? edfdo: Probably. A lot of people were upset that school would be teaching "bad" English. Not a lot of info about the decision was publicized. people reacted emotionally, on both sides of the issue. It seems to have died down a bit. Ral: I thought [that] the main ... is a clear demonstration that te Oakland Unified School District is committed to take significant actions to turn around the educational attainment of its African- American students. The Board of Education adopted a policy on teaching English, not Ebonics. Unfortunately, because of misconceptions in the resulting press stories, the actions of the Board of Education have been publically misunderstood. Misconceptions include: Oakland School District has decided to teach Ebonics in ...
45: Academia
... many students, at the same time, it generates a high studentsˇ¦ dropout rate. To correct the problem, it should study the existing academia condition and restructure its admission policy, more important, to create a new teaching and learning environment that would accommodate the needs of every student from different racial background. The productivity of education is declining since it does not catch up with the increasing population of the students. From ... enrollments in colleges and universities while nearly half of current teachers are near retirement, the America academia is facing some serious problems other countries have never endured: The lack of qualifying teachers with an effective teaching method for the great diversity in campus populations. Pamela Black of Business Week says, ˇ§Further fueling the trend is the national political debate over education and fears of an impending teacher shortage.ˇ¨ (Black 174) Insufficient teaching resources deeply affects studentsˇ¦ ability to get involved in school activities for they receive less attention from teachers who are already overwhelmed by large class sizes. Especially for the minorities and low performance students, ...
46: Personal Writing: My Tutoring Job
... 14-year-old brother in math. He was in algebra, and it was easy for me since I was studying in calculus. So I took the job without hesitation. Although later I found it exhausting teaching my brother, I still learned something from this job including being more patient, working with people, enjoying what I do, and the value of preparation. I almost quit on the first day of tutoring. I got mad at my brother because he did not seem to understand what I was talking about for the entire hour. I felt that I had wasted an hour on teaching him the basic concepts, which he did not get at all. I assigned him several algebra problems for practice, but he did them all wrong. I thought I knew how to teach him since the ... So I figured out a new way of tutoring, which became more efficient later. I went through every problem with him, step by step, and corrected the errors he made. I read the textbook before teaching him so that I was well prepared to tutor him. He started to ask questions, and I answered and explained how to do those problems with him. On the last day of tutoring, my ...
47: Education And Psych
... cars features that would persuade potential buyers to choose their car. Doctors use psychology to understand their patients better. My chosen profession is education, and there are an unlimited number of applications for psychology. In teaching, psychology is the basis in which teachers understand their students. The specific area that would be most pertinent to teaching would probably be social psychology. College students basically take the same courses over their 4-year tenure in the university. But only certain students want to regurgitate the knowledge that they have acquired over the years. These are the students that have chosen teaching as their profession. The ones that want to pass on what they have learned to students need to not only be knowledgeable in their subjects, but need to know how to understand the students. ...
48: Homeschooling
... compared to the boys 87 for reading. With public school children, boys scored 52 in math compared to girls 48. In reading, girls scored 58 to the boys 43. Homeschooled children of parents with a teaching degree scored in the 88 percentile, which compares to the non-certified parent whose children scored 85. Public school children had a significant difference in their scoring as it pertained to college-educated parents. Children ... points higher than families of public school children of comparable educational status. There are many ways to teach children. Parents have the following choies: traditional sit around the kitchen table, packaged curriculums, satellite schools, cooperative teaching, renting community rooms for all to share, hiring professional teachers or tutors, numerous field trips, and hands-on learning. There are also many different styles of teaching. Teaching can be accomplished through textbooks, literature, or life experiences. We use a combination of textbooks and literature. Over 70% of parents pick and design their own curriculum; 24% buy complete curriculum packages. Because ...
49: Dance Education
... and an apathy about human relationships (3). Older generations used to learned manners by osmosis from their families and the surrounding culture. Many took dance lessons in their communities, while others learned to dance by teaching each other and practicing at home with parents or siblings. In Texas they have clubs that children can go to on a Friday night and learn the local dances like the two-step and the ... must begin with the basics (Walsh 5). Dance floor etiquette can easily be incorporated into a ballroom dance class. Paul Lanoureaux, a dance instructor by night and a middle school principal by day has been teaching dancing and etiquette to 11 and 12-year-old children in the Boston area for five years. He gives instruction three nights a week but because of high demand he could fill these classes every ... few cultural norms and expectations, someone has to teach the children how to make conversation. Pundits too often lament the lack of civility and manners in our society, without noting that they often neglect the teaching of these traits in our culture. Children are more self-assured when they know that dancing is a fun and no pressure way for them to meet and interact with the opposite sex (5). ...
50: Nursing: Think in Practical way
... an instuctor, a person must be a registered nurse with at least have a bachelor's degree. In today's society, teachers usually have a master's degree. Second, their working hours varies according to teaching load. They usually don't have a stable working hours. Working hours really depends on their experiences, seniority, and performance. Their job is a contract basis only. Teachers' contracts run between nine to twelve months ... job outlook for the future. Based on EUREKA, I would prepare to choose registered nurses who work in a medical environment because they have higher chances to get a job in the future compared to teaching. When it comes to education requirements, teaching has a long process of time than regular nurses. When we are talking about financial matter, teaching could be better in some ways. Teaching has a higher salary than a regular nurse. It is ...

Search results 41 - 50 of 1584 matching essays
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