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61: American Impressionism
... God s. However, after the horrific Civil War, this proud view of a New Eden was shattered. Soon Americans were turning elsewhere for inspiration. It is interesting to note that while dozens of Americans were studying in Paris in the mid-1800 s, thousands came there in the post-war years. It was in this time that the Impressionist movement began in France. Thus, many Americans were about to discover the ... Cubism, and Surrealism. All owed their creation to the creative freedom left by the invention of the photograph. The early American Impressionists, like Mary Cassat and Willard Metcalf, were first exposed to the art while studying in Europe. Later artists would encounter the art at home, but virtually all traveled to France and Germany to study with the masters. Paris, of course, was a major center for the emerging art, as ...
62: Marijuana For Migranes
... be no direction in the research. It was beneficial for the study to show that there has always been a use and a need for it. There can be no progress in the direction of studying the effects unless there is a basis for the study. On the other hand, one of the weaknesses of the study was that there was no hard data. If there can be no clinical studies ... for whatever reasons then we must find reasons that are applicable in this situation. I have come to the conclusion that there will be a lot of bureaucratic BS involved before there is actually any studying done.
63: Nurture Plus Nature
... behavioral characteristics. These two opposing viewpoints have produced a multitude of ideas, theories, and arguments in the history of psychology. John Broadus Watson, the father of American behaviorism, greatly reinforced the source of nurture by studying learned and adaptive behavior patterns in our environmental surroundings (Rathus p.13). During this same time of revolutionary ideas in psychology, American psychologist, Arnold Gesell supported the opposite views of Watson. Gesell theorized that "physical ... The physical appearance of identical twins will obviously be more alike in resemblance, height, weight, and even have more closely related blood cholesterol levels, than fraternal twins, or other siblings altogether (Rathus p.112). By studying identical twins that had grown up separate from each other, Bouchard was appalled by the similarities that endured just as though they had been reared in the exact environment. Some of these strong behavioral traits ...
64: What Is Zen
... with envy and desire to also perform these tasks. I began reading about Zen but I found it boring and tedious (I was around seven.). I was, however, still fascinated with Zen and planned on studying it in the future when I was older and could appreciate it (I was a pretty smart seven year old). During my sophomore year of high school, I was watching David Letterman one night when ... alright too Just as long as I can break bricks over my head. Connection between Zen and Metaphysics The connection between Zen and Metaphysics is that both have the same goals. They are concerned with studying the underlying nature of things. Both, Zen and metaphysics focus on self-discipline, meditation, and attainment of enlightenment through direct intuitive insight. Both Zen and Metaphysics recognize the importance of reality and both see reality ...
65: Ancient Babylon
... laws instead of just allowing chaos. This idea spread to all of the other civilizations after Hammurabi and therefore they had a basis on which to base their own laws and rules. In my opinion studying Babylon is very good for us today. I mean studying history is always good because you learn from your past so you don t make the same mistakes. The US is very divers as was the Amorites. But we do not want to end up ...
66: Nasa
... January. Mars Global Surveyor and Lunar Prospector continue to function beautifully. Future missions include gathering samples of the martian moons Phobos and Deimos, firing a 1,100 lb. copper projectile into comet P/Tempel 1, studying Jupiter s interior, globally imaging and studying Mercury, and measuring the composition and circulation of Venus s middle atmosphere. This article told me much about the past, present, and future NASA missions. We are certainly learning more about the other planets in ...
67: A Separate Peace - Phineas And Gene
... Phineas had. This constant preoccupation with Phineas often got Gene side tracked. Gene was very involved in school, one could say that Gene was intelligent. An example of this occurs while Gene and Phineas are studying for their History test. "I didn't do well in that course: that is, I got a B."(104) This quotation shows how Gene's school and education are very important to him. We know ... he was self- assured and he did not need the approval of the others. Also, Phineas is very influential. We see this especially with Gene. An example of this occurs when Phineas and Gene are studying. "With Phineas sitting next to me day after day like some guiltless Doubting Thomas, I began to wonder not whether history was real, but whether it was important."(104) This quotation shows that Phineas had ...
68: What Is Sociology
... the different strands of thought within sociology and how these have affected the different areas today. One of the first main contributors to Sociology, August Comte, and later Durkheim felt that the best way of studying society was to look at statistics and trends in society to explain why an individual carries out a particular act (Comte, 1986). Following on from this, Durkheim, in his study of suicide, suggested that suicide ... able to carry out comparisons of different societies and track changes in lifestyles and life chances within those societies. We have seen that there is no one body of thought as to the methodology behind studying social phenomena and that there is even debate about whether the subject can be considered a science (although generally it is accepted that sociology is a science because it uses systematic methods, but that it ...
69: Mother Teresa
... a major construction company so Mother Teresa grew up in a very comfortable environment. In 1928 she suddenly decided to become a nun and traveled to Dublin, Ireland, to join the Sisters of Loreto. After studying with the Sisters in the convent, she left to join another convent in northeast India. On May 24, 1931, she took the name of "Teresa" in honor of St. Teresa of Avila. At first, Mother ... Teresa received a written consent that it was okay, she began her work. In 1948 Pope Pius XII gave Mother Teresa permission to be a totally independant nun, so she became an Indian citizen. After studying about nursing, she founded the "Missionaries of Charity." This was a group of nuns who go around and help the sick and dying. All the nuns that agreed to work in the "Missionaries of Charity ...
70: John Dalton
... by a decrease in temperature, not by a change in atmospheric pressure. In 1787 Dalton began to try to get more money by selling his eleven volume classified botanical collections and giving public lectures. His studying were to prepare him for medical school, but because of lacked of money, his family discourage him and did not feel he was suited for a physician. In 1793 Dalton moved to Manchester to tutor ... related to the weight of hydrogen, although his weight were not precisely accurate they did in fact form the basis for the modern periodic table of the elements. Dalton came to this atomic theory by studying the physical properties of atmospheric air and other gases. While in the quest he discovered the law of partial pressures of mixed gases which became known as Dalton's Law. Dalton's Law stated that ...

Search results 61 - 70 of 1022 matching essays
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