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11: Sports Salaries
Money in Pro Sports Most people in America feel that pro athlete's salaries are too high. Current sports salaries are reaching astronomical figures. Players are signing 50 million-dollar contracts and up just because they happen to be pretty good at hitting a baseball. Just the other day Kevin Brown signed a contract worth over 100 million! Now pro sports are fun to watch and follow, but college games entertain just as well and they aren't receiving a legal penny. Down south, people like college sports more than professional sports. Player's don' ...
12: Professional Sports: The Hidden Greed
Professional Sports: The Hidden Greed "Show me the money," screamed Rod. "C'mon Jerry, show me the money!" We vividly remember this famous line from the hit movie, Jerry Maguire. The greedy football player, Rod Tidwell, screams ... unforgettable lines trying to convince his agent that he will not settle for any less than a top dollar salary as the flashy Arizona Cardinal wide receiver. This scene exemplifies what has happened to professional sports in recent years. The focus of professional sports has evolved from one of teamwork and camaraderie to one of avarice and greed. The specific problems in recent years that have stemmed off this overwhelming greed include exorbitant salaries, lockouts (or work stoppages) ...
13: Sponsors and Sports
Sponsors and Sports In the world of sports, everything from the cups the athletes drink from to the stadiums they play in is up for grabs. The four major sports are a playing field for the teams as well as major companies hoping to influence the public. While there are some positives and negatives to sponsors, a line has to be drawn somewhere. The ...
14: Epidemiology of Varsity Sports
Epidemiology of Varsity Sports Varsity sports is in many schools as important as academics, especially in the United States. These schools rely a great deal on the success of their teams for financial stability and enrollment interest. The athletes as well ... when competition climaxes, more often than not injuries result. This study is a synopsis of the data collected in a number of past articles concerned with injuries incurred by collegiate athletes in many different varsity sports. For the purpose of this study, an injury has been defined as any abnormal condition that has caused an athlete to be removed from practice or competition for one or more days, because performance ...
15: Athletes and Domestic Violence
... famous players, she was a victim of spousal abuse. Athletes are praised as heroes for what they do on the playing field, but what they do off the field is never mentioned. As a disappointed sports fan, I want to draw attention to the domestic violence cases that involve athletes. Athletes have been abusing their spouses since sports were created, but not until the OJ Simpson trial has domestic violence become "the issue du jour." When Simpson was arrested on New Years Day for beating his wife, none of the newspapers reported it ... list of the accused included Dante Bichette, Barry Bonds, John Daly, Scottie Pippen, Jose Conseco, Bobby Cox, Mike Tyson, Warren Moon, Michael Cooper, Darryl Strawberry, Duane Causwell, Olden Polynice, Robert Parish, and OJ Simpson( Callahan, Sports Ilustrated). And these are only the pro athletes whose wives had the courage to report the violence. Madeline Popa, president of Nebraska National Organization for Women stated, "Athletes are role models to small children. [ ...
16: Sociological Perspectives
... just one perspective is correct. The three major perspectives are functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionist perspective. The first perspective, functionalism, believes that society lives in social order. All the institutions religion, school, workers unions, sports teams, etc. work together to keep society working as a whole. The family, for example, raises children and provides them with the love and nourishment children need. The family is not expected to thoroughly teach ... how we interpret other people’s actions. This view has been criticized for ignoring major issues among society. On the other hand it provides a great view on how each individual subjectively interprets one another. Sports are a major part of today’s society. Most people of the world interacts with sports or have interacted in some type of sport whether it be football or some little homade game some small culture has. In today’s society sports come up everyday. Each sociological perspective can be ...
17: Violence In Sports / Hockey
Violence In Sports / Hockey With the increase in society taking a stance against violence by many people, sports has become an area where some feel that the violent acts such as the hitting and fighting that occurs should be eliminated.You can not change something that has been around for so long because ... Lapchick 230). The theories of sport mirroring society, violence as a result of economic incentive, and the influence of the crowd behavior are the theories that I feel are responsible for the increasing violence in sports. Most people when involved in a highly stressful situation where violence is around would probably resort to a fight to resolve their differences. In sport, why should we expect any difference.In events such ...
18: Drugs: Hurt Players and Sports
Drugs: Hurt Players and Sports Brett Favre, Diego Maradona, and Darryl Strawberry are all big name sport stars. They all play different sports, but all have the same problem: they tested positive for using illegal drugs. Cocaine, anabolic steroids, and painkillers are just a sample of drugs found in sports. Cocaine is described this way, “It makes you feel like you can do anything, and for athletes who long to be in control all the time, that's a strong temptation” (Coffey 1). Anabolic- ...
19: 1980’s Sports
1980’s Sports The eighties were a great time of talented athletes, it was a decade of all sports. The popularity of many sports were increased in this decade, mostly because of television. The Olympics were a big part of the 1980’s. The world records, the Olympic records, the introduction of new sports and women’s sports. ...
20: Sports Management
Sports Management Someone once said, “There are those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.” I consider myself one of those rare people who really knows how to ... never be the person I am today or have met all of the key people along the way. Throughout my college career, I have attempted to learn as much as possible about the field of sports management through various work experiences with many different types of sports organizations. Through my experiences with people in a minor league baseball association, fitness club, public relations department, athletic departments, and various recreation centers, I have had the opportunity to develop and hone my communication ...

Search results 11 - 20 of 1074 matching essays
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