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91: Tragic Differences
... grave tragedies. People seem to be more attached to something that disturbs them and leaves them uneasy, rather than to something frivolous and amusing. Maybe, it is because tragedies can be very didactic. Maybe, by studying typical causes of tragedy, a person can prevent it from happening in his or her personal life. It is much easier to learn something from someone else s mistakes than from your own. So it ... woman, ready to take on a new life. That is why this type of tragedy should be classified as Catharsis. To conclude: pieces of the same genre can come in variant forms. Tragedy is worth studying not only because of its popularity and intensity but also because it did and will always exist in the lives of ordinary people like ourselves. While reading tragic stories and analyzing different forms of tragedy ...
92: Aaron Burr Jr.
... the junior class and was admitted to the sophomore class. One of the two leaders of his class, he graduated in 1772. He was sixteen. He was foreordained for the ministry. In 1773, he began studying theology under Joseph Bellamy. But it soon developed that Burr's nature did not lend itself to the constricted measure of Calvinistic dogma. In 1774, he broke away from theology. He went to Litchfield, Conn ... s resignation, but Burr continued to help in military matters to the very end of the war, carrying verbal orders and secret dispatches from Generals McDougal and St. Clair. For some months, however, while again studying law, he suffered from melancholia. After about six months of study, Burr stood his bar examination in Albany and was admitted to practice as a counselor in April 1782. He opened an office in Albany ...
93: Magnificent Minds Of The Renai
... Raphael's early years, he became inspired by his father, the painter Giovanni Santi, and began painting at an early age. At the age of 22, and in search of new painting techniques, Raphael began studying some of the famous artists of his day such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. After years of studying, and observing Leonardo and Michelangelo's art, Raphael developed his own techniques for lighting and shading and produced a new informal manner of painting. During the premature developments of these new techniques, Raphael tested his ...
94: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gherig's Disease)
... muscles. Diagnosis of ALS is difficult, since there is no clinical or laboratory test to identify it. Diagnosis is done through careful examination of a patient’ s history, neurological testing, and electromyograms. Researchers have been studying whether a defective metabolism of glutamate, an amino acid, is detrimental to the nerve cells in the muscles of ALS patients. Scientists are trying to determine whether they can prevent the toxic effects of glutamate. Other scientists are studying Threostat, which may increase the amino acid called glycine, which might neutralize glutamate found in ALS patients. ALS and Muscular Dystrophy are commonly confused due to their similar symptoms. The main difference is that ALS ...
95: The Chaos Theory
... When noise is added to the graph results, the results are no longer a straight line, and are not predictable. This noise is what was originally referred to as the chaos in the experiment. Since studying this noise, this chaos, was one of the first concerns of those studying complex systems theory, Glieck originally named the discipline Chaos Theory. Another word that is vital to understanding the Complexity theory is complex. What makes us determine which system is more complex then another? There are ...
96: Gen X
... Xers will be entering college in the 2000-2001 school year, to most of us college is much more important then politics. I know if I had the option of watching a presidential debate or studying, I would opt for the studying. At this point in my life getting good grades is a lot more important then knowing what is going on in the political world. College students also feel isolated from the outside world. Sure one ...
97: John Dalton 3
... and Philosophical Society. In 1773, he published his first book, Meteorological Observations and Essays. What he wrote in the was "Each gas exists and acts independently and purely physically, rather than chemically." John was constantly studying and making observations. John made over 200,000 observations. In 1803, he attempted to explain his laws of partial pressures. That s when John started to explain his major contribution to science called the atomic theory. He figured this when he was studying for a test! He figured out that the reaction can take place on two different portions in exact ratios. In 1803 he stated the law of multiple proportions "The weights elements always combine with each ...
98: Academic Discourse Vs. Popular
... There is an academic discourse that involves more detailed terminology and ideas, and deals with a more specific detailed body of knowledge. Academic discourse is more for the interest of people that are experts or studying a certain field or profession. Then on the other hand, there is popular discourse that deals with more everyday issues and uses more of a basic language that almost anyone who can read can understand ... did not seem to notice either of those in URB magazine. In comparing the two discourse communities, I realized that to understand what is going on in the academic world, a lot of time and studying must be put into grasping and understanding the information that is covered in the specific field that interests you. Everyone wants to be able to show off their level of intelligence and seem somewhat of ...
99: Aristotle- Thoughts And Philos
... when we understand why the rose is purple or, in another words, why the experience occurred. (Aristotle Barnes Pg 58 - 60). Aristotle spent a lot of his time on biology and psychology. He believed that studying one meant studying the other. He was skilled in the art of dissection, which he probable learned from his father. He dissected over 50 different types of animals. Although he never dissected a human body, he did dissect ...
100: The Catcher in the Rye: Holden and Modern Teenagers
... much and therefore I have problems in my grammar. The family background of Holden and I are fairly similar, both of us come from opulent families.  Holden and I are both very lucky to be studying in eminent institutions. Unfortunately, Holden does not take this advantage. Holden's mind is elsewhere in a reverie, day dreaming how to save the virtuous children from the evil.  While studying away from his family makes Holden's relationship with his family worst. I study in a private school with my sister and we go home every day and meet our parents when we get home ...

Search results 91 - 100 of 1022 matching essays
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