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51: Edna St. Vincent Millay
... her real poetic achievements were overshadowed by her image as the free (but "naughty") woman of the 1920’s. During the last two decades of her life, millay was almost ignored critically, although her Collected Sonnets appeared in 1941. Since the late 1960’s, however, there has been a renewed interest in Millay’s works. On July 18,1923, she married Eugen Jan Boissevain. She then spent much of the next ...
52: Life Of John Milton
... in favor of allowing people to interpret Scripture according to their own conscience. During his years as a prose writer and government servant, Milton composed part of his great epic poem Paradise Lost and 17 sonnets, among which are some of the most notable in the English language, including "On His Blindness" (1652?-1655) and "On His Deceased Wife" (1658). The apogee of Milton's poetic career was reached in his ...
53: Francesco Petrarch
... masterpieces some of which were never finished. These two of these were, an epic of Scipio called Africa and a collection of classical heros titled De viris illustribus. Throughout his life he wrote many book, sonnets, Italian lyrics and, poetry. His inspirations may have come from the classical writers, Cicero, Virgo but also from a woman named Laura. Petrarch apparently was in love with this woman but his love was not ...
54: Bio On Shakespear
... in 1593, it was called Venus and Adonis. He became a "gentleman" after inheriting his fathers coat-of-arms, even though actors were generally looked at as rogues and vagabonds. He probably wrote his 154 sonnets during this time as well. They were published later on in 1609. His success in London made him very wealthy so he moved into a large home in Stratford. Some of his plays were: Henry ...
55: Comparison Of Tones Used By Ph
... Negro to learn how to read and even majority of the white women couldn’t read, Phillis and Wheatley were writing verses that were so powerful wthese two authors, managed to recite speeches and write sonnets to get to n blacks werent to learn how to read or write or even allowed to be literate and even white weren’t allowed to be even women werent allowed forced to be illeterate ...
56: Italian Revolutions
... he studied, expressing his view accurately through the use of characters. He once said of his writing, “ The style is the man.” His most famous contributions to the world of literature are his string of sonnets addressed to “Laura”, who appears as a real person, rather than a religious symbol, as in most European writings. Giovanni Boccacio studied and wrote at about the same time as Petrarch, is best known for ...
57: 16th And 17th Century English
... pride and ambition, rather than the gloomy ideas of war and politics.(lit. background site) As this convention came into use there were also several forms of literature during the period that vanished from use. Sonnets would be one example of this, known to most thanks to Mr. William Shakespeare, although used afterwards by Donne and Milton before being discontinued.(lit. background site) As well, a form used by many known ...
58: The Musee De Beaux Arts
... it more that if it was in plane english. Auden is basically doing whatever he can to draw attention to the poem because if he doesn't then people will destroy themselves. He wrote proper sonnets and ballads trying to warn people that another war was in the making but no one listened and as a result 55 million people died. This time Auden chooses to be crude in order to ...
59: Shakespeare 3 --
... unknown. Many people believe that he knew that his death was near, but did not want anybody to know. Seven years after he died, in 1623 William Shakespeare s first folio was published including 154 sonnets, 36 plays, and his two long poems. The folio was put together by his friends so that nobody could take his work as theirs. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Torstenson,Casey. "William Shakespeare". Internet 2. Shah, Ravi P ...
60: Romeo And Juliet 7
... the world slipping and sliding alarmingly beneath their feet, but they came to it from radically different directions and the clung on in radically different ways. For example, Wordsworth produced well over a hundred Ecclesiastical Sonnets, whereas Keats had better things to do than bother with what he scorned in an 1819 letter as the pious frauds of Religion . Very comparable, but much more dramatic poetic terms are used in some ...

Search results 51 - 60 of 85 matching essays
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