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91: Telecommunications
... telephone line called a leased, or private, line (see Telephone). It can also take the form of a microwave or a communications-satellite linkage, or some combination of any of these various systems. Hardware and Software Each telecommunications device uses hardware, which connects a device to the transmission line; and software, which makes it possible for a device to transmit information through the line. Hardware Hardware usually consists of a transmitter and a cable interface, or, if the telephone is used as a transmission line, a ... per second (baud). Modems can be either integral or external units. An external unit must be connected by cable to the sending device. Most modems can dial a telephone number or answer a telephone automatically. Software Among the different kinds of software are file-transfer, host, and network programs. File-transfer software is used to transmit a data file from one device to another. Host software identifies a host computer ...
92: MMX Technology
... of the standard Pentium Processor, and then some. Due to the improvements, the media experience is fuller, smoother, and much more realistic, while maintaining complete compatibility with Intel-based PCs, existing operating systems, and application software. All three of the complete package systems evaluated in this essay received high recommendation scores in a recent review from Family PC magazine. Even though their review scores were nearly identical, their are differences in ... FPC re! ceived much better than average results for Service-and-Reliability, according to PC Magazine. Gateway 2000's P55C-200 FPC, with its high-flying performance and excellent multimedia hardware along with great family software make it a fabulous addition to any home or home-office. The Packard Bell NEC Platinum 2240 is a 200 MHz-MMX-enhanced Pentium system that includes a built in TV tuner, quick-access multimedia buttons on the front panel, and an excellent family- oriented software shell. The Platinum 2240's basic hardware includes 32 MB of EDO RAM which is upgradable to 128 MB, a 256 KB pipeline burst cache, a 3.2 GB hard disk drive, a 16x ...
93: The Communications Decency Act
... Cavazos continues, "unauthorized duplication, distribution, and use of someone else's intellectual property is subject to civil and criminal penalties under the U.S. Copyright Act." (111) This "intellectual property" is defined to include computer software. (Cavazos 111) Software piracy is very widespread and rampant, and was even before the Internet became popular. The spread of Computer Viruses has been advanced by the popularity of the Internet. "A virus program is the result of ...
94: Computer Crime
... a program to change data already in the computer. With the advent of personal computers to manipulate information and access computers by telephone, increasing numbers of crimes--mostly simple but costly electronic trespassing, copyrighted-information piracy, and vandalism--have been perpetrated by computer hobbyists, known as "hackers," who display a high level of technical expertise. For many years, the term hacker defined someone who was a wizard with computers and programing ... various mean to gain free access to the telephone network. Since telephone companies use large and powerful computers to route their calls, they are an oblivious target to hackers. Stealing information in the form of software (computer programs) is also illegal. Making copies of commercial software, for re-sale or to give to others is a crime. These types of crime represent the largest growing area of computer crime. In one case, a group of teenagers pretending to be a ...
95: Desktop Videoconferencing
... the focus on video as a means to replace face-to-face communication led to disappointment among early adopters. In the 1990s, the field has changed radically. Technical capabilities and capacities, in terms of hardware, software and communication networks far surpass the first wave systems. In addition, the economic realities of the 1990s - such as the extended recession and the globalization of the economy - are driving a trend to organizational redesign ... the method of working with one another is called collaborating. This is one good reason to have Desktop Videoconferencing because it allows people to work together regardless of distance. Desktop Videoconferencing can also provide shared software in the process. This type of videoconferencing is where either person could control the computer and edit documents if either person opens a word-processing document. Most businesses use Desktop Videoconferencing because it allows employees ... across a network in a second. Ethernet is another network connection and it is has a higher bandwidth than ISDN. Dedicated video lines are special cables used exclusively for videoconferencing. Desktop Videoconferencing also requires special software like Microsoft's NetMeeting, White Pine's CU-SeeMe to name a couple (Masayo,1997). There are many types of Desktop Videoconferencing products to include Picture Tel, Pro Share, Erish, CU-See Me. Some ...
96: Computer Programming
COMPUTER SCIENCE COMPUTER SCIENTIST/PROGRAMMER The rapid spread of computers and computer-based technologies over the past two decades has generated a need for skilled, highly trained workers to design and develop hardware and software and to make computer systems newer and more advanced ones. Computer scientist generally design computers and conduct research to improve their design or use, and develop and adapt principles for applying computers to new uses ... data base administrators, computer support analyst and a variety of other specialized workers. Computer programming is one of the main computer professions in the world today. Computer programmer write, test, and maintain computer programs or software. Programmers are often categorized as technicians because of the work they do. Many programmers are involved in updating, repairing, modifying and expanding existing programs. They are often grouped into two types. These two types are Applications programmers and Systems programmers. Applications programmers usually are oriented towards business, engineering, or science. They write software to handle specific jobs within an organization such as a program used in a place of business were a lot of inventory is being taken. They may also work alone to revise existing packaged ...
97: Microsoft: A Monopoly
Microsoft: A Monopoly You walk into Best Buy and look at software for your brand new computer manufactured by IBM. You look at the price for Windows 99 , and the price reads 300 dollars!! You walk over to one of the workers at the store and ask ... somebody or the government does not stop Microsoft from becoming a monopoly. If the government allows Microsoft to become a monopoly, then the people of the world would have to pay ridiculous prices for any software made by Microsoft!! Prices could soar to any price Microsoft would want to sell their product for. The judicial branch of the government needs to stop Microsoft and Bill Gates from taking over the computer software industry. Orrin R. Hatch, a member in the panel for the judicial courts, recently gave a speech stating why he believes Bill Gates is trying to create a monopoly. He said quote, The critical ...
98: Is Development Methodologies In Financial
... and the parent company s client database to better target MSFS customers, and the need to adapt existing systems for the introduction of the Euro, projects which will involve redesign of existing data stores and software. The company has grown very quickly, and IS projects have consequently grown considerably as can be seen by the size of the IT department. While there are still small to medium sized projects, some that ... outlined below has been adopted: ? Scope How much of the project life cycle the methods cover (see fig. 1). ? Structure The Structuredness of the methods ? CASE Support for the Method The quality and breadth of software support for the methods 3 Possible Methods for Information Systems Development ? Information Engineering Information Engineering is a extensive, holistic methodology that concerns itself with the overall corporate objectives of information systems placing emphasis on the ... is usually adopted in large organisations (over 5000 employees) with IS departments of 100 or more. IE highlights the importance of users in the development lifecycle by encouraging Rapid Application Development (RAD, the use of software to prototype graphical user interfaces to clarify what the system will look like to users, receive their input, and provide visible evidence of the progress of the project), and by relying heavily on diagramming ...
99: How to Computerize Your Accounts
How to Computerize Your Accounts I will explain the steps that need to be taken to computerize business accounts. The steps are planning and informed selecting of hardware, software, and training. I. Making the decision to computerize II. Choosing the correct tools A. Software B. Hardware C. New and old technology III. Installation and training On a normal day our lives are affected by the technology of computers in ways we can only begin to imagine. The business world ... are large enough to benefit from the use of computers. First a company must research the impact a computer will have on keeping track of its accounts. Then they must choose the correct hardware and software that's best for their needs, while at the same time making themselves familiar with the new enhancements that increase productivity. Finally, the company must allow time for installation and training. When looking at ...
100: Napster Vs Riaa
... or foreign copyright laws. Compliance with copyright law remains your responsibility.” The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is charging the site with copyright infringement and alleges that Napster has created a base for music piracy on an unprecedented scale. Napster contends that they provide the platform, not the actions, and that as the blurb states it’s up to the people. Napster is not at fault because the RIAA has ... shop owner followed all of the laws that govern him. Should the car dealership be charged with vehicular felonies every time one of their vehicles is involved in a crime? Certainly not. So why should software’s originator be responsible for what their software is used for? They shouldn’t, but the only reason the RIAA is jumping all over the Napster community is that they can’t just go out and arrest everybody who decides to trade ...

Search results 91 - 100 of 774 matching essays
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