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71: Addiction and Heath Professionals
... could be implicated? Although the question involves many considerations, some reasons appear to be more obvious and play a larger role. Some of them include accessibility to drugs, ignorance about addiction, feeling of uniqueness, occupational stress and overwork, and the esteemed role the health professionals hold in our society. Even though we, as a society, regard many doctors as role models and certainly not drug or alcohol addicts, we must realize ... more free in giving medication to me than someone she doesn’t know" (Anonymous). Self-medication is an important concept as some health professionals find themselves strained by the rigors of the profession. Through the stress, they find a drug that makes the stress disappear. They never recognize the frequency that they begin taking the drug as a problem only that it is justifiable because it is relieving the stress. Many health professionals do not fully understand the ...
72: Adaptation Syndrome
What Is General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) General Adaptation Syndrome is a theory formulated in 1936 by Dr. Hans Seyle, a celebrated figure in the field of stress research. Gas depicts the process of prolonged exposure to stress by separating behaviors into 3 stages. The Alarm Reaction, Resistance and Exhaustion Stage. This behavioral model is such a valuable tool in the study of stress research because it explains both the physiological and psychological effects of stress on the human body. The Alarm Reaction Stage All Stress is caused by external stimuli; the immediate response to these challenges or ...
73: Electronic Monitoring vs. Health Concerns
... problem? More and more employees are being monitored today then ever before and the companies that do it aren't letting off. While electronic monitoring in the work place may be the cause of increased stress levels and tension, the benefits far exceed the harm that it may cause. Employees don't realize how often electronic monitoring happens in their work place. An estimated twenty million Americans are subjected to monitoring ... five percent of Americans believe that electronic monitoring should not be allowed (Privacy 444). Harriet Ternipsede, who is a travel agent, gave a lengthy testimonial on how electronic monitoring at her job caused her undue stress and several health problems including muscle aches, mental confusion, weakened eyesight, severe sleep disturbance, nausea, and exhaustion. Ternipsede was later diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (Electronic 446). A study done by the University of Wisconsin found that eighty-seven percent of employees subjected to electronic monitoring suffered from higher stress levels and increased tension while only sixty-seven percent of those employees that were not subjected to monitoring had those same symptoms (Paranoid 436). While it is obvious that most employees are against electronic ...
74: Children And The Single Parent
... a schedule of their own, that must include the needs and wants of the child. Depending on the work situation of this parent, it can be a quite difficult task. Preschool age children can develop stress reactions when they don’t live with their non custodial father. The attachment many children develop with their father by the preschool years makes them sensitive to changes in the amount of time they spend ... leaves fathers feeling desparate for time with their child. When the father spends time with his children, he is liable to stretch the time they have together by taking the children home later, which causes stress for the mother because she has such negative feelings toward the father. This becomes “fuel” for confrontations with the father. The elementary school age is the third stage of child development. Children gain an increased ... to recognize what should not determine their choice (37-47). Parents of an adolescent child still must uphold their own daily routines of work and household affairs. An adolescent can feel many emotions putting added stress on the single parent. Sometimes, a single parent must resort to counseling if the parent relationship is such that they cannot talk with their child together. Teenagers are well aware of facts that many ...
75: Mycardial Infarction
... done over a period of time while the patient goes about his normal daily activities. It will help to determine if the heart malfunctions occur random, spontaneous, while the patient is asleep, or while under stress. The doctor may also wish to perform other tests such as cardiac catheterization or a coronary arteriograph. A cardiac catheterization is a procedure where a doctor guides a thin plastic tube through an artery or ... Although blood pressure readings may vary, a typical reading for an adult would be around 130/80. Many doctors focus on preventive medicine, which includes teaching the importance of diet, exercise, and ways to relieve stress. Stress can refer to physical as well as mental tension. There is a lot of scientific evidence that points to a link between the risk of heart disease and psychosocial and environmental factors such as ...
76: Human Nutrition
... situations. Being able to elude cognitive, emotional, and dysfunctional behavior is good form of mental health. A positive strategy for the mental health and limiting depression is decreasing stresses. Sometimes there is much need for stress management. Psychological make-up also can be linked to depression. A number of different aspects of life can downside an individuals mental health. Depression is a major factor that affects a person's mental state. Many problems such as martial relationships, or financial difficulties in a person's life can lead to stress. Stresses can also onset depression. Stress management can be a positive factor in reducing the risk of depression. "Depression is a common and costly mental illness that affects approximately 17.6 million Americans each year. Depression can affect a person' ...
77: Melatonin And The Pineal Gland
... us feeling generally healthy and energetic; not to mention the things melatonin can do for us right now like curing insomnia and regulating sleeping patterns, eliminating the effects of jet-lag, and relieving every day stress. Melatonin is known as the "regulator of regulators", because it sends out the messages that control the amounts of all the different hormones in our bodies. It is a balance among our different hormones that ... associated with old age will seldom be of concern to us, thanks to melatonin. Besides helping us to live longer and to fend off diseases better, melatonin supplements can help with more commonplace things like stress, jet-lag, and everyday fatigue. Stress isn't just an abstract idea caused by bad feelings, it's indirectly created by chemical reactions within our bodies, as a result of perfectly normal situations. Humans have basic survival instincts that we' ...
78: Therapeutic Touch : Its Effectiveness On Surgical Incision Site Pain
... intervention is essential. REVIEW OF LITERATURE In preparing to undertake this research, various forms of literature must be examined. In a study done by Nancy Ann Kramer, MSN, RN on therapeutic touch and casual touch stress reduction of hospitalized children (1990), her study supported the use of therapeutic touch. She states "... the intervention of therapeutic touch will more quickly reduce the child's stress and provide comfort for a longer time, which eventually may decrease the hospital stay and decrease nursing work.". The author states that more research may need to be done with a larger sample and a ... whether any of the subjects had ever previously tried alternative therapies for their headache pain. In summary, the results of the literature seem to support that therapeutic touch is an effective intervention, whether for pain, stress, or anxiety. The literature also suggests that use of therapeutic touch can aid in recovery of a patient's physiological and psychological homeostasis. The literature reviewed has set the base for the proposed study: ...
79: My Favorite Room
My Favorite Room My Den is a great place to hang out, play some pool, or just get away from the stress of every day life. My Den offers superior sound and entertainment. It has no stress related items such as a telephone, computer, desk, and no pagers are allowed. This room represents fun and relaxation for all that enter the room. My entertainment center offers a wood grain big screen TV ... on top of genuine hand pegged oak floors. Guest never leave hungry or thirsty as the hand carved saloon for is always well stocked with cold beverages and hardy sandwich fixins. To create a totally stress free environment the following rules must be observed. No ties, briefcases or any other work related articles. No phones or pagers are allowed so there are no interruptions. These are to insure a fun ...
80: Schizophrenia
... ten percent chance of suffering from schizophrenia. When both parents are schizophrenic, their risk raises to approximately forty percent. Little is known about the Environmental Theory. The theory is built mainly on the effects of stress on human behavior. Most researchers agree that stress alone cannot be the main cause of schizophrenia. Most researchers agree that stress could possibly trigger or worsen the symptoms when the illness is already present. Other researchers focus on drug abuse. Like stress, certain drugs such as amphetamines can make psychotic symptoms worse if a person ...

Search results 71 - 80 of 1419 matching essays
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