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91: The Game of Basketball
... the United States. Court and Teams While the dimensions of individual basketball courts vary, a playing area 84 ft (25.6 m) long and 50 ft (15.2 m) wide-predominantly used in recreational, high school, and intercollegiate competition-is considered ideal for most players. Professional basketball courts are slightly larger, 94 ft (28.7 m) long and 50 ft wide. In addition to size, courts can vary in other ways ... in the size of the backboard, and in the distance of the 3-point line (from beyond which a score counts for 3 points) from the basket. For example, the 3-point line in high school and college games is 19 ft 9 in (6 m) from the basket, while in international play it is 21 ft 6 in (6.6 m) and in professional play it is 22 ft (6 ... 29 in (72.4 to 73.7 cm) in circumference and 18 to 20 oz (510 to 567 g) in weight. The standard basketball uniform consists of sneakers, socks, a tank-top shirt, and shorts. Uniforms are often elaborately designed and manufactured from synthetic fabrics such as nylon, rayon, and polyester. Each player's uniform has a number, for identification, that is usually displayed on both sides of the shirt. ...
92: A Separate Peace - Artificial Vs. Natural
... Finny, thought about him worried him. "...I would have lost face with Phineas, and that would have been unthinkable." (Gene Pg. 26) Later in the novel, when Finny wanted to wear a pink shirt to school, Gene told him it would make him look like a "fairy". "Pink! It makes you look like a fairy!' (Gene Pg. 17) Gene knew that people might question Finny's masculinity and ridicule him so he spoke up. Gene would have never taken such a risk as wearing a pink shirt because it was not socially acceptable at Devon School. This again points out Gene's obsession with what people thought of him. Gene had a cautious, competitive nature and let grades and trying to outdo Finny run his life. When Finny broke the school's swimming record, Gene did not understand why he did not want people to know about it. "The worst thing is that there weren't any witnesses. Tomorrow. We'll get the coach here, ...
93: Why After School Jobs Are Beni
By: Katy Wade E-mail: crash261@yahoo.com AFTER SCHOOL JOBS In a world where getting ahead less of what you know and more of what you’ve done, I think that after school jobs for students are increasingly beneficial. I don’t believe the myths that with a job there is no time for school work of extracurricular activities. I am a junior, I have had jobs since I was 15, I have never had my G.P.A drop below 3.2, and I have always been involved ...
94: Victims Of School Failure
In this day and age learning disabilities are attracting people's attention. Many kids go through school almost in a daze not knowing exactly what is going on. At times, teachers will ignore the problem and teach the rest of the class. There is a wide variety of learning disabilities, but the most common one is Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.). Problems occurring at school are usually the reason for a diagnosis of ADD. Children with this disability experience difficulties in many skills needed for academic success. Their poor learning skills cause academic problems and under-developed social skills. Children ... mistreated. In many cases, children with ADD feel left out from the rest of the class. These children are being pushed aside and overlooked. "ADD has been estimated to affect three to five percent of school-age children nationwide, with fewer than three percent actually receiving medication." (Barisic A8.) With so many children being diagnosed, ADD is becoming a norm. People Bolenbaugh 2 assume these children need specific drugs or ...
95: Hitler's Life
... Baby Adolf’s nickname was Adi. When he was about five in 1893 his brother Edmund was born. In 1896, his sister Paula was born. In 1895 Adolf entered the first grade. He went to school in the village of Fischlham. HITLER’S BOYHOOD At age six , the days of doing nothing and sitting around stopped when he entered School. His father also retired on a pension from the Austrian Civil Service about the same time. This meant more supervision and discipline under his teachers and also his father, Alias. His father at the time ... the family sold the farm and moved to a small town of Lambach, Austria. The family would make many moves after that. This meant less chores and more free time to Adolf. Adolf attended a school in an old Catholic Benediction Monastery. The monastery was decorated with carved stones and woodwork that included several swastikas. Hitler did good in school and was in choir. As a boy he liked priests ...
96: "Schlesinger's Canon Vs. My High School's Canon"
"Schlesinger's Canon Vs. My High School's Canon" In school, whether it be at the high school or college levels, there are usually lists of books thought as being essential reading. Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.--a Pulitzer Prize winning historian--calls this list in his book The Disuniting of America, a " ...
97: Columbine High School and Its Effects
Columbine High School and Its Effects On Tuesday, the 20th of April, 1999, two students of Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado moved through the hallways and classrooms of their school shooting other teachers and students at random. The two high school-seniors, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed 12 students, one teacher and themselves that day, while injuring many others. This horrific incident has ...
98: Comparison/Contrast of Fairfield College Prep School and Jesuit College Prep
Comparison/Contrast of Fairfield College Prep School and Jesuit College Prep Each state of the United States has hundreds of different schools. These schools include public and private institutions of varying size and culture. For many, going to one school is a gift. I am fortunate enough to have attended 2 schools in different parts of the country. Fairfield College Prep in Connecticut was my school of choice for my freshman and sophomore years. Jesuit College Prep turned out to be my final High School for my remaining 2 years. Although Fairfield College Prep and Jesuit College Prep seem similar ...
99: What is an Education?
... of what an actual education may be, there is a great deal more to the process of becoming educated than the actual instruction and schooling one may receive. If you asked a person in high school or college exactly why he is in school his response would probably have something to do with "getting an education." Is that really why he is there? The next question you may ask is "what are you going to do with your education ... something about "getting a good job" or perhaps "to make a lot of money." Most of the people in the United States have been brainwashed to think that unless one has at least a high school diploma there is no future anywhere for him. This is completely untrue. There is no guarantee that getting a high school "education" is going to get you anywhere. A student may spend eight years ...
100: Florence Nightingale 2
... hospital system. In 1850 she began training in nursing at the Institute of Saint Vincent de Paul in Alexandria, Egypt. In June of the year 1851 Florence s parents allowed her to go to nursing school. She was thirty one years old, and she was finally carrying out her calling. The school that she went to to learn nursing was in Kaiserswerth, Germany. It was called the Institute for Protestant Deaconesses. She was on her way to fulfilling God s will for her. Early in the year ... and sick soldiers, they were lined up in the beds and on the floor. The men were kept in rooms without blankets or decent food. The soldiers remained unwashed and still in their dirty, bloody uniforms. In these conditions, it was not surprising that in army hospitals, war wounds only accounted for one death in six. Diseases such as typhus, cholera and dysentery were the main reasons why the death- ...

Search results 91 - 100 of 6713 matching essays
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