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81: Dante Alighieri: A Poetic Descent into Metaphorical Hell
... this time period and on through the Renaissance. His Works: His first important work was La vita nuova(The New Life), written not that long after Beatrice's death. It chronicled, in the form of sonnets woven together with prose, his love for her, his premonition of her death, her actual death and his commitment that he would write a work that would be a worthy monument for her. While remaining ...
82: Criticism of Keats' Melancholy
... stating not to give in to drugs or suicide to forget your problems that cause you pain. Mourning Becomes Melancholia also points out that Keats’s “Ode on Melancholy” has similar elements as Shakespeare’s sonnets, especially Sonnet 31. Both present the “narcissistic” pose where the poet considers his poems “an assembly of lost loves, impersonated by the notorious ‘young man;’ an assembly of trophies, not of success but of failure ...
83: Sonnet 71: Forget Me When I’m Gone?
... may be deep and twisting, its form is very simple. It’s obviously a Shakespearean sonnet. It contains three quatrains and a couplet. The rhyme is alternating in form (ABABCDCDEFEFGG). As most of Shakespeare’s sonnets, Sonnet 71 is also written in iambic pentameter. As I said, the form is very generic. The poet is not distinguished as a man or woman, and neither is his/her audience. However, the poet ...
84: Beginnings--The Idea
... traditionally places where the thought turns or the tone shifts. (See the sample Italian-style sonnet below.) Subtle variations in the structure of a poem emphasize potentially important clues to the theme. For example, in sonnets, every even-numbered syllable in the 10-syllable lines is supposed to be somewhat louder than the syllable before and after it. So the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th syllables should be louder than ...
85: Comparison: Treatment of War in "The Rank Stench of Those Bodies Haunts Me Still" and "The Soldier"
... forms a separation from the octave. At the volta or turn, the poem's mood changes, becoming more spiritual. Another similarity to an English sonnet is the poem's seven rhyming pairs whereas true Petrarchan sonnets have only four rhyme sounds. Lines are written in iambic pentameters The title is the only direct reference to war, if you take the title away, and ignore any knowledge of its context, it could ...

Search results 81 - 85 of 85 matching essays
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