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91: Is The Mainstream Videogames Media Biased?
... a good user interface in Hydro Thunder, and the pop-up and frame-rate problems with Sega Rally 2, these games still pound into dust anything out there on the console market. No you don't rate games with statements like "They could have done this if they hadn't rushed the title" or "The DC could certainly do more." Fact is, members of the videogame press are not DC programmers and should not speculate what a game could have been. They should take the ... if Sony charged $20 for Bandicoot while Sonic was still $50. Even though the DC is $200 and the Playstation is $100, this cost should only be taken into account for a hardware review. Here's an even more concrete analogy. Let's say BMW's cost the same as Toyota Corolla's. Would it be fair to say BMW's blow Toyota's out of the water and that ...
92: Heart Of Darkness
Conrad's novel, Heart of Darkness, relies on the historical period of imperialism in order to describe its protagonist, Charlie Marlow, and his struggle. Marlow's catharsis in the novel, as he goes to the Congo, rests on how he visualizes the effects of imperialism. This paper will analyze Marlow's "change," as caused by his exposure to the imperialistic nature of the historical period in which he lived. Marlow is asked by "the company", the organization for whom he works, to travel to the ...
93: The Life and Times of Edgar ALlan Poe
The Life and Times of Edgar ALlan Poe Edgar's Teens And The Parting With John Allan When Edgar grew into his teens the Allans moved around a lot. They finally moved to a house they got from William Galt in 1822 or 1823. Edgar continued his education during this time and when he was fourteen he attended the academy of Joseph H. Clarke, and after that he studied with Clarke's successor William Burke. Edgar's schooling in Richmond encouraged his gift for language and he did very well in Latin and French. When he was about sixteen he wrote one of his earliest surviving poems; "Oh Tempora! Oh Mores!". ...
94: ... not allow us humans to travel to our moral destination. It is only an exercise of the four virtues so that we as humans can achieve some sort of peace on our own through God's saving grace. To Augustine, humans seek an object of love they can't lose. The problem with that to humans is that humans can't provide that to other humans completely. Only God can and that in turn causes hostility among humans. The love of God, then, is the only way humans can completely satisfy all four virtues and ...

95: Cinematography: Everything You Need To Know
... photographic movie, however, was first used as a means of investigation rather than of theatrical illusion. Leland Stanford, then governor of California, hired photographer Eadweard MUYBRIDGE to prove that at some time in a horse's gallop all four legs are simultaneously off the ground. Muybridge did so by using several cameras to produce a series of photographs with very short time intervals between them. Such a multiple photographic record was ... world either to instruct or to reveal some sort of truth about it; animated film, which makes drawn or sculpted figures look as if they are moving and speaking; and experimental film, which exploits film's ability to create a purely abstract, nonrealistic world unlike any previously seen.^Film is considered the youngest art form and has inherited much from the older and more traditional arts. Like the novel, it can ... of the few arts that is both spatial and temporal, intentionally manipulating both space and time. This synthesis has given rise to two conflicting theories about film and its historical development. Some theorists, such as S. M. EISENSTEIN and Rudolf Arnheim, have argued that film must take the path of the other modern arts and concentrate not on telling stories or representing reality but on investigating time and space in ...
96: ... beside Emerson, or Whitman, or Hawthorne, or even Poe; he was palpably the superior of all of them". I could really relate to lots of the ideas and emotions that sprang into Tom and Huck's heads at the time. In Huck Finn , Tom gets a group of boys together to form a little club. When I was younger I would do the same thing with friends of mine. We would act out our fantasies just like Tom and Huck did in the story. All of Huck's life he was able to live it the way that he wanted, until he had to move in with Miss Watson. But as you read you find out that every minute he is away from ... tricks again. From going out to having a smoke with Tom, or messing up his hair so he could feel at home. You can see that he is still a little boy inside who isn't ready to grow up. Tom Sawyer is one of those type of friends that everybody has, crazy enough to get everybody's attention but smart enough to know when to stop. I read some ...

97: Catcher In The Rye 2
The Catcher in the Rye Main Character Holden Caulfield is the main character in The Catcher in the Rye . Like most people, Holden s mind wanders, and that s what I found the most interesting about him. He s sixteen years old, and he just got kicked out of another boarding school: Pencey Prep. He s tall, and skinny and he's not broad-shouldered. He s got a crewcut. His dad s ...
98: Huck's Struggle Between Morals
Huck's Struggle Between Morals In the novel “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain, the protagonist, Huck, undergoes a series of developmental changes in his character. He is often torn between the ideas of society and those of his friends. This can all be very confusing for a boy who is about 14 years old. Huck also has a drunken pap who doesn't care at all for him. Huck is then forced to live with Widow Douglas and Miss Watson. Throughout the story we see Huck represent the morals of the innocent prevailing over those of society. In his “adventures,” he learns the meaning of true friendship and what's really important in life. In the story, Huck makes the decision to escape from his “family.” This is a decision that goes against the morals of Huck's society, church and state. Children aren' ...
99: Creative Story: Lycanthrope
... been, what I was doing, that sort of thing. Then suddenly his voice took on a more serious tone. "Niles, you have to come here. I may need your help." "What is it, Lyle? What's wrong?" "I can't tell you over the phone." He whispered. "It's too important. You have to be here." "In Africa?" I said in disbelief. "Yes, here. It's that important." "But Lyle--" "I'm an animal over here!" He hissed into the phone. "I can' ...
100: Creative Writing: Pokemon - 2020
... waiting for the terror to stop above ground. The terror of the Rocket Empire, once a small organization of Pokemon thieves, Team Rocket has risen to undisputed leader of the world. "Misty" Ash said "It's finally happened, Team Rocket has won, it's not even worth fighting for anymore" "Ash don't talk like that! What did Brock say to you before he died in the Psi Wars?" Misty asked. Ash was silent. "He told you to never give up hope and to never let Team ...

Search results 91 - 100 of 30573 matching essays
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