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71: ... the Elizabethan time were open-air structures, with semicircular "pits," or "yards," to accommodate most of the audience. The pit could also serve as the setting for cock fights and bear baiting, two popular arena sports of the time. The audience in the pit stood on three sides of the stage. Nobles, well-to-do commoners, and other more "respectable" theatergoers sat in the three tiers of galleries that rimmed the ...

72: Women Sport Athlete Injuries
The number of girls and women participating in all levels of sports has risen greatly in recent years, and the way they play has changed too. Women s sports used to be played by a slow defensive style. Today, the sports are played with speed, precision, and power. With these changes have come increased injuries, and female athletes have higher injury rates than men in many sports. Knee injuries have been rising in female sports. ...
73: Mental Training-sports
Motivate Yourself! Metal preparedness is almost as important as physical training. To be mentally trained most closely means to be psychologically ready for the physical act of. Mental training includes several steps which include aquainting ones self with ...
74: The Newbury Centralized School
... fair price. Besides this factor was the school’s excellent curriculum. The curriculum offered the students a very varied schedule for their time. In addition to the student’s varied schedule, they could participate in sports and extra curricular activities. However, activities for the students were not the only activities held at the school. Activities and meetings that were for the community were also held at the school. Newbury’s Centralized ... to replace these stolen items. In spite of this impairment to the school, the curriculum still remained a great one for its time. The school was and exceptional place for the students to participate in sports and several extra curricular activities in 1930. In this year, the school supported several high school sports. The sports that the school offered were boys basketball, girls basketball, and a football team. The basketball teams had a great facility to practice and hold games at. Although the teams were not the ...
75: Ice Hockey Vs. Roller Hockey
Despite the fact that ice hockey and roller hockey both have the word hockey in common, there are extreme differences between the two sports. There are the obvious differences like one being played on ice and the other on a plastic surface, but many of the differences are only noticed by people that have played both sports. As everyone knows, ice hockey is played on ice, which makes it an extremely high paced game. Unlike ice hockey, Roller hockey is played on a plastic floor that consists of many six-inch by ... the other end and no one touches it. In roller hockey there is no rule for icing; instead players are allowed to dump the puck from one end of the floor to the other. Both sports do enforce the same penalties though. For example, both ice and roller hockey referees will call penalties for tripping, slashing, roughing, etc. Hockey does not only consist of players shooting the puck up and ...
76: The Great Depression
Cut wages, growing unemployment, poverty, and suffering were unforgettable experiences during the Great Depression of the thirties. Many people learned to face these hard times with the help of famous sports figures. They gave hope and to many people pride in what they stood for to them. One of these great sports figures who helped Americans was boxer Joe Louis. In 1936 he fought the world champion Max Schmeling and had his first lose. Max Schmeling was a German boxer and the Nazis equated his victory over ... 1936 and 1954 she won every woman's golf tournament she entered. Babe Didrikson was a ray of light for women who until this time really hadn’t been able to really take part in sports. It made women proud and gave them someone to look up to. In conclusion the thirties were hard times but thanks to many great sport figures like Joe Louis, Jesse Owens, and Babe Didrikson ...
77: Golf Ball Industry
... time a golfer goes to the course to play a round. This is because balls get lost or scuffed during play. The high sales turnover which exists with golf balls makes this product attractive to sports equipment producers. The purpose of this report is to identify the major competitors of golf ball manufacturers and the size of their market share; Also, this report intends to show the current marketing programs used ... Bubble 2 drivers which are the most popular drivers on the market(Potter 7). Spalding tends to market it’s new products by point of purchase displays that inform consumers about the technology, advertisements in sports publications and on television sports events, and by offering manufacturer’s rebates(Consumer 518). Spalding is looking to expand its company in the international sports market. Wilson which is another sports equipment giant holds a top spot in the ...
78: The Life of Jackie Robinson
... and moved to Pasadena, California to work as a maid.(Grate time Coming ,the life of Jackie Robinson) As Jackie got older, he went to John Muir Technical High School. He not only participated in sports, but went as far as earning letter awards in four. Football, baseball, track and field, and basketball. (Grate time Coming ,the life of Jackie Robinson) Upon graduation from John Muir Technical High School, Jackie attended ... a nursing student named Rachel Isum whom he fell in love with and later married. In 1941 Jackie Robinson left UCLA early before getting his degree, with high hopes of earning a living by playing sports. To his dismay, one year later he was drafted into the army to serve from 1942-1944. During World War II, he went to officer candidate school and became a second Lieutenant. During the time ... by showing self control. Jackie was not the first black player to participate in Major League Baseball and was not the first Afro-American who was a star athlete. But his importance to baseball and sports in general cannot be exaggerated. His success in baseball proved to the world that not only could blacks and whites co-exist, but work together as a team as well. (Athlete of the Century ...
79: Sport Psychology
Sport Psychology: How it Helps Athletes In our society today it seems like sports rule the land. Everywhere we look, there is some kind of sporting event going on or being televised. Almost everyone could be considered a fan of at least one sport. Some people follow sports like a religion. With such an increased focus on sports, the athlete s performances are put under a microscope. This puts more pressure on athletes to give a winning performance. No longer do athletes play for fun, they play to win. This isn t ...
80: A Separate Peace
... A separate peace to Leper means a type of euphoria or a inner peace with himself. He is relieved not to have to go along with the crowd. Finny insists that, "You always win at sports." He also knows you don t always win wars. So Finny uses sports to escape the reality of World War II. In this way, sports gives him his separate peace. Finny won t accept the war, he says it is, "Fat old men making decisions." Finny even organizes a winter event at Devon so that everyone will be able ...

Search results 71 - 80 of 1074 matching essays
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