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101: Literacy
... a hard fact for many people in the education field to swallow. It requires these professionals, who have been engaged in a form of education malpractice for many years, to admit that the methods of teaching reading they have been teaching since the beginning have been all wrong. The method that most teachers teach is that children should memorize or guess at words by looking at pictures or have clues given to them. Learning this way is supposed to be more fun and meaningful, but apparently with the high rate of illiterate children is due impart to this method of teaching. Teaching children to read should be the most important objective educators have. Learning to read is a prerequisite for everything else in life that one will encounter. The English language contains about a half ...
102: Gender Inequality
... in order to fully tackle the issue one must recognize that this inequality in the workforce is rooted in what shapes future employees and employers-- education. This paper will examine the inequalities in policy, actual teaching situations, admission to post-secondary institutions, hiring, and job benefits and wages. It will also tackle what is being done to solve this problem and what can be done to remedy the situation. The late ... 8) In the long run, the ideas put in students heads through textbooks, perhaps through the lack of female role models, can affect the choices they make in the future with regards to employment. Actual teaching situations are also prone to sexism. For the most part teachers do not try to be sexist but, for sociological reasons, can not help it. For the sake of this paper, it will be assumed ... such programs as Applied Science, while women greatly outnumber men in the programs of nursing and concurrent education. Women have historically been encouraged to enter into what could be considered "caring professions" such as nursing, teaching, and social work. This is shown very crudely in the book Careers for Women in Canada which was published in 1946 and written by a woman. The book devotes almost 200 pages to pursuing ...
103: Adult Education In The U.S
... the construct has been largely defined in terms of external control and facilitation, rather than internal cognitive processing and learning. Long¡¯s position was that, without the psychological or cognitive dimension, the focus is on teaching not learning. He argued that ¡°Pedagogical procedures whether imposed by a teacher or freely chosen by the learner remain pedagogical or ¡®teaching¡¯ activities. Hence we have other-teaching or perhaps self-teaching but not self-learning¡±. This distinction between external control and internal cognitive responsibility is the basis for the self-directed learning framework and model presented here. More recently, Brockett and ...
104: The Detrimental Effect Of An Education In A Foreign Language
The Detrimental Effect Of An Education In A Foreign Language California passed a proposition in 1997 that ended funding for teaching children solely in their native language. Instead of these programs, opulent citizens will provide funding for the English as a Second Language (ESL) program in California's public schools. These ESL classes will have non ... need to be taught in their native tongue. Most tax-paying residents of California endorse the new standard because their tax money is being used for their child's education, and not being used for teaching children in another language. Results are evident even though the ESL program has been used for only two years. The ESL method is more effective because of the removal of flaws such as unnecessary costs ... their native language. However, it remains unjust that people who do not pay taxes have any say in how the educational system is conducted. Fortunately, the ESL plan eliminated all forms of public funding for teaching non-native speakers. Private money is used for the ESL program. Thus all of the tax money will be going towards the education of the children whose parents paid taxes. Ultimately tax money is ...
105: Who Was Mother Theresa
... new Sister Teresa to begin her years of service to God's people. She was sent to St. Mary's, a high school for girls in a district of Calcutta. Here she began a career teaching history and geography, which she reportedly did with dedication and enjoyment for the next 15 years. It was in the protected environment of this school for the daughters of the wealthy that Teresa's new ... XII to leave her community and live as an independent nun. So back to Calcutta she went and found a small hovel to rent to begin her new undertaking. Wisely, she thought to start by teaching the children of the slums, an endeavor she knew well. Though she had no proper equipment, she made use of what was available—writing in the dirt. She strove to make the children of the ... the mustard seed of the Scriptures. New vocations continue to come from all parts of the world, serving those in great need wherever they are found. Homes for the dying, refuges for the care and teaching of orphans and abandoned children, treatment centers and hospitals for those suffering from leprosy, centers and refuges for alcoholics, the aged and street people—the list is endless. Until her death in 1997, Mother ...
106: Domestic Violence
... I think that it is very important to understand and recognize people with abusive personalities so that they can be stopped and treated for what some would call a disease. Prevention Many psychologists believe that teaching our children that violence is inappropriate and teaching them better methods of problem solving, is the first step in ending domestic violence. One of the key components to making the teaching of our children work is leading by example by example and setting a positive example. Educating society as a whole also a very important key to ending domestic violence. Educating society as a whole ...
107: Tim Leary
... two children Susan and Jack. There he earned a doctorate in psychology from the University of California Berkeley, and over the next few years conducted important research in psychotherapy. By the mid-50s he was teaching at Berkeley and had been appointed Director of Psychological Research at the Kaiser Foundation. His book "The Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality" was enjoying much success. With extensive study, his team discovered that one third of ... Tim was unimpressed at first and ironically warned Barron about losing his scientific credibility. Shortly after, David McClelland, the director of the Harvard Center for Personality Research, was in Florence and interviewed Tim for a teaching post. During the interview Tim explained his theory on existential transaction, informing that the whole relationship between patient/therapist should be changed to a more egalitarian information exchange. McClelland was impressed saying that "There is ... is going to be the future of American psychology. You're spelling out front-line tactics. You're exactly what we need to shake things up at Harvard." In the spring of 1960 Tim started teaching at Harvard. That summer he went on vacation to Cuernavaca Mexico. An anthropologist from the University of Mexico, who was a frequent visitor to the villa where Tim was staying, offered some of the ...
108: Marriage Is A Sacrament
... life holy. It was also seen as a sign of the covenant of love between God and Israel, where God is the lover and Israel is his bride (Hos 3:1-5). Much of the teaching on marriage during the first century is based from the Old Testament. For example, Jesus quotes the Old Testament in affirming the divine origins of marriage: “So then, what God has united, man must not ... the eyes of God marriage is absolute and final, ended only by death. “…Man must not separate, then, what God has joined together” (Mk 10:8). The basis of marriage according to St. Paul’s teaching, husbands loving their wives as their own flesh, doing what Christ does with the Church, was the sign of a higher union, Christ’s union with his Church (Eph 5:32). The first recorded wedding ... to his people. This love symbolises the mutual love of the spouses. The offspring plays a vital role in married life. Augustine refers to God’s command to increase and multiply to affirm the scriptural teaching that children are a blessing from God and an essential element of married life. However, Augustine tended to overemphasize that in marriage, only sexual intercourse with the intention of having children was morally justifiable. ...
109: The Man Of Hypocrisy (analysis
... One such man who is most concerned with manners is the protagonist of Shaw s Pygmalion, Professor Henry Higgins. Higgins is a man who displays contradictions within his character. He is in the business of teaching proper manners, although lacks them himself. In addition, Higgins is an intelligent man, and yet he is ignorant of the feelings of those around him. Another apparent contradiction is that Higgins outer charm serves to ... pass [Eliza] off as a duchess. Higgins thinks that he can take any lower class girl and pass her off as a duchess. He truly believes that he is capable of transforming Eliza. Once the teaching begins, Higgins shows no respect for others in his life. When he goes to see his mother, she reminds him that [he] promised not to come on her days when she is having guests. He ... says to Eliza s face that he is happy the lessons are finished, he is oblivious to the power of his words over her. Higgins is unaware that Eliza is devastated. He is bored of teaching manners to her. His lack of manners is a contributing factor to his separation from other people. Even though the Professor is a highly intelligent man, he is completely ignorant of other peoples feelings. ...
110: Albert Einstein 3
... a job, but without success. He did manage to avoid Swiss military service on the grounds that he had flat feet and varicose veins. By mid 1901 he had a temporary job as a teacher, teaching mathematics at the Technical High School in Winterthur. Around this time he wrote:- I have given up the ambition to get to a university ... Another temporary position teaching in a private school in Schaffhausen followed. Then Grossmann's father tried to help Einstein get a job by recommending him to the director of the patent office in Bern. Einstein was appointed as a ... to Germany in 1914 but did not reapply for German citizenship. What he accepted was an impressive offer. It was a research position in the Prussian Academy of Sciences together with a chair (but no teaching duties) at the University of Berlin. He was also offered the directorship of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Physics in Berlin which was about to be established. After a number of false starts Einstein ...

Search results 101 - 110 of 1584 matching essays
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