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121: Effects Of Laughter On Patient
... network may effect compliance of treatment and ability to cope with fear, pain, and loss. Medical studies indicate that laughter boosts levels of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers, and suppresses levels of epinephrine, the stress hormone. (3) The ability to laugh at a situation or problem provides a feeling of superiority and power. Humor and laughter can foster a positive and hopeful attitude. Humans are less likely to have feelings ... should remember never to use sexual, ethnic, or racial material with patients or their families. It is unprofessional and they risk offending the patient or losing rapport and respect. The effect of humor to reduce stress and improve health by producing changes in the immune system has been the topic of many articles and workshops. The effectiveness of humor in moderating the effects of stress on the immune system remains unknown at this time. (2) Laughter and humor are two powerful tools, helping people cope and get through threatening situations. Looking at life's situations with a sense of ...
122: Juveniles: Too Young To Die?
... of smoking being delivered by a lecturer who is puffing on a cigarette." (Strieb 61) The next deals with the lack of maturity that most juveniles show. Every juvenile is dealing with enormous amounts of stress everyday. It is these pressures that affect the deterrent effect of the juvenile death penalty. Each juvenile deals with this stress in a different way, however, because of this stress, many adolescents act impulsively at times. Henry Heft explains that "Peer pressure and family environment subject adolescents to enormous psychological and emotional stress. Adolescents respond to stressful situations by acting impulsively and without the ...
123: Character Essay Of Charlie
In today's society, high levels of stress can lead people to od some flamboyant things. Whether it is anger, alcohol, or violoence, there are many methods to vent out stress. In this case, Charlie's Dad seems to vent out his stress by being obnoxioous and repulsive to others that seem to be weaker than he is. It appears that Charlie's Dad does not even take into consideration the fact that charlie might never wnat ...
124: Depression 5
... substance abuse, or hormonal variation ( NDMDA Par. 9). People with low self-esteem, who always view themselves and the rest of the world with pessimism, are prone to depression. Also, those who are overwhelmed by stress can get hold of depression. In many cases it is the genetic vulnerability along with life experiences that triggers depression (Carter 144) Stress usually in the form of a personal loss, can bring on a first episode of depression in someone who is genetically at risk. A loss can be, being laid off of work, a divorce, a ... disasters, legal problems, and the death of a loved one. If stressful events continuously occur it can cause depressive episodes to take place more. Rosalynn Carter, a pioneer in the mental illness field, explains how stress can trigger depression: Upsetting situations arouse a part of the brain called the amygdala, a small almond-shaped region that recognizes and regulates emotions, especially fear and anger, and another region at the very ...
125: Depressioo
... been opened. The second theory is based on the roles of women in society. Society often places women at economic and psychological disadvantages (Robbins 25). Both of these disadvantages increase the women s exposure to stress and anxiety; stress and anxiety are associated with depression as major causes of the illness by two-thirds of the people who suffer from it (Winokur 20) . The stress, present with other risk factors, make women even more vulnerable to depression. The third theory expresses the belief that women are more susceptible to depression over men due to the biological differences of men ...
126: What is Virtual Reality
... of a study done by the Edinburgh Virtual Environment Lab, Dept. of Psychology, Univ. of Edinburgh on the eye strain effects of stereoscopic Head Mounted Displays. There have been a number of anecdotal reports of stress with HMDs and other stereoscopic displays, but few, if any, good clinical studies. This study was done very carefully and the results are a cause for some concern. The basic test was to put 20 ... and a second HMD LEEP optic equipped system). After 10 minutes of light exercise, the subjects were tested... "The results were alarming: measures of distance vision , binocular fusion and convergence displayed clear signs of binocular stress in a significant number of the subjects. Over half the subjects also reported symptoms of such stress, such as blurred vision." The article goes on to describe the primary reason for the stress - the difference between the image focal depth and the disparity. Normally, the when your eyes look at a ...
127: A Technical Analysis of Ergonomics and Human Factors in Modern Flight Deck Design
... allocation recognizes the unique need of the Liveware component and assigns tasks to Hardware to provide as much information and decision-making support as possible. It also takes into account limitations, such as emotions and stress which can impede Liveware performance. Finally, dynamic allocation refers to an operator-controlled process where the pilot can determine which functions should be delegated to the machine, and which he or she should control at ... pilot was attempting to put the flaps control up after landing, and moved the landing gear control instead. This inadvertent movement of the landing gear control was often attributed to the pilot's being under stress or distracted, and being more accustomed to flying aircraft in which these two controls were in exactly opposite locations. Two popular light aircraft, the Beech Bonanza and Baron, were involved in the majority of these ... decreased reaction time, fewer errors, better speed of knob adjustment, and faster learning. (Van Cott & Kinkdale, 349). These operational advantages become a great source of error to the operator unfamiliar with the aircraft and experiencing stress. During a time of high workload, one characteristic of the Liveware component is to revert to what was first learned (Adams, 279-80). In the case of the Bonanza and Baron pilots, this was ...
128: The Controversy Surrounding the Gulf War Syndrome
... Veterans themselves were getting sick. Something was wrong, and people went to the government for answers. Those people didn't get what they expected. The government's only answer was that they had post-war stress. That did n't stop many though for trying to find out what was really going on. In reality, Mark Daniels only represents all of those who fought in the war. Just as he thought ... little bit about what it is. The problem with this unknown sickness is that the government doesn't believe it exists. The government believes that if GWS is anything, it is linked to post war stress, not chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons (4). Kenneth Bacon, a Pentagon spokesman states, “The Pentagon has made some mistakes in its initial approach to veteran's claims, but we still believe there is no such ... Riley). How can the government ignore these kinds of numbers? As previously stated, they don't even believe in such a thing called Gulf War syndrome. The government could be right in that post war stress could be affecting Gulf War veterans, but the veterans themselves have done their own research to show that they are truly sick. Out of all the findings that independent researchers have done the past ...
129: A Link Between Anxiety And The Performance Of Athletes
... or her to demonstrate the ability to deal with the pressure and anxiety that comes with the game. There in lays the problem, to the athlete it is not a game. From there stems the stress. Stress is a state that results from the demands that are placed on the individual that require that person to engage in some coping behavior (Jones, 1990). Anxiety results when the individual doubts his or her ability to deal with the situation that causes him or her stress (Hardy et al., 1996). Arousal Can be considered a signal to the individual that he or she has entered a stressful state and is characterized by psychological signs (Hardy et al., 1996). Those three ...
130: Halloween
Halloween Halloween is the best holiday of the year, and should be more actively worshipped than all the rest of the holidays. This is because Halloween relieves people form the stress of every-day life, Halloween was originally a wiccan holiday, and because on Halloween the television stations play all the good horror movies. Halloween is the best holiday of the year, because it allows people to escape the stress of their every-day lives by pretending to be someone else for one night, relaxation through disassociation. Also, psychologically the wearing of masks and make-up allows people to express themselves more freely, and to ... and to experience the long dead adrenaline rush response that reminds modern humans of their links to primitive man, and the ties of their roots to the animal world. Halloween allows people to escape the stress of their every-day lives, it was originally a wiccan holiday, and the television stations play all the good horror movies. This is why Halloween is the best holiday of the year, and why ...

Search results 121 - 130 of 1419 matching essays
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