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41: The Hippie Movement That Arose From Vast Political Changes
... to save the world. As this small pocket of teenage rebellion rose out of the suburbs, inner cities, and countryside's, there was a general feeling that the hippies were a product of drugs, and rock music; this generalization could have never been more wrong. The hippie counterculture was more than just a product of drugs and music, but a result of the change that was sweeping the entire western world ... force, the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy Jr., the war in Vietnam, the Kent State protest, and finally the Woodstock festival. The electric subcurrent of the fifties was, above all, rock'n'roll, the live wire that linked bedazzled teenagers around the nation, and quickly around the world, into the common enterprise of being young. Rock was rough, raw, insistent, especially by comparison with the music it ...
42: The Beatles and the Sex Pistols: A Study
The Beatles and the Sex Pistols: A Study Rock 'n' roll is a most interesting subject that can create all types of arguments, usually arguments that give way to questions on who was the greatest and who was the most influential of all time. These questions ... that great minds think alike, and an investigation into both groups will determine if that is indeed true. The music of the Beatles is considered by many to be the best in the history of rock 'n' roll. They began as a group who would play in pubs and try their best to entertain the crowd. They made it to America in 1964 and swept the world off its feet ...
43: The Grateful Dead
The Grateful Dead I have chosen to do my report on the Grateful Dead. They were a rock and roll band from the sixties that stayed popular and still influenced rock and roll until 1995 when the lead singer, Jerry Garcia, died and the band dissolved. The Dead remained popular for so long because of the style of their live concerts that made people keep ...
44: The Beatles
... have broken down barriers in all ways, is the Beatles. Their music was said to have driven that younger generation mad. Perhaps it was because they were one of the first bands ever play real rock and roll music; or maybe it was those cute little peacoats they wore. Or maybe it was just because they were foreigners in the world of music, yet seemed to fit right in with the young people. Whatever reason was, the Beatles were a band that shaped a generation and ones soon to come. The Beatles were more than just a rock and roll band , they were a group of young men who wanted to go a new direction in music. John Lennon, one of lead vocalists, basically started with the intention of moving away from ...
45: Here Comes the Story of the Hurricane
... it for the story. Dylan being very outspoken was way ahead of his time as shown in his songs. In 1997, Bob Dylan was a recipient of the Kennedy Center Award. He was the first rock and roll singer to ever receive this award. Gregory Peck who also received the award in 1991 gave the award. Peck described Dylan as the “Heart of Americans,” “the Rock of Ages,” “ a Man of Music,” and “a Poet Teller of Tales.” Dylan was a 1960’s folk singer who led anti-war lyrics. His social relevant lyrics into rock influenced the Beetles. He ...
46: Dave Matthews' "Dancing Nancies"
Dave Matthews' "Dancing Nancies" Many critics hailed Dave Mathews Band as, “the impressive alternative to alternative rock.” I was definitely impressed and hooked with one song. I was mesmerized by the sounds that poured from my radio speakers. This band was different. Dave Mathews Band combined instruments rarely ever heard on the stage of rock ‘n’ roll. In doing this they created a sound both unique and addicting. Rolling Stone, commented on the new group writing, “Dave Mathews Band operates completely outside the parameters of current trends.” I for one had ...
47: Jailhouse Rock: The Story of Elvis Aaron Presley
Jailhouse Rock: The Story of Elvis Aaron Presley I. Early Life On January 8, 1935 at 4:35 a.m., a little boy by the name of Elvis Aaron Presley was born to parents Vernon Elvis Presley ... on. III. Impact on History Elvis wasn't just a musician; he starred in 33 successful films including "Love Me Tender," "King Creole" (playing the role James Dean was slated to play), and "Jail House Rock". Some later movies included "GI Blues," "Fun In Acapulco," and others that were considered uninspired and repetitious. Globally, Elvis has sold over one billion records; more than any other artist. His American sales have earned ... the fame go to his head. Known as the King of Western Bop and the Hillbilly Cat, Presley fused sounds of country music with black rhythm-and-blues influences and what was then the new rock-and-roll style. His electrically charged performances helped make him one of the first mass idols of United States pop-culture. He inspired countless musical artists. His talent, good looks, sensuality, charisma, and good ...
48: Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix perhaps no other rock-and-roll trailblazer was as original or as influential in such a short span of time as Jimi Hendrix. Widely acknowledged as one of the most daring and inventive virtuosos in rock history, Hendrix pioneered the electric guitar (he played a right- handed Fender Stratocaster-- his "Electric Lady"--upside-down and left- handed) as an electronic sound source capable of feedback, distortion, and a host of ...
49: The Downfall Of Music Today
The Downfall of Today’s Music The nineties began with the grunge scene, an alternative style of rock and roll that revolutionized rock music today. This music that was once praised by MTV was gradually pushed out to make way for the sound of generic rap beats, watered down heavy metal and sugar coated pop tunes. The ...
50: Appearance vs. Reality of Modern Music Affect on Teenagers
... today's society the teenager has had more rights than ever before, along with these rights comes responsibility, independence and good judgment. All of those mentioned have been destroyed in many teenagers lives by these "Rock Stars". The modern teenager is exposed to many different things that may affect their lives as they choose to live it, non quite as strong of a force than the effect of music, it is the teens outlet to expression, rebellion and popularity all of which are very important to the average teenager, but often in cases the teen who is trying to conform becomes subject to the "Rock Star's" manipulation, and that is when obsession kicks in. Then not only is the teenager subject to power corruption but so is the "rock star". This is the important thing to remember when dealing with the subject at hand. There are many reasons why teenagers cling to "rock stars", but there are always more popular reasons than others. ...

Search results 41 - 50 of 1576 matching essays
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