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31: Child Abuse: Saddest and Most Tragic Problem Today
... neglected, or sexually abused by their parents or guardians. Infants only a few days old as well as teenagers are subject to child abuse. There are four types of child abuse: physical abuse, physical neglect, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse. Child abuse is a serious problem that plagues America's youth and should be stopped. Physical abuse is a form of child abuse that should be stopped as soon as possible ... sleeping alone). They lose all of their appetite or they overeat. There is a sudden drop in school grades or participation in school or after school activities. They may act in stylized ways, such as sexual behavior that is not normal for their age group. Sexual abuse is defined as acts of sexual harassment and sexual exploitation of minors. Sexual abuse encompasses a broad range of behavior and may consist of many acts over a long period of time or ...
32: Sexual Urges, Society, and Religion
Sexual Urges, Society, and Religion As Society became more pre-occupied with religion, the primal sexual urges of genetics were put aside to the viewing eye of society and placed behind the protective door of the bedroom. Sex was a great societal secret that was to produce the next generation and not the pleasure of those partaking. With Puritan and Pilgrim roots, America has developed into a conservative sexual culture with a fetish based underground. The literal interpretation of the Bible by the Puritans and the Pilgrims left no room for sexual discussion until the 19th century when Darwin and Freud demystified God. ...
33: Sexism-Patriarchy
... of world society. It has been continued through the cultural modification of groups of people through prolonged and continuous interaction involving intercultural exchange of generations of children with resulting differences between the sexes. On-job sexual discrimination such as low-level work experience caused by traditional sexist viewpoints has hindered allot of female job promotion. Women with the same qualifications as a man that applied for a job would be turned down based on the simple fact that they are a woman. Prior to the Women's movement women were constantly discriminated against in this manner. Sexual discrimination still exists but its occurrence has drastically reduced, subtle discrimination is however, still quite prevalent in our society. Salary is one aspect of this still present discrimination, a vast majority of women employed in ... of the ways sexism hurts women. Women are not just harassed verbally but physically. "As in the movie Flashdance, the male employer comes on to the female employee. In lawsuits, such "coming on" is considered sexual harassment; by definition it is considered a misuse of his power. When she resists and he persists, as in both the movie and the Harlequin formula, it is an even clearer form of sexual ...
34: Roles For Women In The Military
... This report was presented to the Secretary of Defense, William S. Cohen, on December 16, 1997. Mr. Cohen formed the committee of independent citizens, and top military leadership, in lieu of the recent incidents of sexual harassment cases involving Drill Instructors at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Other cases also cropped up in all branches, involving top military leadership. The Secretary of Defense needed a solution to this growing problem, and so the ... dominated training environment, she would encounter serious moral problems. The emotional impact is so severe that they would look for ANY way out of their predicament. Many fake injuries, but other more damaging problems are sexual harassment allegations. It is true that most of these allegations are probably warranted, but simply implying that an individual harassed you is so detrimental to the alleged harasser’s career. This problem was counteracted ...
35: Sexual Attitudes Have Changed
"Sexual attitudes have changed over the last 50 years". Discuss. Sexual attitudes have changed in the last 50 years, not so much sexual behaviour but societies attitude towards it. After the 2nd World War and in the 1950's sexual behaviour was a very taboo subject and not openly discussed. Sex was conducted behind closed doors and in the confines of marriage. Sex was mainly for reproductive purposes and pleasure was not that important. ...
36: Pedophilia: Causes and Typologies
Pedophilia: Causes and Typologies Perhaps no single act causes such strong emotions as the act of child sexual abuse. Child molesters can not even find refuge in prisons where rapists and murderers are commonplace. These offenders are shunned in every aspect of our society, yet there is no consensus as to the causes of this behavior. Sexual abuse of children is not new, and has not always been socially taboo. The ancient Greeks and Romans used children for sexual gratification(Langevin, 1983). In Greece, it was commonplace for adolescent males to be forced into sexual relationships with mature males. This behavior was normal and not objected to by the child's parents nor ...
37: Sex Is For Marriage Only
... They are in disobedience to God's commands and ignorant of God's plans. One of those areas of disobedience in out society an area that is rampantly out of control - is the area of sexual relationships. Genesis 4:1 says: And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord. "Knew" in this context means to have sexual intercourse. Rightly understood, sex is knowing a person at the deepest level possible, at the maximum level of intimacy. From God's view- point, to have sexual intercourse with a person is to "know" that person in all dimensions. Sexual intercourse is intended by God to be an act that is enjoyed within the context of the commitment of marriage, and ...
38: Sexuality
Sexuality Sexuality means the concern with or interest in sexual activity according to the Oxford Dictionary. The meaning of sexuality changes from time to time, from land to land, and from people to people. Social historians hold different points of view about sexuality relating to what the common people are thinking especially on the relationship between sexuality and mythology. The majority think that it is impossible to have a sexual history. However, the social historians state that sexual behaviour and its significance had changed time to time from their research, and therefore, they believed that sexuality has history. Sex relationship can be found among the Greek Gods in the Greek Myths. The ...
39: The Queer Use Of Women In Borg
... are two very problematic components in the fiction of Jorge Luis Borges: the absence of these two elements, which seems so casual and unremarkable, really highlights the strangeness of their exclusion. For example, scenes of sexual acts are almost totally lacking in Borgesian writing (Emma Zunz's sexual encounter with an anonymous sailor is the most notable exception) and even the most veiled suggestion of erotic activities is limited to only a very few stories. Similarly scarce,[1] too, are female characters who ... created by Borges is a place where women, if they appear at all, seem to exist mainly as debased objects[3] for the purpose of providing men with an opportunity for sex and where such sexual activities, by means of a female body. Sex and women are used primarily as bargaining chips in the relationship between men, never for the traditional purposes of either procreation or pleasure. Sex in Borges' ...
40: The Beauty Myth: Themes
... their looks and that their personality is not the important aspect of them. This makes women feel weak and feel as if they are not worth anything unless they are young and beautiful. “Beauty provokes harassment, the law says, but it looks through men’s eyes when deciding what provokes it” (45). This excerpt is saying that harassment is caused by what men see and the beauty through which the men see them. Harassment and discrimination are another aspect in which women are involved in due to their beauty, or so some people and the law says. “ . . . since 1977, M. Schmidt v. Austicks Bookshops, Ltd., had been broadly ...

Search results 31 - 40 of 2219 matching essays
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