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71: The Catcher in The Rye: Chapter by Chapter Summary
The Catcher in The Rye: Chapter by Chapter Summary Chapter 1 --------- The story is about Holden Caulfield, who is a boy who has just been kicked out of school. He's walking down a hill, were they are playing football. He's on his way to Mr. Spencer, an old teacher of his. It is cold and much wind. It's winter. So he ... asks him a lot about what subjects he's failed last term. Holden tells him he didn't fail English, but that was only because they had something that he had done before in another school. Mr. Spencer asks Holden to give him the exam paper on top of his chiffonier. He reads the paper out loud to Holden and after that he gives Holden lots of advice, but Holden gets ... has to go to the gym, which is a lie. Chapter 3 --------- Holden thinks by himself that he is a really terrific liar, and notices that this is actually pretty awful. He returns to his school, Pencey Prep. When he's in his room, in the Ossenburger Memorial Wing, he's trying to read a book, but Ackley, a guy that sleeps in the room next door, comes in through ...
72: HighSchool Vs College
... Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.” Johann Von Goethe wrote the previous quote. He was trying to emphasize that everything in life brings about change. Attending high school and college is a decision that brings about consistency as well as change. Even though they both serve the purpose of educating, there are great differences and similarities in the high school and college experience. Honors and advance placement classes in secondary school prepare one for the challenge of higher educational opportunities in college. On the other hand, the freshmen experience in college is much more challenging. One must dedicate much more time to his or her ...
73: Advertiser Influence on the Media: Censorship and the Media
... those newspapers caved in to those pressures . Amidst the corporate battle for control and influence of media outlets lies Blue Springs, Missouri, population 49,290 . This Midwestern community is home to Blue Springs South High School and the Jaguar Journal. The student reporters at the Jaguar Journal wanted their newspaper to contain articles that are issue-oriented and substantive works of journalism. To that end the students chose to conduct an investigation on the availability of cigarettes to minors. However, the administrators at Blue Springs South High School believed that this article was inappropriate material to be printed in the Jaguar Journal. Actually, the administrators had caved to pressure by two large grocery stores, who the article implicated as selling cigarettes to minors, located in Blue Springs. The two grocery stores were the biggest financial and in-kind contributors to the school. Blue Springs South High School officials sent their students a terrible message: Protecting business is more important than obeying the law. This paper will discuss the effect of advertiser influence on news reporting in ...
74: Cedar Rapids Community School
CEDAR RAPIDS COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT v. GARRET F., a minor, by his mother 106 F.3d 822 Background: Garret F., a student in petitioner school district, is wheelchair-bound and ventilator dependent; he therefore requires, in part, a responsible individual nearby to attend to certain physical needs during the school day. The District declined to accept financial responsibility for the services Garret needs, believing that it was not legally obligated to provide continuous one-on-one nursing care. At an Iowa Department of Education ...
75: Personal Writing: Exchange Student in Japan
... mixed emotions that I really did not know how to feel so I will just say that I was excited. At the airport I met my best friend and two other friends of mine from school. We would all be traveling together, most all the time. The only things that would really be different would be where we lived and who we would live with. As the flight, Northwest number 69 ... I encountered on my trip. As we neared the home, I began to feel tired and this day ended fast, almost as quickly as it began. The next morning we awoke early to go to school. This was a very exciting day for me, because I would get to meet my friends from America at school, and I would get to meet new people from Japan. In the way that American Children take the bus, Japanese children take the train. We got on a train at around 7:35, switched ...
76: ... real irony when you consider what Steinbeck says about banks in The Grapes of Wrath- but she changed her mind when John began spending hours in his room scrawling stories and writing articles for the school paper. Later in life, Steinbeck denied that his family served as a model for the Joads in The Grapes of Wrath. But both families understood well the meaning of family unity. As a boy, John ... growers. You can tell that John must have loved the out-of-doors. Otherwise, how could he have set four novels and several stories in the lush countryside where he spent his youth? During high school (1915-19) he worked as a hand on nearby ranches. There he saw migrant workers, men without futures, breaking their backs all day for paltry wages and at night throwing away their cash in card ... Steinbeck's greatest novel. It won the Pulitzer Prize and has been translated into such languages as French, German, and Japanese. Steinbeck's frank portrayal of real people excited readers everywhere. Although some libraries and school boards banned the book, it became a bestseller almost instantly and was made into an Academy Award-winning movie in 1940. The book was rarely attacked on artistic grounds, but some people called it ...

77: A Prayer For Owen Meany
Prayer As A Symbol in Irving’s A PRAYER FOR OWEN MEANY In John Irving’s A PRAYER FOR OWEN MEANY there are many prominent symbols. Those of arm-less figures, water, and angels are a few of the more prominent ones but, there are also many symbols that are much more ...
78: Double
The novel Don’t Care High was written by Gordan Korman. This novel, as well as other novels he wrote were based partly on his experiences in high school, where he says, "the only way to get through high school alive was by laughing". This novel relates to teenagers about high school and how their high school is different. Korman wrote his first novel at age 12, This Can’t Be Happening at McDonald Hall. Korman graduated from New York University’s Dramatic Writing Program. He ...
79: A Study of Public School Choice
A Study of Public School Choice Parents and students are very unhappy with the public education offered to them by the government of United States. 51 percent of respondents to the latest Gallup Poll rated their community's public schools ... federal agencies create initiatives, recommendations and policies in hopes of meeting the public’s demand for a system that can effectively educate our students. Private and government-formed commissions continually present proposals ranging from additional school days to increased discipline. A current favorable prospect is the idea of public school choice through vouchers. Public education, a monopoly-like system, generally dictates the specific school that each child will attend within his or her district. Under new choice plans, parents would gain the power to ...
80: The U.s School System
... is a student, it is ever so simple to criticize the way that schools are conducted. The ideas of students towards their schools may be somewhat misguided by their varied emotions and attitudes for their school. However I believe that my thought out reforms for the American school system, are not only objective, but valid. For many students, going to school is more than just part of the daily routine. A lot of students see their role in school as a stepping stone not only to their future life, but to their future success. Some ...

Search results 71 - 80 of 7035 matching essays
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