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71: Stereotyping
... Yes there may be a few Irish alcoholics, Chinese thieves, cheap Jewish people, and lazy Natives, but that does not mean, however, that they are all like they are said to be. A person who stereotypes could be considered as a prejudiced person. A prejudiced person does not take the time to understand another as an individual. Instead, they make preconceptions about another, regarding their age, sex, race, nationality, class or culture. In my previous case, I was prejudiced about my acquaintances from Hong Kong's nationality or culture. The general relationship between a person who is prejudiced and a person who stereotypes is the fact that they are both mean-spirited. That is, they violate the rights of individuals by forming perceptions about people based solely on their membership in a particular group. Consequently, they fail to ... actually go in favour of what they see or hear. This abusing of power by the media is one of the many fosters of stereotyping. Another origin of stereotyping, is through the social pipeline. Social stereotypes and generalizations derived from popular culture are what I consider to be “prepackaged labels” we can assign to people. This saves us the time and effort of understanding the complexities of other human beings ...
72: Gender and Relationship of Children
... their enthusiasm was equal for toys in all three categories. Turner, Gerval, and Hinde (1993), conducted a study in both Cambridge (UK) and Budapest (Hungary). The children were interviewed to assess toy preference, awareness of stereotypes and sex-role preference. The children were also observed during free play at school. The behaviours observed included activities, playing with toys, sex of playmates, and social interactions with peers and teachers. It was found ... done by conducting more cross-cultural studies involving cultures different from our own. Preschoolers play with toys also contains sex differences (Turner, et al., 1993). These sex differences seem to originate form the child learning stereotypes from society. Children simply learn to like certain "sex- appropriate" toys, because they are exposed to them and encouraged to play with them more often. According to one study (Idle, et al., 1993), children accepted ... sex differences in play in preschoolers are a result of learned behaviours. Our society seems to play a large role in determining gender differences because children are encourages to act according to male of female stereotypes. More studies, especially cross-cultural ones should be conducted to try to determine why these sex differences occur, because as of now, no single theory can account completely for childrens's sex differences in ...
73: Gender Roles: The Discrimination Against Men
... the economy and men's unequal responsibility to succeed in the workplace, to prove their worth by making money; and men's confusion over what it means to be a man today. There are many stereotypes about men and women that are heard every day. The most common, however, is how men are considered jerks. That is one of the most popular ideas in our society today. Women have come to ... moon, why can't they send them all?" Another example would be titles of certain books. Titles such as, "No Good Men." and, "Men Who Can't Love." (Farrell 250) These are examples of negative stereotypes against men and are a huge part of the problem. Men are unfairly portrayed as monsters and women end up believing that all men are heartless and uncaring. The media is a strong influence, and if it continues to produce negative stereotypes against men, then women will continue to believe them. Another factor which is a part of male sexism is the pressure that men feel to be successful. Men have come to see it as ...
74: Life's Too Short
Life's Too Short Often times when the normal parent or upstanding citizen turns on the TV and sees a young black man rapping about the hood they are usually turned off. Stereotypes come in to play and the channel is switched without even considering what message that human being is trying to convey. When listening to rapper Too Short and his song "Gettin it", you here a lot of stereotypes being defied. The song is about getting out of the hood and making a good life for yourself. Most of society just assumes that these young black rappers have no brain's and no sense ... set your self some goals, think positive, and keep hustling". Too Short has got to the financial level he's at, by following the keys that he describes in his song, not by following the stereotypes that parent's turn off of the TV. Acting ghetto, for appeal, and rapping with a sweet rythym tongue was only the bare minimum of what he needed to rise to the top of ...
75: Adversity And Resilience Of Ho
Tale Farewell My Concubine describes the torments and sufferings that homosexuals have to go through. These torments and sufferings are the results of stereotypes from the society. The video Anti-Gay, and the books The Facts on Homosexuality and Gay and Lesbian Stats: A Pocket Guide of Facts and Figures explains the reasons for gay stereotypes, and how they affect those who are homosexuals. Homosexuals are frequently viewed as the outcasts of society and are often subjected to discrimination. However, with the support of family and friends, they are able to ... woman and have sexual intercourse with them. During the Cultural Revolution, Douzi was brutally beaten and was humiliated by the Red Guards. Douzi was treated this way because his adversaries believed in the traditional gay stereotypes. According to the books The Facts on Homosexuality and Gay and Lesbian Stats: A Pocket Guide of Facts and Figures, these beliefs about homosexuals were made up by ignorant people, and spreads around through ...
76: A Society Without Knowledge!
A Society Without Knowledge Far too often in society people's lack of knowledge of a subject causes their opinions and actions to rely strictly on stereotypes created by the masses. This affliction is commonly known as ignorance. This is curable but people have to become open-minded and leave their reliance on society's viewpoints behind them. In the novel, The ... Huck before because they didn't know him and didn't want to know him, but since taking interest in mysteries was the popular thing to do society did it. Society once again set the stereotypes in another section of the book by their feelings toward Jim and Pap. Society automatically sees a black person, and even further slaves, as inferior. They never thought of slaves a human beings, only as ... ranks without blatant proof of improvement. People can be falsely accused by the oblivious members of society who only consider the surface instead of looking deep for true knowledge. Society constantly judges people based on stereotypes of a certain group and it often fails to consider the personality of an individual. Society takes action without being properly informed or will take up arms against opposing groups just because someone who ...
77: Coming Of Age In Mississippi
... for people who , just kidding . I found the book altogether insightful into the life of an African-American raised in the deep south during the civil rights movement . Although some parts played into the old stereotypes I heard over and over growing up , it did display a radical new breed for this period , a black , woman at that, fighting for her rights . It also gave us a look at what many ... this period . I have definitely developed a deep sense of respect for the civil rights activist of the sixties since reading this book . Like I said in my opening paragraph some parts played into the stereotypes of blacks , some old , some new . The fact that Anne's mother had what , five or six children , I lost count about halfway through the book . Why in the hell would you have that many children when your living under the poverty line ? That is just stupid ! Also the blacks who accepted the abuse they recieved and did nothing about it . Both of these play into stereotypes . The first being a newer stereotype which I have seen associated with many black women today , that is that they have numerous children without the money to adequately support them . The second being that ...
78: Gender Socialization
... little Joey looks like a girl or b aby Michelle is mistaken for a boy. Mothers and fathers make it easy for everyone to distinguish their bundle of joy by utilizing the socially established gender stereotypes. But where and how did these stereotypes come from? Unfortunately, I don't think there is a definite answer to that question. We seem to accept that blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Boys generally play with balls, toy trucks and building blocks whereas girls spend their time with dolls, tea sets and stuffed animals. But these are the stereotypes that are influenced by the parents. A baby child isn't concerned with his or her gender identity. As the child gets older though, he or she will begin to develop an identity for ...
79: Prime-time Animation
... This is owing to Matt Groening's aspirations to create a farce of science fiction in a distinctively warped animated series (Groening, ). The Simpsons, and the genre of prime-time animations it started, contain many stereotypes on Western and pop culture. Family Guy falls into this genre. "There's dad Peter, a fat quality control inspector in a toy factory where his, um, flamboyant boss lets him get away with sleeping ... makers who are necessary in any family sitcom. Lisa, Lou Anne (cousin), and Meg all compose the annoying sister roles of the family. Families in prime-time animation are stereotyped in the exact same way. Stereotypes are not limited to family roles. The Simpsons consists of an enormous amount of stereotypical characters. From police Chief Wiggum (who is drawn with the nose of a pig) to Lionel Hutts, attourney at law ... because of the ideologies and values which they promote. The Simpsons changed everything in prime-time animation in 1990, when it premiered as its own show. This show is comprised of satirical views and common stereotypes on pop culture. Due to the irreverence of The Simpsons and the genre of cartoons it spawned, prime-time animation is no longer meant for children and should be played not within family viewing ...
80: Who Loves Lucy? I do, I do!
... Lucy, totally dependent on her husband Ricky for financial support.” (unknown, chap 12) This view may be a bit harsh, but is probably shared by many people. Not only is the show filled with harmful stereotypes that may affect the women of today, but it also affects men and the way that they treat women. An example that supports this idea is the way in which Ricky would discipline Lucy whenever ... argument described, the benefits that “I Love Lucy” convenes to the public far outweigh the negatives. Even though it may seem that Lucy is totally oppressed at times, it is her outward defiance of these stereotypes that make this show such a success and positive influence on society as a whole. She frequently fights for her rights as a woman, regardless of the consequences she may face by her hot-tempered ... of backing in the US. During the “I Love Lucy” era, women were expected to serve their husbands and be thankful that they have someone to take care of them. Although extremely negative, these are stereotypes that have gradually lessened over time. The fact that such negativity was portrayed in these shows can actually help us. Watching this show, we know that women are not to be treated that way. “ ...

Search results 71 - 80 of 419 matching essays
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