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41: Creative Writing: Dogs and Cats
... tree, tongues slowly moving in and out. It was over, both of them knew. They stared right back at the mangy cat with hate in their eyes. Its tail was curling back and forth. "Can't we wait this time?" "No." "But-" "We could stand here all day, but we'd have to leave sometime. What's the use?" Scampi smacked the tree with his little paw. Nature was most unjust. The cat began cleaning itself arrogantly. The nerve, thought Scampi. Here's this new cat, obviously fresh out of the bad part of town, no owner, no home, no nothing, thinking it can roam around like a king. "There's a chain of command around here!" ...
42: Derek
... to be on him. He managed to execute the task to his satisfaction as he entered the staff room above the restaurant, but only Karen was there, finishing a butt of her own. He didn't give a shit about Karen and there was no one else around. He felt a frustration welling up inside that seemed incomprehensible. He thrust himself into one of the tattered chairs which his employers had ... already passed. "Fuck," he said, without thinking about it. "Whatsa matter?" asked Karen as she cracked her gum. She could stand the silence no longer; it made her uncomfortable. "Nuthin'," Derek lied, but it wasn't anything he could have spoken to her about. It was a subject which seemed to be most on his mind but least on his lips, and when he tried to articulate these things he simply stopped talking: there were too many things he wanted to say, all of them at once, and he couldn't decide where to start. That seemed important: deciding where to start. He feared that if he started in the wrong place his listener might get the wrong idea, or make the wrong conclusions about ...
43: Thomas Sterns Eliot (1888 - 1965)
Thomas Sterns Eliot (1888 - 1965) T.S. Eliot was a very influential pessimist, always and constantly thriving on his hatred of little things and his love life. Eliot was born in St. Louis Missouri - 1888 ad. His parents were both writers ...
44: Creative Story: Neolithic Park
... we have a related story about the new sporting goods store here in Sidney. Nan Johnstone is there live. Nan?" "Yes, Phil. Thanks." Nan was an aged person as well, who doubled as the station's investigative reporter and local happening's person. Her voice was about as clear as Phil's. It sounded nasal and rusty, as though she had been talking her whole life and was about ready to give it up for good. "I'm here at what is now officially the largest ...
45: The Labours Of Mendevolin
... stage right. Enter MENDEVOLIN stage left. HIGH PRIEST crosses to centre stage to meet MENDEVOLIN there.) MENDEVOLIN: High Priest Marchand! HIGH PRIEST: Ahh Mendevolin, it is such a pleasure to see you again. MENDEVOLIN: Let's disperse with the pleasantries. Take me to my father. HIGH PRIEST: There are things you must know Mendevolin. Your father has not been well. He has been slowly passing away for the last few months. This is why we have sent for you. MENDEVOLIN: He hinted at that in his letter. I came as soon as I could. How long do we have? HIGH PRIEST: Not long, he's on his death bed. I've been using my healing powers to keep him alive for the last week and a half. We have been waiting for your arrival. MENDEVOLIN: Why didn't he say anything before I left? HIGH PRIEST: He's a proud man, it took him months to even ask for my assistance. I'm sure that he wouldn't want his only son ...
46: The Computer Underground
... gangs" (Federal Prosecutor, Chicago). Transgression is not immoral. Quite to the contrary, it reconciles the law with what it forbids; it is the dia- lectical game of good and evil (Baudrillard, 1987: 81). There ain't no sin and there ain't no virtue. There's just stuff people do. It's all part of the nice, but that's as far as any man got a right to say (Steinbeck, 1939:31-32). The criminalization of "deviant acts" transforms ...
47: To Kill A Mockingbird 4
... outside the boundaries of Maycomb County" - p.10 2. Approximately when does the story negin? Show evidence to support your answer. The setting of the story take place in Maycomb County, Alabama, during the 1930's. The neighborhood overall is very poor, with farming being the major way of making a living. (Cotton-farming) 3. What do we know for certain about Boo Radley? The Radley place and its mysterious inhabitant ... are convinced he come out at night. 4. Why is Boo fasinating to the children? At the summer, when Dill come out and play with Scout and Jem, Dill has always found interesting studying Boo's place, because Dill think Boo is phantom bogeyman. Chapter 2 1. Scout makes three mistakes during her first day at school. What are her mistakes, and why do they make Miss Caroline so angry? First ... poor at that time I think is because their learning system is so limited, student have no chance to things other than what the teacher have teached. 3. What is the WPA, and why won't Mr. Cunningham work for it? WPA stand for Works Progress Administration. He didn't work for it because he is proud of himself, he won't take help and charity, he take only what ...
48: The Adventures and Maturing of Huckleberry Finn
... the adventures of a young, rambunctious boy. Huck paints pictures for his readers with his southern dialect. The people and places Huck comes in contact with along the Mississippi are seen through his eyes. Twain's style shows the many relationships Huck forms along his journey. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain uses his unusual style to tell about the people and places that change a young boy as ... introducing himself. He lives with the Widow Douglas and Miss Watson. They are kind old ladies who are trying to "civilize" him by sending him to school and teaching him manners, even though Huck didn't want to be "civilized." Huck's best friend is Tom Sawyer. The two found twelve-thousand dollars earlier and split the profits. The boys kept the money with Judge Thatcher for safe keeping while they continued their normal childhood. Tom ...
49: Creative Writing: The Murder Case
... on days like this. He and his partner, Wally Cruz got the call to go to the scene of a homicide on the East side of town. A body had been found in a batchelor's apartment apparently stabbed to death in a home invasion robbery. When Jack and Wally arrived on the scene, the entire apartment complex was taped off with yellow streamers that read "Police line, do not cross ... As they entered the apartment, there were several uniformed officers with their notebooks in hand getting information that would later be integrated into the homicide division crime report. Kneeling over the body was the Coroner's crew, rifling through the victim's clothing for identification and any forensic evidence to help them determine the cause of death. As if the four-inch gash on the victim's throat wasn't clue enough as to what killed ...
50: What is ISDN?
... an analog format to travel through the public phone network. However, there is a limit to the amount of information that a common analog telephone line can hold. Currently, it is about 28.8 kbit/s. [Hopkins] ISDN allows multiple digital channels to be operated simultaneously through the same regular phone jack in a home or office. The change comes about when the telephone company's switches are upgraded to handle digital calls. Therefore, the same wiring can be used, but a different signal is transmitted across the line. [Hopkins] Previously, it was necessary to have a phone line for each ... data call, baud rate and protocol information is also sent, making the connection instantaneous. [Griffiths] ISDN Concepts: With ISDN, voice and data are carried by bearer channels (B channels) occupying a bandwidth of 64 kbit/s each. A delta channel (D channel) handles signalling at 16 kbit/s or 64 kbit/s. H channels are provided for user information at higher bit rates. [Stallings] There are two types of ISDN ...

Search results 41 - 50 of 30573 matching essays
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