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61: Mind Sports
... This acknowledgment of chess as a sport by such a high council requires us to rethink our view of chess and athletics. Although chess does not appear to require as much activity as most recognizable sports, it does require as much, if not more, preparation and time. A study done at Temple University found that chess drains energy at a rate that compares to football. Some of the best chess players ...
62: Druigs And Sports
When athletes use drugs In many schools athletes are required to sign a contract in order to play sports. The contracts include of many rules and regulations that prohibit activities that will jeopardize the athlete's performance. The use of drugs and alcohol are strictly forbidden. Vandalism and other actions that would result in ...
63: Nike Company Profile
... the most recognizable business logos on earth. It is more than a symbol of great brand marketing. Nike has revolutionized the way companies approach the athletics market. The company digs into any niche related to sports, including technological breakthroughs, retailing, sports management and sports promotion. Nike deals in a very consumer orientated market. This means that the demand for the Nike's goods heavily depends on the popularity of the various fitness activities. The company adjusts continuously their ...
... involved in emotional talks with each other because they are afraid of being called homosexual or being perceived as feminine. Because of this reason boys tend to be involved in more competitive things such as sports. One finding Pollack had that surprised him was the fact that boys do talk to each other a lot. Boys speak a lot on the phone with their friends. Boys build friendships in social activities ... boys. The relationship with girls allows boys to come out from behind the mask and experience things that would go against the old boy code. The aspect of friendship is extremely important to the boys. Sports allow boys to express a full range of emotions from the exhilaration of the last minute goal to the disappointment of loosing, to the joy of winning. Sports allow a place where it is okay to express your emotions, to be spirited, emotive, and passionate. Sports transforms boys, lets them come out from behind the mask and defy the roles of the ...
65: Demanding Greatness: Steroid Use
... time, steroids have increased in popularity and have turned their hosts into addicts leaving them pumped and with many diseases which could’ve been prevented if they would’ve just trained more than doped up. Sports have turned into a business for most athletes. “Today, other rewards for the winner can be enormous, in terms of status, fame, adulation . . . and of course money.”1 Sports have become more stressful with the increased pressure to succeed. Steroids have been the easy answer to turn to if someone is looking for an extra edge. “One hundred runners were asked if they would ... being classified as a loser. Athletes might turn to drugs if they are looking to run faster, longer or to obtain a higher stamina. They might want to become tougher or grow larger muscles. Even sports that don’t require much physical activity, such as billiards or shooting, are affected by steroid use. Competitors in these sports are looking for steroids to calm their nerves or steady their reflexes.5 ...
66: From Groups To Teams (sports P
Teams of people can be witnessed everywhere throughout today's society. They are commonplace in schools, and businesses are attempting to implement their use in the work environment. The overwhelming question that many of these people strive to ...
67: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
... pain, vascular compromise, or neurologic loss. Suprasclavicular exploration with division of the fiberous band, if present, is the recommended approach, whereas the trasaxillary approach is used for the first rib resection (The Upper Extremity in Sports Medicine p.705). As with vascular thoracic outlet syndrome, Dr. George Pianka and Dr. Elliott Hershman said, if diagnosis confirms this condition then the first rib resection should be performed. If acute occlusion of the ... between the two limbs can be measured. If a major vascular injury is suspected, an angiogram is mandatory. Vascular repair is performed along with stabilization of an unstable fracture, if present (The Upper Extremity in Sports Medicine p.706). According to Dr. Frank Jobe, Dr. Gordon Nuber, and Dr. Walter McCarthy, they prefer first to conservatively treat thoracic outlet syndrome, then if cases as bad enough, surgery, which has been preferred ... problems, and to avoid carrying bags with shoulder straps, which might lead to compromise. Treatment may be especially effective if the athlete does not wish to return to athletic activity (Operative Tech. in Upper Extremity Sports Injuries p.380). These three doctors also have collaborated on the surgical treatment, which they recommend to patients with no success in rehabilitation or severe cases. Arterial occlusion occurs at any one of four ...
68: Record Holders
... be the Stanley Cup, Lombardi trophy, or a MVP. This is what athletes strive for. Yet, when it’s all said and done, only the best will leave the game owning records. There are many sports and many records, but only a few are really worth talking about. Those that are notable are Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak, Cal Ripkins consecutive games played, and Cy Young’s many pitching records. The ... one has heard the saying that records are made to be broken, but it seems as though many of these records are out of reach for today’s athletes. Are records made to be broken? Sports over the years have changed dramatically, and so have the players, but the records have always been there. The players in the 90’s have a different look than the players in the past. Today ... Maris’s 37 year old record for most homers in a season. They rose to the occasion and brought a sport that was slowly dying back on the map. Records like these are what makes sports so much fun and interesting to watch and follow. The greatest baseball record isn’t Mark McGwire’s 70 homers, but the incredible hitting streak held by Joe DiMaggio. Joe DiMaggio exploded with drama ...
69: Tennis A Sociological Perspect
... somehow, manage to find some spare time to engage in a number of leisure activities in order to release the pressure from boring daily routine. Although people may be able to find time to do sports, only a very small number are found on the tennis court. This is surprising for the reason that tennis is a popular sport in many countries. Despite its popularity, there are many perceivable barriers in ... tennis facilities in larger African cities such as Johannesburg, Cairo and Casablanca, many countries still do not have a standard tennis court open for public. The lack of adequate tennis court, rackets and funding in sports programs that discourage many African residences in playing tennis. Traditionally, only a few Asians are engage in tennis. Shorter people tend to have more problems with serving and volleying than taller people do. Because of the physical disadvantages, Asians are more likely to engage in sports that do not have such apparent disadvantages. For example, table tennis, gymnastics and badminton. Though in recent years, more and more Asians are willing to pick up their rackets, perhaps inspired by the success ...
70: ... Shakespeare of Stratford, England. Edward de Vere was the Lord Great Chamberlain and the seventeenth Earl of Oxford. He was raised as a Royal Ward and from a very young age was educated in the sports and arts of nobility. Although disgraceful for a nobleman to waste time writing frivolous plays, Oxford as a young man wrote and staged the entertainment for the court. As an adult, he became engrossed in ...

Search results 61 - 70 of 1074 matching essays
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