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71: Capitalism Theory
... class divisions. Any number of narratives concerning a mythopoetical totality exist. Thus, Cameron[2] holds that the works of Eco are reminiscent of Cage. Baudrillard uses the term 'dialectic discourse' to denote the bridge between sexual identity and society. 2. Eco and the subconstructivist paradigm of narrative If one examines capitalist dialectic theory, one is faced with a choice: either reject the cultural paradigm of consensus or conclude that discourse comes ... truth. It could be said that the characteristic theme of the works of Tarantino is a capitalist totality. An abundance of discourses concerning the rubicon of textual society may be found. 3. Contexts of futility "Sexual identity is part of the failure of culture," says Saussure; however, according to Ashwander[4] , it is not so much sexual identity that is part of the failure of culture, but rather the dialectic, and eventually the genre, of sexual identity. But Derrida suggests the use of capitalist dialectic theory to attack patriarchialist ideology. If ...
72: The Debate on Gay Rights
... they can change with help from their faith and help from God. Anne Paulk and her husband John Paulk appeared in these ads as Ex-Gays. Anne grew up as a tomboy, never feeling a sexual attraction to men, and began experimenting with women. Paul’s father left at a young age, being raised by women, and always feeling a little feminine. He also experimented with men, then becoming a male ... a family. Some psychiatrists, although controversial, do partake in what they call “reparative therapy” or “conversion therapy” which is based on the idea that homosexuality is a mental disorder, and the patient can change their sexual orientation. This could bring us to the next issue on whether or not homosexuals or gay couples should be allowed to adopt children. One could argue that, if homosexuality is considered a mental disorder, these ... this situation would turn out to be gay would be a question of whether or not sexuality is learned or innate. Many homosexuals would argue that their sexuality was innate. They were born with a sexual attraction to either men or women. Yet people of strong faith must believe that these people have learned their homosexuality since God forbade this type of behavior. God could not have created people this ...
73: AIDS and You
... a life and death issue. To have the AIDS disease is at present a sentence of slow but inevitable death. I've already lost one friend to AIDS. I may soon lose others. My own sexual behavior and that of many of my friends has been profoundly altered by it. In my part of the country, one man in 10 may already be carrying the AIDS virus. While the figures may ... as a disease of gay males in this country. This was a result of the fact that gay males in this culture in the days before AIDS had an average of 200 to 400 new sexual contacts per year. This figure was much higher than common practice among heterosexual (straight) men or women. In addition, it turned out that rectal sex was a particularly effective way to transmit the disease, and ... Kaposi's Sarcoma, for example). This *disease* is inevitably fatal. Death occurs often after many weeks or months of expensive and painful hospital care. Most folks with the disease can transmit it to others by sexual contact or other exposure of an uninfected person's blood to the blood or semen of the infected person. There is also a condition referred to as ARC ("Aids Related Complex"). In this situation, ...
74: Seeking Pleasure and Aggression Is Part of Human Instinct
... surface of our behavior and inconstant use. Sources of happiness may differ from one person to another, but the one source of our human gratification that we all agree upon, is the happiness derived from sexual pleasure. Our souls strive for sexual pleasure to be elevated from one degree of human happiness to another. Freud said that “what we call happiness in the strictest sense comes from the ... satisfaction of needs which have been dammed up to ... uses civilization as a curtain to hide behind it. Freud concept of pleasure and happiness is related to Hay in only one way. It is not in the kind of happiness itself , whether if is sexual or spiritual, but it is similar in the procedure and the definitions of happiness or pleasure. In other words, pleasure to Freud is basically in sexual terms, “ Sexual gratification is the prototype of all ...
75: Women In Battle
... front lines that they shared the same responsibilities as the combat soldiers. Major Rhonda Cornum, an Army flight surgeon, was taken as a prisoner of war and survived but she experienced major physical wounds and sexual abuse. We know that women have served are country honorably, but should women be in the front lines of battle? Should women be in the infrantry, armor and special forces? I definetly do not believe ... trainig has been made easier than it used tobe in an attempt to hold down injury rates for women.” Another issue that Donnely believes will plague the integration of women into combat arms is the sexual element that will be introduced. She states that, “The military is not a social club, it’s harder to have a fighting unit when the sexual element is introduced. Why should we impose an additioal burden? Combat is tough enough.” These issues are just the begining of a list proving why women are not suited for combat arms duty. The ...
76: Not Only Impeach, Remove from Office
Not Only Impeach, Remove from Office Recently there have been many allegations and scandals surrounding our current president's name and office. Through recent investigations, of the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit, it has come into light that our nation's highest elected officer has lied under oath in an American courtroom. Granted, Bill Clinton's sexual activity is none of our business; however, when he is sworn under oath and under God, he must speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That he did not. Bill Clinton's " ...
77: The Influence of Parents on Their Children's Sexual Orientation
The Influence of Parents on Their Children's Sexual Orientation Do parents influence their children's sexuality? The answer may surprise you: no they do not. It has been found that about 90% of sons of gay fathers are heterosexual (Bailey 124). It was ... in the hypothalamus of homosexual men has recently been identified, but the reason for this difference is still unknown (Golombok 4). Sex hormones are seen by some as the likely factor in the development of sexual orientation because sex hormone action underlines sexual differentiation and the development of secondary sex characteristics. Studies of the association of sex hormone levels during adolescence and adulthood have yielded negative results, but there have been some positive results in some prenatal ...
78: Sexual Abuse and Children
Sexual Abuse and Children The clearinghouse on child abuse and neglect information reports that “One in four girls will be sexually abused before they turn 14 and one in three will be sexually abused before they ... easy! In this speech I am going to convince you that we need tougher penalties on child molesters! The purpose of this speech is to inform you that sex offenders are getting away too easy. Sexual abuse has horrible effects on children. Children who have been sexually abused suffer from devastating psychological breakdown and sometimes death. The children develop mistrust and will have problems in their future relationships. Also sexual abuse makes sexual abusers. The Child Abuse Help Book says “82% of child molesters were molested when they were children.” If you think it isn't a big problem and it won't affect ...
79: ... that other authors describe surroundings. Suskind s writing technique is also distinctive in the way that he uses phrases and imagery to make what initially seem to be violent and grotesque descriptions an erotic and sexual encounter. This is a prominent theme when the main character is murdering his young virgins and dissecting various smells. Through these various techniques of Suskind s, we are drawn into the world of Jean Baptiste ... for his heart to be at peace and that he will go at any lengths to achieve that. We are also shown how a grotesque act of murder is made to be both erotic and sexual, this is made evident in the encounter that Grenouille has with the young women and how he captures her smell. This also shows Patrick Suskind s success in manipulating the reader. It is almost mesmirising ...

80: No Exit And Its Existentialist
... the character interactions are many Sartrean philosophical themes. Personal attributes serve to demonstrate some of the more dominant ideas in Sartre's writings. Each of the three characters in the play show identifiable characteristics of sexual perversion, bad faith, and interactions of consciousness. This play takes an interesting setting, that of the afterlife. The plot centers around three main characters, Joseph Garcin, Estelle Rigault and Inez Serrano. Hell, as portrayed in ... in bed late, she served us our morning coffee." (No Exit, pg. 25) This fact is the one that he believes condemned him to his fate in Hell. Chronologically, this is our first example of sexual perversion. Garcin was a complete womanizer, he dominated his wife in any way possible, and used other women for nothing other than sex. Sartre would say that he destroyed any gains from sexual desire by actually fulfilling those needs. The play serves to enforce that idea. Not only does Garcin know that it was this behavior that brought him to Hell, but he sees his wife in ...

Search results 71 - 80 of 2219 matching essays
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