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101: Symbolism Use In: "Young Goodman Brown" and "The Lottery"
... In: "Young Goodman Brown" and "The Lottery" The authors, Shirley Jackson and Nathaniel Hawthorne, both frequently use symbols within their stories "The Lottery" and "Young Goodman Brown." Symbols are utilized as an enhancement tool to stress the theme of each story. Hawthorne uses names and objects to enhance the theme, and Jackson mainly utilizes names to stress the theme, although she does have one object as a symbol of great importance to the theme. The stories both contain symbols describing evil. The majority of Hawthorne's symbols describe religion (both good and ... names are used as symbols within each story, however, these mentioned are the most significant names to the theme. The stories each contain names, objects, and acts as important symbols. Hawthorne uses the names to stress good people, but relies heavily on objects to portray Satanism. The object of obvious Satanism is the staff (a cane) mentioned throughout the story. It is clearly identified when the old traveler throws it ...
102: Concepts of Violence
... states that people use this anger in other ways besides the devious. People try to direct their violence into something constructive. When people do this, it is a perfect example of eustress. Eustress is converting stress into a positive manner. Violence is a form of stress because it weighs heavily on the mind and causes misinterpretations. Paul Tough shows that the people who are attending these functions are doing it in a manner to release aggression, but not to physically hurt ... consensus was to catch him. They did this without a doubt. The people won’t let you fall, for they all are there to help out and have a good time as well. Directing their stress to the mosh pit allows them to help each other out and become a united unit of chaos, but “constructive” chaos. Finally, Tough brings a very valid point to Freud’s theory. One incident ...
103: Black Boy Essay
... people would be severely punished. Because of that double standard violence was prominent between blacks and whites. Racial prejudice is the cause of several things not just physical violence racial prejudice can cause serious psychological stress. Richard’s friend Ned, who he’d known from school, had a brother, Bob, who worked at a hotel in town; the hotel was known for it’s trouble with black employees, prostitutes, bootlegging and ... Bob’s death much more tragic and difficult to accept. The idea of white people killing a black person for that sort of thing would subconsciously never be forgotten. Another example of racism causing psychological stress would be the affects of Uncle Hoskins’ murder (Aunt Maggie’s husband). Richard and his family were temporarily living with Aunt Maggie and Uncle Hoskins in Elaine during their attempt to move north. Uncle Hoskins ... her made her slap me into silence."(Pg. 64) Richard had not really experienced a great deal of racism before this and was baffled by how afraid his mother and aunt were. The amounts of stress that people were under attributed largely to their inability to become successful or at least to move to a better environment. As well as stress and violence, racism eventually causes a person to act ...
104: The Issue Of Block Scheduling In Schools
... to a semester and semester course to a marking period. Proponents of this schedule state many advantages to plan. Better grades, students learn more, more teacher- student interaction, more time for teacher planning, and less stress are a few of them. Though supporters for the block schedule say that it will improve education, I do not come to the same conclusion. The most serious concern with block scheduling is the psychological ... students who had instruction once a day for ten days remembered more than students who had instruction twice a day for five days. So in reality a block schedule does not promote more learning. Less stress seems to be a big advantage to block scheduling. Though this may be true there is a negative reason for it. Students experience less stress because less material actually gets covered. This happens for a number of reasons. With block schedules more homework tends to be done in class, therefore taking away from teaching time. Also studies have shown ...
105: Sex Education: Does it Really Work?
... and 48 percent of girls had sex education by the time they had first intercourse" (Shapiro 58). This is one reason that AIDS education has not been totally successful. It relies on sex education to stress condom use, but many young teens are forming their patterns of contraceptive use or nonuse before they are educated enough to make the right decision. Another major problem sex education tries to solve is teen ... must be taught. Condoms use is the only way that AIDS can be prevented sexually besides abstinence. Without good condom education AIDS will spread out of control by sexual intercourse. The condom education program should stress that condoms are the best contraceptive devise for most teens sexual patterns. Condoms prevent the spread of disease, and they also prevent pregnancy. Condoms education should also stress that condoms are not 100% effective. "Changes in temperature, rough handling or age can cause the latex to weaken or become gummy, it is important to store condoms properly and handle them with care" ( ...
106: Human Variations in High Altitude Populations
... the people must endure. They include hypoxia, intense ultraviolet radiation, cold, aridity, and a limited nutritional base. The people adapt to these stresses in many ways. Hypoxia, or low oxygen pressure, is the most prominent stress which populations living at high altitudes must deal with. “Hypoxia results whenever either physiological,pathological, or environmental conditions cannot deliver adequate supply of oxygen to the tissues. Since air is compressible, air at high altitudes ... Sherpas and Quechua differ. The mean age of Sherpa women to begin menses is 18. For the Quechua it is thirteen although this is compared to an Andean lowland mean of eleven. Cold is another stress people of high altitudes must contend with. Three things help these populations “one is a lack of dramatic fall in core temperature 2) is a slightly elevated metabolic rate and 3) consistently high extremity surface ... the people must endure. They include hypoxia, intense ultraviolet radiation, cold, aridity, and a limited nutritional base. The people adapt to these stresses in many ways. Hypoxia, or low oxygen pressure, is the most prominent stress which populations living at high altitudes must deal with. “Hypoxia results whenever either physiological,pathological, or environmental conditions cannot deliver adequate supply of oxygen to the tissues. Since air is compressible, air at high ...
107: Board Schools
... the astronomical cost, anywhere from $8000 to $25,000 per year for the most elite, is too expensive. They also claim the rules are too extreme and suffocating, and that students experience an abundance of stress. The biggest argument against boarding schools is cost. With an average cost of $8000 to $25,000 (Topolnicki 100), many parents ask: Are private boarding schools worth the expense? The extra attention and frills don ... where she would be until her 11:00 PM curfew. You can't just leave to see a movie if you are tired of doing schoolwork. This loss of personal freedom often leads to severe stress. (Cookson 33) In his study of American private schools, Peter W. Cookson reports that teachers talk of “corks popping” and “freak outs”. Leonard Baird found that “Nearly half of the students were bothered very much by pressures of their highly regulated environment.” He could not state the exact number of prep school students who need or seek counseling to deal with this stress. But he does know the schools consider it an important problem, shown by their elaborate counseling systems. Unfortunately, offering counseling in itself is not enough for many students. Boys in particular seem to fear ...
108: Harmful Effects Of Being Stere
... of charateristics of a certain person, but has anyone stopped to think what effect ti has on the person who is being stereotyped. For example, stereotyping overweight people ca cause harmful effects such as emotional stress and low self-esteem. when we stereotype overweight people, it is possiple that we are causing them emotional stress. For example, when someone says "Hey, fatso!" referring to htem in a degrading manner, it undoutedly casues them to feel less than normal compared to their peers. They also feel bad about themsefves being overweight ... go on a diet, which is hard for her. She would not eat anything for a couple days. Sometimes they feel really depressed aobut what people say about them. Low self-esteem can cause emotional stress. Emotional stress can cause low self-esteem, which only perpetuates adn compounds their problem. Therefore, one should always consider the feeling of others before thoughtlessly stereotypin goverweight people.
109: The Causes for Child Abuse
... their children (Bender 23). And for women the most likely causes of child abuse by a mother can be traced to the violence and substance abuse present in the mother’s childhood, followed by the stress and discord in her current household (Bender 23). These causes aren’t always true for each parent but they are the most likely. Knowing the moral object(s) are the children that have to undergo ... situations causing these out bursts are just a few alternatives to abusing a child. Going to counseling can help in many ways. For one the abuser may be able to open up and let the stress of their life out and deal with it in a more constructive way than to abuse a child. By talking to someone about their problems and receiving the advice that he/she needs can help ... best alternative, is when, when he/she realizes what he/she is going to do is not right says that he/ she knows its wrong. By them leaving and doing something to get that anger/stress out of their system saves the child from being abused. “STOP IT NOW!’s mission is to call on all abusers and potential abusers to stop and seek help, to educate adults about the ...
110: Lorraine Hansberry
... All of which revealed the depth of her concern for the black race and for all of the downtrodden races in America and abroad (Cheney 52). Lorraine Hansberry used a realistic style and had a stress on the possibilities for heroism. This stress for heroism within each of her characteristics had everything to do with the purpose that she saw in drama (Magill, Great Women…200) The majority of Lorraine’s works were about the black family of ... glorious work. Despite Hansberry’s trips in and out of the hospital, she continued with the many projects on her writing schedule (Smith 153). One reporter noted that, "The black experience creates a lot of stress, and …. A form of cancer can evolve from emotional stress of racism." This was indeed to be the situation of Lorraine Hansberry (Cheney 31). Lorraine struggled to do speeches, but still attempted to remain ...

Search results 101 - 110 of 1419 matching essays
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