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71: Peter Tchaikovsky
... it was possible to modulate form any key to another. He went frequently to the Italian operas which at that time almost monopolized the Russian stage, and laid the foundation of his lifelong love for Mozart; but he had no acquaintance with Schumann, and at 21 did not even know how many symphonies Beethoven had composed. He was an ardent worker nevertheless, and once when Anton Rubinstein, his teacher of composition ...
72: Cryogenic
... man has a very different viewpoint from the other. "The hope is to have the years and health to do what is impractical now: Explore the Amazon, know Shakespeare and Robert Burns, learn to play Mozart and Scott Joplin...travel the solar system and the stars, see mankind scattered safely around the galaxy, pass on my loved ones is overwhelming; to lose that chance, heartbreaking." (Bagliuo, 1994) This man wanted to ...
73: Austria
... literature, and painting. Austria's most famous and important contribution to the western culture has been music. During the late 1700,'s and early 1800's Austria has released many Great Composers like; Joseph Hayan, Mozart, Schubert, Mahler, Wolf, and many more. Austria's state opera house presents opera 10 months of the year. Architecture in Austria's has some of Europe's best examples of baroque architecture. This style has ...
74: Germany
... Kleist, and many other novelists. Political writers were Immanuel Kant, Georg Hegel, and Frederich Nietzsche, among others. German composers are very well known, and include Bach, Handel, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Schumann, Wagner, Strauss and Schoenberg. Mozart can also be considered German, as Austria was historically connected to other German states. During the Renaissance, German artists created some wonderful paintings and engravings. Albrecht Durer and Hans Holbein the Younger are famous for ...
75: The Theory Of Education
... scented candles, should be present in the room. Perhaps classical music should be played softly in the background. It has been proven that while a student is studying, playing works done by such musicians as Mozart and Bach have actually increased the focus of the student and helped them learn. This would ensure a comfortable working environment. With a better environment, should come new discipline. Such privileges need to be earned ...
76: Gwen Harwood Gender Analysis
... her. This conveys the power of female sexuality in a patriarchal society, and enforces the concept of some power residing with the usually helpless and lower gender. The freedom and passion of the piece of Mozart played by the girl is also overwhelming, and a celebration of art, music and the feminine over the scientific masculine is attained. The entrapment of Eisenbart and the reversal of roles and possession of power ...
77: E.t.a. Hoffmann His Life, His
... one in his early age. Hoffmann was baptized as Ernst Theodor Wilhelm and he later on in 1804 changed his name Wilhelm to Amadeus, because he became a passionate admirer of the great musician Amadeus Mozart. His family, originating from old traditional polish nobility, had a strong background in the profession of law and therefore his father was a lawyer at the court in Kφnigsberg. As a young child, E.T ...
78: Ludwig Van Beethoven
... went to London for the second time. He studied with Albrechtsberger, famous as a choir director at St. Stephens in Vienna and the best-known counterpoint teacher in Vienna. He then studied Salieri, famous in Mozart's biography. Salieri helped Beethoven in setting Italian words to music. IV. Establishment as pianist and composer His first task in Vienna was to establish himself as pianist and composer. He achieved both rapidly. A ...
79: A Wild Sheep Chase
... drinking, and eating in bars, cafes, and restaurants. He dresses with casual chic and frequents the movies regularly. His tastes in music and reading materials, though predominantly popular, are disarmingly eclectic - from the Beatles to Mozart, from Sherlock Holmes to Nietzsche - in the postmodern way of leveling elite/popular boundaries. Boku is far from gregarious, yet by no means a true loner; he is by all counts a likable, easygoing fellow ...
80: My Apartment
... introvert person, more and more shrinking into the wall of myself, somehow I want to break it, but I can’t. Music is lifting up somewhere in my apartment. The artist is playing Beethoven of Mozart, its sound up and down in the air. I imagine how lives of people around me are going like the rhythm of this song. In that moment, I realize how much I love this place ...

Search results 71 - 80 of 111 matching essays
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