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131: Seeing Is Believing
... in his imagery and a CAT scan had showed the tumor to be entirely gone (Bernie Siegel 154-155). Visualization has been used to improve health. Many people have employed imagery to rid themselves of stress and the ailments associated with it: such as, headaches, muscle tension, and stomach problems (Heidi Banks 55). Constant aches and pains are debilitating to the immune system and makes individuals more susceptible to colds, infections, and diseases. Individuals who had regularly visually purged or imagined the release of their stress experienced healthier lives with fewer illnesses than that of those who held on to the stress (Belleruth Naparstek 24). Visualization has been used to prepare for life events. Visualization has been used in many ways. Better health, preparation for life events and healing the body is a way visualization techniques ...
132: Suicide -- Causes And Effects
... There could be changes in relationships, problems related to jobs, problems in school, loss of loved one, their financial situation being bad, body image, or various abuses like physical, mental, emotional or sexual. Depression and stress are considered as the major factors in suicide. Different people deal with stress in different ways. It also depends on what kind of society and atmosphere you live in. Not everyone attempts suicide when faced with unbearable situations. Some people cannot cope with it as others can and ... the reasons that they do it is for attention. It is their way of telling us that they need more love, care and understanding. Listening to them and taking what they say seriously reduces their stress to a certain extent. There are many people in the society who are willing to help them such as counselors, social workers, psychologists or doctors. This may not necessarily be a long term solution ...
133: Anger Management And Health
... world can have even more deleterious effects. People just don't like it when we demonstrate our anger. Many of us are taught at an early age to bury our anger inside, where it causes stress, both emotionally and physically. For example, in grade school, children have to stay after class or are sent to the principle when they express feelings of anger. Poorly managed anger is the cause of many ... have no choice but to find ways of venting anger positively. East Asian religion has given the West meditation, which is known to slow the heartbeat and calm the nerves. Other Eastern techniques of reducing stress include acupuncture, and the Japanese bathhouse. In the United States we have psychology, also, a number of exercises have been developed to control and eventually reduce stress and anger. One basic technique is called deep breathing: Lie down on your back, placing one hand on your chest and another on your abdomen. Take deep breaths, inhaling slowly through the nose. Feel ...
134: The Roy Adaptation Model
... have to be 'God's Will'. For example a person does not have to accept that he and his will be struck down by bowel CA, or heart disease. A change in diet, exercise, decreasing stress and not smoking will allow them to alter their future. Because the medical model is so dependent and fixated on treating pathologies, the public has gradually neglected or given up their ability to protect themselves ... an M.I., a death in the family. Contextual stimuli or "background stimuli" is genetic makeup, sex, maturity, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, self concept, role function, interdependence, socialization, coping mechanisms (Cognator and Regulator), physical and emotional stress, culture, religion, environment. Residual stimuli are beliefs, attitudes, experiences, traits which may be relevant but effects are indeterminate and therefore cannot be validated. Roy's general idea of the role Environment/Society play in the ... best example is the use of the PCA pumps for pain control. When instructed properly the patient has control over the amount of noxious, focal stimuli in his inner environment. He does not have the stress of waiting to see if the health care worker (Dr, Nurse, etc) is willing to alter his focal stimuli/environment for him. I have found it best in the PACU to hand over the ...
135: Child Abuse
... efforts are increasing. Almost all the states today had established resources for child abuse prevention services. One of the services is a "Family support Service." It will provide immediate assistance to parents in time of stress; the program should be available on a 24-hour basis and should have a telephone hot line, crisis caretaker, crisis counseling, and crisis baby-sitters. This program will help parents facing immediate problems, and could ... have an infantile personality. That means they have like a childish mind or personalities. Others believe that abusing parents unrealistically expect their children to fulfill their psychological needs; (exam.) When disappointed, the parent experiences severe stress and become violently angry and abusive. Sometimes, I also think that the parent is also trying to live their life through their kids. By neglecting them, abusing them, or whatever, it might be their way to relieve stress or anger. Bibliography 1. "Child Abuse," Microsoft Encarta . 97 Encyclopedia. 1993-1996 Microsoft Corporation. All Right Reserved. 2. National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse. WWW.childabuse.org/facts97.html. (October 1, 1998) 3. R. ...
136: Only Those With No Hope Take Drugs
... At the age of rebel, teenagers are curious of trying new things which they've been told forbidden. Adults may begin using drugs for some of the same reasons as young people. In addition, the stress of life, job, and family pressures may lead people to seek relief in drugs. When people do not know how to handle their stress and depressions properly, they seek for ways that can solve, at least lessen their pains. Using drugs is certainly one method to reduce pressures and stress when there is no help coming from others. Because drug causes temporarily delusion of what a person sees, hears, and smells, he or she might feel a sense of invulnerability. It will make anyone ...
137: Hereditary Colon Cancer
... of these cancers are not known at this time. Many doctors, scientists, and medical researchers believe individuals who fall into high-risk categories might be more apt to get colon cancer. These categories include high-stress lifestyles, certain diets, and gastrointestinal disorders. Diets included in the high-risk categories are high in fat, low in fiber, and lack fruits and vegetables. Stress plays a key role in the risk of getting cancer. Stress can take the form of work related issues, inability to manage emotional situations, and lack of exercise. Gastrointestinal disorders include chronic constipation, irritable bowel, and polyps. An individual cannot change their genes. They can ...
138: Angina Pectoris
... a laser to actually scrape the build up from the vessel. This surgery is one of the most expensive surgeries available today. Corrective procedures include changes in lifestyle. These can include food intake, exercise, and stress-related issues. Food intake is largely the answer to correcting this situation. As shown above excessive intake of cholesterol can increase the risk of a heart attack. Coupled with excessive salt intake can produce another ... high heart rate since it cannot pump as much blood per contraction. Exercise is another corrective procedure prescribed since it increases cardiovascular fitness. As seen above, cardiovascular fitness can reduce the risk of heart attacks. Stress-related issues can increase blood pressure for unknown reasons and therefore can also increase the risk of a heart attack. All these factors can influence the health of our cardiovascular system therefore care must be taken to ensure proper function. This includes handling stress with care, eating, and exercising right.
139: A Piece Of My Heart (book)
The "other" Vietnam Vets Everybody knows about the men who served in Vietnam. They have at least heard of the mentally trying conditions during the war and the resulting "post traumatic stress syndrome" (PTSD) so many veterans suffered from, or heard of the issues concerning negative public opinion of veterans for their role in a hated war. However, few are aware of the female role in the ... They were young, healthy, good-looking men that could ve been my brothers or my boyfriends or my husband, and they were dying" (124). Women in the Vietnam War had a lot of trying emotional stress that they had to deal with. All of these emotional traumas that women had to experience day after day had a notable impact upon the women s moral concept of the value of human life ... Sandecki, put up an emotional wall around them; forcing themselves to care less. As Pat Johnson said, "I don t think I ve ever taken life as lightly as I did then" (64). The emotional stress was so great in Vietnam that often nurses lost their concept of the value of human life, a result of having to numb their emotions to cope with the pains they were subjected to. ...
140: Hamlet
... up more to be married than the man; their occupation, friends, residence, and family name. She adjusts to his. Although men remain ambivalent about getting married, fearing "entrapment" women become more symptomatic and prone to stress in the married state on virtually every indicator (Bernard, Chapter 14). Married women experience more depression and more marital dissatisfaction than married men; in addition, women in traditional marital relationships have poorer physical health, lower ... 1984). How American marriages are changing. American Demographics. January 7. Baruch, G., & Barnett, R. (1980). A new start for women at midlife. New York Times Magazine, December 7, p.65. 8. Belle, D. (1982). The stress of caring: Women as providers of social support. In L. Golberger & S. Breznitz (Eds.), Handbook of stress (pp.496-505). New York: Free Press. 9. Lang, A.M., & Brody, E.M. (1983).,Characteristics of middle-aged daughters and help to their elderly mothers. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 45, 193- ...

Search results 131 - 140 of 1419 matching essays
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