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51: The Conquest of the Aztec Empire
... empire, only to be eventually overthrown by somebody else. This, the endless cycle of the conqueror becoming the conquered, is the case with the Aztec empire. One of the most prominent topics of interest when studying history is conflict. We want to know what factors led to certain wars, how the winning side succeeded, and what the immediate and long term effects of the war were. The major difficulty in studying wars is the fact that their accounts are generally recorded by the victors. The losers are usually not in a position to challenge the victors' accounts or even to plead their case. This is the ...
52: Brian Mulroney And The Free Tr
... 1939, the son of an electrician. At fourteen, the young Mulroney went to St. Thomas, a Catholic high school in Chatham, New Brunswick. In 1955, he attended St. Frands Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, studying arts and commerce before majoring in political science. After graduating with honours in 1959, Mulroney started studying law at Dalhousie University in Halifax, then transferred to Laval University in Quebec City, a year later. In 1964, he was offered a position with the prestigious law firm of Howard, Cate, Ogilvy et al ...
53: Marie Curie
... Marie worked very hard and for hours at a time; finally in the spring of 1893, Marie got her degree in physics. While resting in Warsaw, Marie was given a scholarship to return for more studying in Paris. The following spring, Marie completed a mathematical degree. In 1894, while working on a research project, Marie was introduced to Pierre Curie. He turned out to be the most important person in Marie ... work towards her doctorate in science. Needing a subject to study, Marie chose Henri Becquerel, a French scientist who discovered that the element uranium gave off invisib le rays during its decay. Thus, Marie began studying uranium radiations. She carefully measured the radiations of pitchblende, a radioactive mineral compound of the mineral uraninite using piezoelectric techniques devised by her husband and his brother J acques in 1880. The piezoelectric effect is ...
54: Economics
... you can see how technologically advanced a society is . By examining where the produced goods are sent/used you can get a better idea of what type of government the society is run by . By studying an economy and seeing how the economy uses resources , you can learn what resources the society controls and which ones the society needs . Tied in with this factor of resources you can get an idea ... a manner they are able to help in the decision making involved with money and industry . They can help to save money , resources , labor, and time . Microeconomics is the study of an overall economy . In studying microeconomics you study a wider range of services , productions , exchanges . While not as discriminate as macroeconomics , you can get a broader picture and grasp the basic concepts of an economy . Macroeconomics studies the study a ...
55: English Phonetic Interference
... advanced American students of Russian for my experiment. Four of the Russians were heritage speakers, and two had emigrated to America at 14, having studied English in school for 4 years. The Americans had been studying Russian for just over three years and had lived in Russia for at least 5 months. All of the Russian subjects, save one young man, claimed that their English was better than their Russian, due ... were taught English using a form of the New Word method The Americans were less important to me as subjects, as Americans learn Russian through a much more phonetically-intense method, as they are not studying in the intense immersion situation that most Russians face when first emigrating to America. I wanted to compare their results to the Russians in order to compare the types of mistakes made as well as ...
56: Book Review of Business Policy and Strategy: An Action Guide
... text in a more clear manner. While each chapter has a summary, they do not have an introduction or a listing of key words of concepts that the student should learn as a result of studying each chapter. Such aids would make the book more valuable and enhance the learning experience of readers. Chapter 1 examines why some businesses fail and why others succeed. The first sentence in the book states ... declining productivity and deteriorating transportation systems (13). In chapter 3, the authors turn their attention to the business system, which is the second field of action. Here, they suggest that the historically popular approach of studying functional areas separately without understanding their interrelationships proved short-sighted and the source of many business problems, and some spectacular failures. The discussion of the business system begins with the identification of general management. General ...
57: Geologists
... to a geologist. The civilian jobs related to a geologist are geophysicist, hydrologist, mineralogist, petrologist, seismologist, and engineer in soils. On the job there are plenty of things to do. The basic work consists of studying rocks, minerals and other natural land features. They determine what has happened to these things since formation, and what effect they've had on man. After finished studying these rocks, they write reports on what they have found. Geologists study the natural underground resources and underground water. They are good people to refer to when building a large structure such as dams, tunnels ...
58: Logictisicul Agnosticism Philo
... not believe in god. There are many different concepts that people believe in, making the following set of rationalizations run peoples ethics. Elders or righteous religious leaders teach and proclaim concepts they have learned from studying the lives of deities, saints, and books. Their religious writings fail to guarantee the validity of their concepts and beliefs, which have been derived from the studying of logical readers. Also, is the framework of religious concepts easy to comprehend and are as the basic concepts justified? What is the validity of religious concepts and worldly explanations? In logical thought, all answers ...
59: James Watt
... and construct his own products such as a small electronic device that startled his companions. He soon became interested in astronomy and often spent long hours at night, lying in a grove near his home studying the night sky. He also enjoyed angling as his hobby and completed odd jobs to become known as a jack-of-all-trades. He sold and mended spectacles, fixed fiddles and constructed fishing rods and ... James Watt s life that he began learning the principals behind the workings of a steam engine. He learnt information from his friend Dr. Black about heat; temperature and the properties of steam itself. After studying steam engines for a period he became the only person with enough knowledge to improve on the steam engine at that time. Even though Newcomen had already developed the steam engine before James Watt, it ...
60: Meta Physics
... knew and the causes to certain ideas such as life, a state, or the body helped him to realize that there is no science that shows the knowledge of true reality. This lead him to studying and creating a science which goes beyond the subject matter of the other sciences and is concerned with "first principles and causes." What defines first principles and causes is the true foundation of Wisdom, thus leading Aristotle to studying, obtaining the knowledge of and writing his first work or philosophy. Aristotle never titled this work, so those who followed and studied his work actually gave it the title METAPHYSICS. With this idea of Metaphysics ...

Search results 51 - 60 of 1022 matching essays
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