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111: Edgar Degas - Not the Typical Impressionist
... bathing. He enjoyed painting women bathing and combing and normal things that women do instead of having them just stand there and look pretty. Other artists of this time such as Monet and Renoir were studying the effects of light on a painting, and different brush strokes and color combinations. Degas was studying Japanese prints. These prints inspired him to try different visual angles and asymmetry, something that many of the other artists of the time would never have attempted. The only artist who even comes close to ...
112: Arthur Miller and "The Crucible"
... wizards. - Teachers, students doing sophisticated research, or students appearing as actors in the play will find invaluable the technology that allows them to type notes in the margins. For example, in the margins the researcher studying witchcraft might type synonyms or related words for future vocabulary study and reference. Likewise, teachers can keep a list of vocabulary words in the margins for use in exercises in context skills on vocabulary development. CD-ROM "17th Century" "The 17th Century" section is a rich resource for students in studying the background of the Salem witch hunts. - Show the maps of the location of Salem and the places where the accused and accusers lived in 1692. Ask the students to identify economic distinctions between the ...
113: Academic Discourse Vs. Popular Discourse
... There is an academic discourse that involves more detailed terminology and ideas, and deals with a more specific detailed body of knowledge. Academic discourse is more for the interest of people that are experts or studying a certain field or profession. Then on the other hand, there is popular discourse that deals with more everyday issues and uses more of a basic language that almost anyone who can read can understand ... did not seem to notice either of those in URB magazine. In comparing the two discourse communities, I realized that to understand what is going on in the academic world, a lot of time and studying must be put into grasping and understanding the information that is covered in the specific field that interests you. Everyone wants to be able to show off their level of intelligence and seem somewhat of ...
114: Marie Curie: A Pioneering Physicist
... Despite all these hardships and setbacks, Manya continued to work hard at school. Although her sister Bronya had stopped going to school to act as the family's housekeeper, she desperately wanted to go on studying to become a doctor. This was almost impossible in Poland, however. In Poland, women were not allowed to go to college. Many Poles took the option to flee from Russian rule and live in France ... eventually ended up moving out of her sister's home and into a single cold damp room, eating only enough to keep her alive. Fortunate enough for a scholarship, Marie was able to go on studying until she had completed two courses. In her final exam-inations, she came in first in the subject of mathematics and second in physics. By 1894, at the age of 27, Marie had aquired not ...
115: James Watson's The Double Helix: A Review
... between the two. Watson's "adventure" begins when he receives a grant to leave the United States and go to Copenhagen to do his postdoctoral work with a biochemist named Herman Kalckar. Watson found that studying biochemistry was not as exciting as he hoped it would be; fortunately, he met up with Ole Maaloe, another scientist doing research on phages (Watson studied phages intensively while in graduate school). He found himself ... of his experiments and soon he was helping Ole with his experiments more than he was helping Herman with his experiments. At first, Watson felt like he was deceiving the board of trustees by not studying the material that the board sent him to study. However, Watson felt justified because Herman was becoming less and less interested in teaching Watson because of Herman's current personal affairs (Herman and his wife ...
116: Hinduism And Budism
... takes form in Nirvana. Nirvana occurs when people release their yearning for a false selfhood, which is similar to Hinduism. Paradoxically, as with Hinduism, the act of extinguishing this yearning occurs simultaneously with an enlightenment. Studying Hinduism and Buddhism has been surely an enlightenment for me. To my amazement, Hinduism actually addresses a few questions I have had before. I’ve wondered about the way life is connected and how life ... the tendency to view our ancestors and traditions to be inhibiting us from reaching some far off realization that no Buddha or Brahmin or anyone has ever obtained. In Conclusion, I do wish to continue studying religions beyond high school maybe it will lead me to some discovery.
117: Schools 2
... and they will stay until they are in standard 6, which is until they are 12 years old. The following year they will go to form 1 in the secondary school and they will continue studying there until they finish form 5 so that they can go to either college or start work immediately or they can continue to form 6 so that they can go to university immediately thereafter. Every ... a special class after they finish the UPSR examination so that they can cope with the high standard of Malay in the Malay school they will be going to. Then they will they will continue studying at the school like any other student. Chinese schools are very much like Tamil schools. All their lessons except English and Malay are in Chinese. Their syllabus is a lot like the syllabus of the ...
118: The Life of Alexander Hamilton
... Robert Morris had not been a wasted effort. Upon hearing of Hamilton's recent availability, Morris appointed him Continental receiver of taxes for the state of New York in April of 1782. Hamilton also began studying law in Albany in May, and within six months had completed a three year course of studies, passed his examinations, and was admitted to the New York bar. If he did not have a full ... delegate to the Continental Congress. With tongue in cheek, Hamilton summarized his activities in a letter to Lafayette, then in Paris: "I have been employed for the last ten months in rocking the cradle and studying the art of fleecing my neighbours. I am now a Grave Counsellor at law, and shall soon be a grand member of Congress. The Legislature at their last session took it into their heads to ...
119: Marie Curie
... woman in physics and was recognised as one of the greatest scientists of the century and won 2 Nobel prizes, one for physics in 1903 and one for chemistry in 1911 for isolating radium and studying its chemical properties. Even Einstein once said of her, “Marie Curie is, of all celebrated beings, the one whom fame has not corrupted.” As a child she always wanted to be left alone to finish ... was in this shed that she discovered radium. She performed pioneering studies with radium and contributed to understanding of radioactivity. During first five years after the discovery of radioactivity, many chemists and physicists were busy studying the new phenomenon. Marie carried out an extensive test of all chemical elements and their compounds for radioactivity and found that thorium emits radiation similar to that of uranium. Comparing the radioactivity of uranium ores ...
120: On The Short Story Phineas Com
... Phineas had. This constant preoccupation with Phineas often got Gene side tracked. Gene was very involved in school, one could say that Gene was intelligent. An example of this occurs while Gene and Phineas are studying for their History test. "I didn't do well in that course: that is, I got a B."(104) This quotation shows how Gene's school and education are very important to him. We know ... he was self- assured and he did not need the approval of the others. Also, Phineas is very influential. We see this especially with Gene. An example of this occurs when Phineas and Gene are studying. "With Phineas sitting next to me day after day like some guiltless Doubting Thomas, I began to wonder not whether history was real, but whether it was important."(104) This quotation shows that Phineas had ...

Search results 111 - 120 of 1022 matching essays
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