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31: Rhetorical Analysis
... Teachers, as a key problem in schools. More and more teachers are resorting to punishment to solve these problems. Advocates of punishment believe it is a more effective method than encouragement to increase patience in studying. But when is the use of punishment necessary and when is it enough? Critics of punishment believe that when rules are clear and consequences are straight forward, children learn the importance of inner control, as ... punishment argue that there are many positive effects of punishment. Directing his argument at parents and teachers Chung-ceng Lin argues that Punishment is a more effective method than encouragement to increase child diligence in studying(Lin 46). Although educators and psychologists persistently support encouragement rather than punishment for childrens education, many teachers and parents often argue punishment is more effective. Again, Lin, an authority in child education, says, Children will be misbehave more if they are rewarded with benefits regardless of their behavior in the classroom. Children will devote more time in studying if both parents and teachers increase their scholastic performance standards to avoid punishment. An educator's right to use corporal or physical punishment has usually been attributed to the notion that when the child ...
32: Martin Luther
... challenge made way to a permanent division in the structure of Western Christianity. Luther lived in Mansfield and was the son of a miner. He later went on to study at Eisenbach and Magdeburg. After studying at these institutions he moved on to study at the University of Erfurt. Luther started out studying law, but then went on to enter the religious life. He went into the religious life due to the fact that he felt that he would never earn his eternal salvation. He didn't feel that all of the prayer, studying and sacraments were enough. Therefore, Luther felt that he would never be able to satisfy such a judging God. Not being able to satisfy this God meant eternal damnation. After entering the religious life ...
33: Catcher In The Rye 4
... look at the problems facing American youth during the 1950's. When developing a comprehensive opinion of the novel, it is important to consider the praises and criticisms of The Catcher in the Rye.When studying a piece of literature, it is meaningful to note the historical background of the piece and the time at which it was written. Two J.D. Salinger short stories, "I'm Crazy" and "Slight Rebellion ... With regard to the insincere "Glad to've met you" formula, he comments that "if you want to stay alive, you have to say that stuff, though" (qtd. in 54-5).It is evident by studying the reviews of The Catcher in the Rye that most critics enjoy picking apart the character of Holden Caulfield, studying his every action and the basis for that action. Reviewers of the novel have gone to great lengths to express their opinions on Salinger's protagonist. Some consider Holden to be sympathetic, others consider ...
34: Cause and Effect: Students' Grades
... The student may not understand that the course he is taking is more important than other things. He or she could be focusing on sports or extra-curricular activities and not realizing that there is studying to do for a test tomorrow. Studying and homework should come before sports and time to spend with friends. What grades you get in school now, will matter in the future. When deciding on accepting you, colleges look at your grades in ... a deadline, so they rush through the work. A student should plan his or her time to do homework wisely. A student should do the hardest work, first. A student, who does his or her studying or homework at the "last minute", will not be prepared and a low grade will result. Planing time prevents stress and low grades to occur. A student may have chosen the wrong courses, which ...
35: Cultural Anthropology
... importance of culture for business,” (Laabs 24). Cultural anthropology is the study of existing people and corporations find this information useful in trying to understand human behavior within their own organization. “Business anthropologists have been studying the corporate world for years, on such varied topics as how to encourage more creativity or how best to integrate multicultural learning techniques into an organization’s training program,” (Laabs 25). Most anthropologists who work ... to grow. Anthropologist’s Experience: The anthropologist that contributed to this article was Lorna M. McDougall. She works at Arthur Andersen’s Center for Professional Education, which is located in St. Charles, Illinois. McDougall is “studying why people from some cultures learn best from lectures, although others learn best through interactive learning,” (Laabs 25). McDougall has played a large part in developing Arthur Andersen’s Business English Language Immersion Training (ELIT ... past situations and gives several examples of anthropologist’s point of view. Anthropologist’s Experience: The anthropologist’s experiences came from first hand knowledge when trying to give gifts to the people that they were studying. One anthropologist by the name of Richard Lee, from the University of Toronto, had an experience with the !Kung hunter-gatherers. He gave the tribe an ox as a token of good will but ...
36: Maria Mitchell
... telesscope. For her college education even Harvard couldn't have given her a better education than she received at home and at that time astronomy in America was very behind as of today. She kept studying at the Atheneum, discussed astronomy with scientists who visited Nantucket (including William C. Bond), and kept studying the sky through her father's lent telescope. In the mid-nineteenth century, new developments in astronomy were expanding the field at an fast and exciting rate. The Mitchell s were aware that the King ... the discoverer of Comet Mitchell, she had been a model of what a woman, given the chance, could accomplish in science. Those who claimed that a woman s brain would collapse under the strain of studying mathematics and science had been proved wrong by the very existence of Maria Mitchell. She resolved to give up the life of an independent scientist and devote her efforts "to the intellectual culture of ...
37: Heilner's "Beneath the Wheel" and Me
... would be diligently working. Chris and I did not have much in common, but one thing we did share was our Algebra II class that followed the lunch period. Most days Chris would still be studying while I was on the way out of the cafeteria. One day in particular, the bell that marks the end of the lunch period had just rung, and I was heading out for Ms. Henyon ... for the test today," Chris replied. As usual, I had forgotten another quiz; either that I had chosen to neglect it. Whichever it was, I never study for tests and quizzes. "Yeah, I've been studying for it all period. I studied last night too, so I should be pretty good," Chris added. "Oh, well that's a surprise; guess it slipped my mind," I responded. With time marching on I ... s how seriously some people took it. The usual aftermath of "What did you gets?" and "How did you do's?" inevitably followed. "How did you do?" Chris asked in a concerned tone, as if studying meant passing. "93, A-. How did you do?" "95, A. Good job Mike." Chris had spent hours and hours working to come out on top of me and the rest of the class, only ...
38: Easy And Difficult Works In Ed
... for students to study, they should quit those professors or schools and seek others who have harsh teaching rules. The changes of the social structure caused people tend to learn the high technology instead of studying arts or literature. Some scholars think that people don t know how to write a good paper, or a nice article because people think it s too tedious that takes a lot of time to ... write, to research, and to edit. People love to look for material satisfaction, or participate with things which they are interested in. Therefore, they probably don t want to spend much time to devote in studying. In my opinion, either having a lot of works or less works has it s own advantages and disadvantages which depends on person s own interests. People usually get different kind of benefits from various ... many ways to learn things whether to study at the school or from the society. Also, each one of us has a different kind of ability to absorb things. In my opinion, people know which studying way is good for themselves. Some of them don t want to have a lot of material to read and to write because they don t want to be limited; some people like to ...
39: Effects Of Social Pressure On
... Ladd). Accordingly, a reward can sometimes be considered as a negative social pressure. For example, a student may study just to get a grade and not because he is interested in the subject he is studying. The desire to learn would be overlooked and hence performance can start to wane. Researches are finding that internal satisfaction in performing important tasks is definitely related to how much people achieve and what their ... was granted by the admissions department at the school. The groups were labeled alpha, sigma, and beta. The alpha group's orientation leaders conducted their meeting by mentioning only positive remarks and social statements about studying at Brooklyn College. They praised the quality of education, the amount of helpful opportunities, and the social benefits of graduation from the school. This was done to setup an overall sense of positive social pressure ... activated positive social pressure, thereby increasing performance. Positive social pressure had strong effect on academic performance by increasing it significantly. It means that giving people positive impressions such as telling them about the advantages of studying in college and their future perspectives was a better technique in order to make them perform better than frightening them with negative outcomes of their future performance. This idea was supported by Brickman et ...
40: High School Education In Japan And United States
... to. For the sports teams, each teams play during their sports seasons, so students can play a few sports for a year. Most Japanese students quit playing sports on summer of senior year to concentrate studying for college. In Japan, most high schools have some school events each year. It is similar to American schools, but in Japan, Taikusai (physical education festival) and Bunkasai (cultural festival) are very popular. These events ... Sumiko Okada) Student's after school life is very different, most students in the United States work, hang out with friends, and study at home after school, but in Japan, many students go to private studying school for three or four hours about two or three days a week. Some students go there every after school. They go there for preparation for school test, and college exam. In Japan, students believe that they have to go there if they want to go to college. Also "senior year students spend most of their time for studying for getting in college," said Kazuaki Kuribara who went to the University of Japan. (Kazuaki Kuribara) Applying for colleges in Japan are same way as applying high school in Japan. However, in the United ...

Search results 31 - 40 of 1022 matching essays
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