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61: Memory
... number is copied correctly, numbers can be grouped in twos and threes instead of given all at once. (Baddeley, 1993) Another part of short-term memory is called chunking, used for the immediate recall of letters rather than numbers. When told to remember and repeat the letters q s v l e r c i i u k, only a person with an excellent immediate memory would be able to do so. But, if the same letters were given this way, q u i c k s i l v e r, the results would be different. What is the difference between the two sequences? The first were 11 unrelated letters, ...
62: Casablanca Movie Review
... the characters. Some people may feel caught up in it because of the supense. The main plot begins in Casablanca, Moracco, Africa in the 1940's during the Second World War. It starts with two letters of transit being intercepted and held by Rick. Victor and Elsa Laslow come to Casablanca looking to flee Europe and require Letters of transit. Due to a past affair and desperate to get the letters of transit Elsa tries to secure the letters for herself and her husband, even offering to stay with Rick if it means her husband being able to go. Likewise, Victor goes to Rick and ...
63: Jane Erye - Feminism
... in which Elizabeth and Darcy first view each other. The original version of the novel was written in 1796-1797 under the title First Impressions, and was probably in the form of an exchange of letters. Jane Austen's own tongue-in-cheek opinion of her work, in a letter to her sister Cassandra immediately after its publication, was: "Upon the whole... I am well satisfied enough. The work is rather ... have done without (see her letter on the infidelities of the Prince and his wife). Some of Mr. Clarke's "helpful" suggestions showed up in the Plan for a Novel. [More complete versions of these letters, as printed in Austen-Leigh's Memoir, are also available on-line.] Pride and Prejudice First published in 1813, Pride and Prejudice has consistently been Jane Austen's most popular novel. It portrays the initial ... in which Elizabeth and Darcy first view each other. The original version of the novel was written in 1796-1797 under the title First Impressions, and was probably in the form of an exchange of letters; First Impressions was actually the first of Jane Austen's works to be offered to a publisher, in 1797 by Jane Austen's father, but the publisher turned it down without even looking at ...
64: "The World Today Seems To Be Going Crazy": The Unabomber's Manifesto
... and Forest Glen Road and from such people as Benjamin Isaac Wood. THE 9-DIGIT CODE To authenticate his written communication the Unabomber included a nine- digit code (550-25-4394) on all of his letters and manuscripts. Task Force members discovered that the number was a real Social Security number for a small-time career criminal from Northern California but determined he had been in jail at the time of ... were spray- painted in the vicinity of several of the bomb sites. suggested that it might stand for an obscene phase directed towards computers; like "F@%K Computers". The Unabomber in a few of his letters to newspapers says its stands for "Freedom Club", the group he claims to be responsible for the bombs. At one point, a university worker whose initials were F.C. was scrutinized because of his open ... suspect, is actually ten years older than the man described outside of the computer store. Kacyznski was a suspect who was in the Task Force's database; but, he was ignored because of his age. LETTERS The letters written to several newspapers, leaders in the field of technology, and college professors give some important clues to the Unabomber's identity. The Unabomber always refers to himself as "we" but FBI ...
65: Beginners Guide To Hack
... The title above, and some of the text looks a little screwed up when read in anything else, so read it in Word Pad. Anyway, for those of you who are wondering \\"what do the letters \\"LOA\\" under his handle stand for?\\" Well, LOA stands for Legion Of the Apocalypse, which is a group of elite hackers and phreakers in my area. The current members of LOA are: Revelation, Phreaked Out ... make the system. And, if these don\\'t work, just try guessing them. The Login (usually the account holders name) has 1-8 characters and the Password is 6-8 characters. Both can be either letters or numbers, or a combination of the two. Once you get in, you should get a \\"$\\" prompt, or some other special character like it. You should only use lower case letters when hacking UNIX, this seems to be standard format. If you type \\"man [command]\\" at the prompt, it should list all of the commands for that system. Anyway, here are the default Logins and ...
66: Shermans March
... in Georgia in order to protect his troops. In a letter to his wife he wrote, We start today. My arm is quite well. The box of clothing came last night. I have all your letters to including Nov. 3. Write no more till you hear me. Good-bye. (Simpson, 758) He knew that he had to sever all ties with everyone in the North, just incase his letters were intercepted by someone in the south. This demonstrates how committed he was to the cause. He had to dedicate everything to the cause and separate himself from his wife and brother, in order to ... Hood into their meshes, whilst we came on to complete the original journey. (Thorndike, 243) Once again this shows that Sherman was able to use all recourses at his disposal. In all of Sherman’s letters he showed no remorse in burning the South. He failed to realize what his action caused. He failed to see the greater goal of the war; one of reuniting the Union. He could be ...
67: The Life of Edgar Allen Poe
... correct" (Moldavia). Poe also loved debating. The student life at the University of Virginia in 1826 was very chaotic. In one student riot the students threw bottles and bricks at the professors. In Poe’s letters to John Allen he often talked of violence on campus. He once wrote of how a student was struck on the head with a stone and then pulled out a gun and killed his attacker ... house. In a letter to John Poe wrote, "I have heard you say when you little thought I was listening and therefor must have said it in ear that you had no affection for me" (letters 203). Poe then resorted to gambling again and became even more into debt. Poe then moved to Boston under the alias of Henri Le Renett (Moldavia). Poe then managed to published his first book Tamerline ... did try to quit drinking many times but he was never successful. In a letter on July 22,1848 Poe wrote, "It has bean a long while since any artificial stimulus has passed my lips" (Letters 239). Poe also to go mad. Poe’s madness was mainly credited to brain lesions or scars in the brain. A good example of Poe breaking down is when he arrived at John Sartains ...
68: The Life of Emily Dickinson
The Life of Emily Dickinson Although she lived a seemingly secluded life, Emily Dickinson's many encounters with death influenced many of her poems and letters. Perhaps one of the most ground breaking and inventive poets in American history, Dickinson has become as well known for her bizarre and eccentric life as for her incredible poems and letters. Numbering over 1,700, her poems highlight the many moments in a 19th century New Englander woman's life, including the deaths of some of her most beloved friends and family, most of which occurred ... in death (Whicher 26). Dressing in white every day Dickinson was know in Amherst as, “the New England mystic,” by some. Her only contact to her few friends and correspondents was through a series of letters, seen as some critics to be equal not only in number to her poetic works, but in literary genius as well (Sewall 98). Explored thoroughly in her works, death seems to be a dominating ...
69: Dyslexia
... are comparing good adult readers to dyslexic adult readers. In most cases the adult dyslexics were at about the high school level. When the adult dyslexics were compared to third graders in matching sounds with letters, they scored below the eight and nine year olds that were tested. It's not just a visual problem, actually they can see the letters fine, it is more of a comparing problem. Dyslexics usually cannot spell simple words by just hearing someone speak them to them. Some of the most confusing words for them are cat and dog. Although ... The only cure so far is many long and slow classes of multisensory sessions. These sessions go through each letter, sound, syllable, etc. until other parts Of the brain help the person to recognize the letters in another helpful way. The fact that you child may have dyslexia doesn't mean that they will be unsuccessful. Some examples of people who have to live(d) with dyslexia are people like ...
70: The Things They Carried
The Things They Carried Jimmy Cross is the Lietenant, he always carried letters from a girl named Martha, who was a junior in college. She was not his girlfriend and they were not love letters, but he was hoping some day she would be. He would dig his foxhole wash his hands and unwrap the letters and read them and would think about romantic camping trips, and sometimes he would taste the envelopes flap becuase he knew her tounge had been there. He loved her and he wished she loved ...

Search results 61 - 70 of 1300 matching essays
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